Nimrod Built Babylon And The Babylonian Empire

This Christianity beliefs video from The Fuel Project tells the story of Nimrod and Babylon. Nimrod built Babylon which has been viewed as the Satan’s City, whereas Jerusalem is known as God’s city, and in the Bible they’re regularly contrasted with each other and seen in opposition to one another.

Babylon was the first great city of the world and capital of the first great empire.  By the time of Jesus, Rome was the dominant empire, as the physical empire of Babylon had disappeared a long time ago.

Babylon is more than an ancient city… it is the fountainhead of evil that has been flowing throughout the history of mankind, which represents a satanic plan of rebellion against God until this day.

What started in Babylon will last until the end of time.  In the book of Revelation, there are frequent references to Babylon in the future, where God calls it the source of all the abominations of the Earth and His fury and wrath are aimed against it.

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