Are The Jews To Blame?

These Christianity beliefs videos from The Fuel Project explore the coming New World Order from a Biblical perspective.

In this part, we conclude Section 3 with a look at the Jews establishment back in their homeland.

Recent DNA studies confirm that 97% of people who call themselves Jews HAVE NO BLOOD LINEAGE TO ABRAHAM.  The 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia says that they are people of Turkish origin, who converted to Judaism in 740 AD.

They are called ‘Ashkenazi Jews’, and every Israeli Prime Minister has been an Ashkenazi Jew.  Satan is using 5th Column Tactics, to cause the world to hate Israel and seek to destroy it, including all the true Jews. Read “The Jews Are Not The Seed Of Abraham“.

The Rothchild’s paid President Harry Truman $2 Million Dollars to approve their U.N. resolution to create the state of Israel.  Controlling the state of Israel allows them to control the middle East to overthrow Islamic countries, so that they will come into the One World Government.

The six-pointed star (Hexagram) on their flag equates to 666, and it is the most powerful symbol used to invoke Satan. It is there because the Rothchilds worship Lucifer and they own and control the state of Israel.  Read “The Six-Sided Star On Israel’s Flag

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As Satan moves us towards a one-world government, there will be financial crisis, and food and water shortages.  Prepare now so that you can protect your family and help others. will help you SURVIVE and THRIVE during times of tribulation.

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