Revelation: The Fuel Project Guide Part – Violent Islamic Verses

The Fuel Project study guide to the Book of Revelation.

In this video Mark says that the motivation exists within Islam to wage an unceasing war on the world, until mankind has been subjugated under the rule of Allah.

I’m not discounting that the Islamic religion calls for the extermination of heretics, because Mohammed was given his vision from an angel in white, who they claim was Gabriel.

Paul told us in 2 Corinthians 11:14, “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”

As you learned in the study on 5th Trumpet of Revelation 9, the vision given to Mohammed was from the bottomless pit, meaning from Satan.

Satan is using the Jesuits of the Antichrist Roman Catholic Church to position Muslims as the enemy of Christians.

And they are causing Muslims to hate Christians, so this cycle keeps getting more intense, and it will lead to WW III.

The U.S. military is controlled by the Jesuits of the Antichrist Roman Catholic Church.

We have invaded Iraq twice, killing over a million civilians and countless soldiers. 1

We were supposed to be there only to remove Saddam Hussein, but our military caused massive destruction, such as destroying water purification plants and baby formula factories, which lead to many deaths from disease.

The military used depleted uranium in the munitions, which stays in the dirt and gets stirred up by winds, causing an abnormally high number of cases of cancer and birth defects.  Click here to see the pictures

We’ve been in Afghanistan for reasons that nobody can really explain and countless Afghans have been killed.

The U.S. military uses drones to drop bombs on people in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and
50 civilians are killed for every target.

Can you imagine living your life not knowing if a bomb is going to explode in the middle of the night, killing you and your family?

So the only way they have to retaliate is to kill Christians, because they blame “Christian” America.  In effect, the U.S. military is causing Christians to be killed.  And that’s Satan’s plan.

Lest you think any of this is justified because of 9/11, you need to wake up and understand that steel-framed buildings DO NOT collapse from fires.  And they certainly would not collapse at free-fall speed into a small pile of rubble. Read 9/11 truth.

Christians hate Muslims because they threaten the state of Israel.

The Jesuits control the state of Israel, and one of the main reasons is to deceive Christians, so that they support our military taking action against Muslims countries.

You will see how the path of the Turks was dried up in the 6th Bowl of Revelation 16

The last territory that the Turks lost control of was Palestine, when General Allenby of the British Empire defeated them in 1917 A.D. 2

That made way for the Kings of the East, which most Pastors will teach is China or some country, but it’s the Ashkenazi Jews who now occupy Israel (Palestine).

You don’t see this on the mainstream news, because the Jesuits control the news, but…

97% of the 17 million of the world’s Jews ARE NOT descendants of Abraham.

Most of them are the descendents of Kharazians who converted to Judaism.  They are the descendents of Turkish-Mongols. Read the Who Are Jews study.

So the supposed regathering of God’s people in the modern state of Israel is a deception, as that already occurred before Jesus first coming.
Read Regathering Of The Jews Deception

Having people called Jews in the modern state of Israel causes Christians to defend them, and hate Muslims who threaten them.

The leaders of Iran say that Israel is an illegitimate state, and guess what?  It is! The modern state of Israel was created and is supported by the Jesuits, not by God.

Click on this link to learn that in fact, Torah Jews also believe that the State of Israel is Illegitimate

Wake up church!  You’ve been duped by Satan the deceiver into a false belief system!  Read why Christians Should Not Support Israel

To see how the Revelation seal, trumpet and bowl judgments all fit together, and to see where we’re at on the timeline today, click on Revelation Fulfillment Timeline.

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