Revelation: The Fuel Project Guide Part 31 – The Islamic Messiah & Prophet

The Fuel Project study guide to the Book of Revelation.

In this video Mark says that all major world religions are currently waiting for a Messiah. He says that the similarities between the Muslim Messiah and the Biblical description of the Antichrist are especially striking…

Mark’s explanation of Revelation 13 is biblically and historically inaccurate.

The last beast of Daniel 7 is Roman, not Islamic.  When the Roman Empire collapsed, the Roman Catholic Church rose to power.  It’s still the Rome beast, only in a different form.

The creation of Islam was heavily influence by Catholics.  Mohammed was married to a Catholic, and he was influenced by the Augustinians, who were Catholic.

The Bible says that the descendents of Ishmael (Muslims) will grow into a great nation, and they will always oppose the people of God.

The Catholic Church has leveraged this to cause Muslims to war against Jews and the followers of Christ.

Many of the Muslims terrorists, named Al Qaeda, are trained and controlled through the Jesuits intelligence agencies, and are supplied with weapons.

These Muslims are a front organization of the Jesuits, who are being used to overthrow the leaders of countries who don’t bow to the authority of the Papal Church.

When Al Qaeda kills Christians, the blame falls on the Muslims, instead of the Jesuits.

This is causing Christians to hate Muslims so much that they support the military killing them.

The Jesuits are pitting Christians against Muslims using the Hegelian Dialectic, to create their desired outcome, WW III which kills many from both sides.

The Muslims are deceived into warring against Christians.

And Christians are deceived into warring against Muslims.

The ecumenical movement was started by the Jesuits, and it is gathering the world’s religions under the Papacy.

During the Council of Trent in the 16th century, the Jesuits mapped out a plan to bring the Protestant Churches back under their authority.

You don’t see Muslims saying “come join with us.”  It’s the Papal church that is drawing the Muslims and all religions under them.

Mark mentions the army of 200 million as applying to the Muslims in the future, but it was fulfilled in 5th Trumpet of Revelation 9

Once again Mark is deflecting blame away from the Roman Catholic Church, by pointing to a Muslim antichrist.

He is either very deceived about prophecy fulfillment, or he is a deceiver.

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The Word of God, the Bible is our authority on Daniel and Revelation prophecy

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