Revelation: The Fuel Project Guide Part 42 – The New Earth Will Be More

The Fuel Project study guide to the Book of Revelation.

In this video Mark says that the oopular depictions of the life to come are often cartoonish and unappealing. Consequently, we can be robbed of our excitement and hope for the future as we picture an eternal life that is somehow LESS than this one. What we need to start realizing however, is that the next life will be MORE. More in every sense…

Mark’s explanation of Revelation are biblically and historically inaccurate.

The surest way to prove that the God of the Bible is the true God, is to know how His prophecies have been fulfilled.

Satan has caused most Christians to believe that all of Revelation is fulfilled during the last few years, so they fail to understand how they have been historically fulfilled, and they cannot witness to others about their divine fulfillment.

Mark’s explanations do no line up with the historical fulfillment of the Word of God.

Mark is either very deceived about prophecy fulfillment, or he is a deceiver; and the Lord will judge him for his works.

To see how the Revelation seal, trumpet and bowl judgments all fit together, and to see where we’re at on the timeline today, click on Revelation Fulfillment Timeline.

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The Word of God, the Bible is our authority on Daniel and Revelation prophecy

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