Jesuit End Times Antichrist Deception

This end times deception page will explain how the concepts of a one-man end-times Antichrist in a 7-year tribulation period became so prevalent, after 1800 years of Biblical teaching that knew nothing of the sort.

You will learn how the Jesuits of the Roman Catholic Church manipulated Bible prophecy to create an end-times Antichrist, in order to deflect blame away from them as the Antichrist system.

The Beasts of Daniel and Revelation study reveals that the Roman Catholic Church is the ‘beast of Revelation‘, the ‘Little Horn of Daniel‘, and the Pope, the ‘son of Perdition‘.

That’s not to say that there won’t be an end times False Messiah, but the truth is that Satan’s Antichrist beast has been waging war against Jesus and Christians since 538 A.D.

This study will explain how the Jesuits have pushed their deceptive Antichrist concepts during the last 500 years, so that they are taught to Pastors at seminary, and then preached to their congregations.

The end times prophecy teachings by John MacArthur, Chuck Swindoll, David Jeremiah and other popular pastors, support the Jesuits Antichrist deception.

Today’s teachers point to an end times Antichrist to rise up from the European Union (which they call the restored Roman Empire) or from Islam, both of which deflect blame away from the Roman Catholic Church antichrist beast system.

Today’s Pastors are teaching end times concepts that are contrary to what was taught by these esteemed Bible scholars:

Albert Barnes, John Calvin, Adam Clarke, John Gill, Matthew Henry, Phillip Mauro, Matthew Poole, Charles H. Spurgeon, William Tyndale, John Wesley, John Wycliffe and others.

So how is it possible that the majority of today’s Pastors are teaching false doctrine about prophecy?

Have they been misled?  Are they ignorant?  Are they wolves in sheep’s clothing?

In order to understand the answers to these questions, we first need to see where the deception started, and then follow how it become so widely accepted.

Satan empowered the Roman Catholic Church to persecute the church of Jesus, which drove Christians and the Word of God into obscurity.

The truth about Jesus love, grace, forgiveness of all their sins, and the gift of eternal life, which had been taught by the early church, was buried under the weight of Catholic tradition, and salvation by works.

During the Dark Ages, the Roman Catholic Church persecuted those who proclaimed the truth of Jesus.

They banned people from reading the Bible, which was in Latin. They burned Bibles and tortured and killed those who had them.

They killed upwards of 100 million people, mostly Christians, during the Dark Ages and the Inquisition.

Then God shined the light of Jesus, by having the Bible translated into English.

With the advent of the printing press and the Word of God translated into English, the men who became the Protestant Reformers were finally able to read the Bible.

They found salvation through faith, apart from works, in the pure gospel of Jesus Christ.

And they identified the Antichrist. When they read the books of Daniel and Revelation, they identified the Roman Catholic Church as the ‘antichrist‘, the ‘whore of Babylon’, who is guilty of the blood of the saints.

The Protestant Reformers taught that the 70th week of Daniel was fulfilled after the 69th week, when the everlasting Gospel was preached to the Jews for seven years.

Here’s the study notes from the Geneva Bible:

Daniel 9:26 And after threescore and two x weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but y not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof [shall be] with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.

(x) In this week of the seventy, will Christ come and preach and suffer death.

(y) He will seem to have no beauty, nor to be of any estimation; ( Isaiah 53:2 ).

Daniel 9:27 And he a shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to b cease, c and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make [it] desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

(a) By the preaching of the Gospel he affirmed his promise, first to the Jews, and after to the Gentiles.

(b) Christ accomplished this by his death and resurrection.

(c) Meaning that Jerusalem and the sanctuary would be utterly destroyed because of their rebellion against God, and their idolatry: or as some read, that the plague will be so great, that they will all be astonished at them.

The Geneva Bible clearly witnesses that Jesus fulfilled the 70th week of Daniel, and that He sent the Roman army to desolate the Jews, so it has nothing to do with an end-times antichrist. But the King James Bible did not include these study notes, so they were unavailable to future generations, which allowed the Jesuits deception to creep into the church.

Their dual message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ apart from works, together with the message that Papal Rome is the Antichrist, changed the course of history.

When Martin Luther posted his ‘Ninety-Five Theses‘ in 1517, it was widely regarded as the initial catalyst for the Protestant Reformation.

The Protestant Reformers told people to “come out of her” (Rev. 18:4) and millions left the Roman Catholic Church and received Jesus as their Savior, which led to the formation of the Protestant churches.

The Protestant Reformation led to a Great Awakening, where worldwide missions led to millions of people coming to Jesus.

Satan no doubt was livid as he watched God spread His Holy Word and the saving Gospel around the world, so the deceiver devised a new plan.

The Roman Catholic Church empowered the Jesuits to counter the Reformation.

In 1545, they started meeting at what’s called the Council of Trent. One of its main purposes was to plan a counterattack against Martin Luther and the Protestants.

To do this they empowered the Jesuits, who were a secret Catholic order founded by Ignatius Loyola. They call themselves the Society of Jesus, but you’ll soon find out that they are the Society of Satan.

Their work was to be done not only through the Inquisition and through torture, but also through theology and deception.

The Catholic Church gave the Jesuits the specific assignment of bringing Protestantism back to the “Mother Church.” Look at the state of today’s liberal Lutheran church, and you know they’ve been successful.

Central to this plan, was the need to deflect accusations that they were the Antichrist beast system.

The Jesuits are a covert military order of the Roman Catholic Church, not just priests.

They use fifth column tactics to infiltrate every institution they seek to destroy.

Instead of attacking from the outside, where everyone can see them, they covertly attack from the inside.

The Jesuits infiltrate the very thing they wish to destroy.  They’ve pretended to be Christians and have infiltrated Christian institutions, to implement their deceptions inside the walls of Christianity.

They countered accusations by creating the concept of an end times 70th week of Daniel, featuring a one man Antichrist.

The Roman Catholic Church had Jesuit Priest Francisco Ribera, a brilliant man with a doctorate in theology, write a 500 page commentary with an opposing view, where he manipulated prophecies in the books of Daniel and Revelation, to create an end-time 7-year tribulation antichrist.

Ribera applied all of Revelation to the end time rather than to the history of the church.

His explanation was that the prophecies apply only to a single sinister man who will arise up at the end of time; instead of a beast, which the Bibles says is a powerful kingdom (the Roman Catholic Church).

He said that the Antichrist would be an infidel from outside the church of God; instead of someone who presents himself as Christ (the Pope, who calls himself the Vicar of Christ).

He said that the Antichrist would make a 7-year peace agreement with the Jews.

The most important passage that they manipulated is the 70 Weeks of Daniel prophecy in Daniel 9:24-27.

They applied the 70th week of Daniel to an end times Antichrist, replacing the 7-year period of Jesus new covenant being offered to the house of Israel from 27-34 A.D.

These may be the four most important prophecy verses in all of the Bible, because of the end times deceptions that are based on them.

To read a Bible study that proves that the covenant of the 70th week of Daniel was from Jesus Christ, not an end time Antichrist, click on 70 Weeks Of Daniel Covenant Deception

This idea, called Futurism, deferred accusations away from the Roman Catholic Church and the Papacy, so Rome quickly adopted this viewpoint as the Church’s official position on the Antichrist.

Prophecies in Daniel and Revelation tell us about the battle between Jesus and Satan throughout history, from the time they were written to Jesus second coming.

The ‘beast of Revelation‘, the ‘Little Horn of Daniel‘, the ‘son of Perdition’ and the ‘Babylonian Harlot,’ all apply to the history of the Antichrist Roman Catholic Church, who proclaims to be Christian, but has opposed true Christianity throughout their history.  This is called Historicism.

Satan has used Jesuit controlled false prophets and misled Christians to promote the lie of Futurism.

Following close behind Francisco Ribera was another brilliant Jesuit scholar, Cardinal Robert Bellarmine of Rome.

Cardinal Bellarmine promoted Ribera’s concepts in his work “Polemic Lectures Concerning the Disputed points of the Christian Belief Against the Heretics of this Time“.

His writings claimed that Paul, Daniel, and John had nothing whatsoever to say about the Papal power. He taught that Antichrist was a single individual who would not rule until the very end of time.

His teachings won general acceptance among Catholics.

For almost 200 years after the Council of Trent, Jesuit futurism remained largely within Catholicism.

The Futurism of Ribera never posed a positive threat to Protestants worldwide for three centuries, and was virtually confined to the Roman Church. Ribera’s manipulation of Biblical text was rejected for hundreds of years, by discerning students of the Bible, who knew better.

But the Jesuits persisted with their plan to cause the Protestants to adopt this doctrine.

In 1812 a Roman Jesuit priest named Manuel de Lacunza published the work ‘The Coming of Messiah in Glory and Majesty‘ under the pen name of ‘Juan Josafat Ben-Ezra’, a converted Jew.

The pseudonym may be seen as a way of making the work acceptable to Christian readers and diverting attention from the station of the author, as the Inquisition clearly taught Christians that Jesuits were the enemy.

In the early 1800’s their futurism concepts latched on to Protestants in the Established Church of England, and from there it spread to America.

The story of how this happened is both fascinating and tragic. Many individuals were genuine Christians but unknowingly became channels of error.

In the 19th century, Dr. Samuel Roffey Maitland advanced the Jesuit teachings.

Dr. Samuel Roffey Maitland, a lawyer and Bible scholar, became a librarian to the Archbishop of Canterbury.  He found Ribera’s doctrines and began to widely publish and advocate these deceptive teachings.

In 1826 he published a book attacking the Reformation and supporting Ribera’s idea of a future one-man Antichrist. For the next ten years, in tract after tract, he continued his anti-Reformation rhetoric.

As a result of his zeal and strong attacks against the Reformation, the Protestantism of England—the very nation that produced the King James Bible in 1611—received a crushing blow.

James H. Todd published pamphlets and books supporting the Jesuit teachings.

James H. Todd, a professor of Hebrew at the University of Dublin, accepted the futuristic ideas of Maitland, publishing his own supportive pamphlets and books, which caused the deception to continue to spread.

Pastor Edward Irving created the concept of the ‘secret rapture‘.

As the doctrine of futurism was spreading across Europe, the much-respected Scottish Presbyterian minister Edward Irving, the acknowledged forerunner of both the Pentecostal and charismatic movements, came onto the scene. Irving pastored the large Chalcedonian Chapel in London with over 1000 members.

When Irving turned to the prophecies, he eventually accepted the one-man Antichrist ideas of Manuel de Lacunza.

Irving translated Jesuit Priest Lacunza’s ‘The Coming of Messiah‘ into English and published it in English in 1827. It contains a lengthy ‘Preliminary Discourse’ written by Irving as a vehicle for his emerging views.

Around 1830, Edward Irving began to teach the unique idea of a two-phase return of Christ, the first phase being a secret rapture prior to the rise of the Antichrist.

The concept of the pre-tribulation rapture did not exist for 1800 years, until it was introduced by Irving, who was promoting the Jesuits end-times Antichrist deception.

To read a Bible study about the rapture, click on The Pretribulation Rapture Myth

John Henry Newman promoted the Jesuits concepts in England.

Then came John Henry Newman, a member of the Church of England and a leader of the famous Oxford Movement.

In 1850, Newman wrote his “Letter on Anglican Difficulties,” revealing that one of his goals in the Oxford movement was to absorb “the various English denominations and parties” back into the Church of Rome.

After publishing a pamphlet endorsing Todd’s futurism about a one-man Antichrist, Newman became a Roman Catholic, and later even a highly-honored cardinal.

A definite “Romeward movement was already arising, destined to sweep away the old Protestant landmarks, as with a flood.”

John Nelson Darby created the concept of Dispensationalism.

In the midst of this growing anti-Protestant climate in England arose John Nelson Darby – a brilliant lawyer, pastor, and theologian, who wrote more than 53 books on Bible subjects and is credited as the father of Dispensationalism.

Dispensationalism is the theory that God deals with mankind in major dispensations or periods.

John Nelson Darby, like Edward Irving, also became a strong promoter of a pre-tribulation rapture followed by a one-man Antichrist. In fact, his teaching has become a hallmark of dispensationalism.

John Nelson Darby laid much of the foundation for the present popular idea of removing Daniel’s seventieth week from its historical context in the time of Jesus Christ and applying it to a future tribulation after the rapture.

In spite of all the positives of his ministry, Darby followed Maitland, Todd, Bellarmine, and Ribera by incorporating the teachings of futurism into his theology.

Thus, a link was created between John Nelson Darby—the father of dispensationalism—and the Jesuit Francisco Ribera—the father of futurism.

Darby visited America six times between 1859 and 1874, preaching in all of its major cities, during which time he planted the seeds of futurism in American soil.

The Scofield Reference Bible established the deception in America.

One of the most important figures in the spread of these false doctrines is Cyrus Ingerson Scofield, a lawyer from Kansas who was greatly influenced by the writings of Darby. In 1909, Scofield published the first edition of his famous ‘Scofield Reference Bible‘, which injected large doses of Futurism in the commentaries.

This Bible became so popular in American Protestant Bible schools that it was necessary to print literally millions of copies. This was the beginning of the end of American Protestant Christianity and a proper exegetical understanding of prophecy and the Scripture.

The Scofield Study Bible was received by Congregationalists, Baptists, and some Presbyterian denominations. Through the immensely popular Scofield Study Bible, dispensationalism became the standard for biblical interpretation among traditional Southern Baptists in the early twentieth century.

Through the Scofield Bible, Jesuit futurism spread successfully across America. The doctrine of an Antichrist still to come was becoming firmly established inside twentieth-century American Protestantism.

Arno C. Gaebelein promoted Scofield’s Jesuit Futurism concepts.

He was a close assistant to Scofield on his monumental work, the ‘Scofield Reference Bible‘. Two of his books, “Revelation, and Analysis and Exposition” and “Current Events in the Light of the Bible” explain the dispensationalist view of eschatology.

Lewis Sperry Chafer brought Scofield’s teachings to the Dallas Theological Seminary.

Lewis Sperry Chafer, an American theologian, became associated with the ministry of Scofield, who became his mentor. When Scofield died in 1921, Chafer moved to Dallas, Texas, to pastor the First Congregational Church of Dallas, where Scofield had ministered.

Then in 1924 Chafer and his friend William Henry Griffith Thomas realized their vision of a simple, Bible‐teaching theological seminary, when they founded Dallas Theological Seminary (originally Evangelical Theological College).

DTS is known as a center of modern Dispensational teaching due to Dr. Chafer’s development of a Scofield-based systematic theology which approaches the Bible with a “premillennial, dispensational interpretation of the Scriptures.” His eight-volume work describing this approach to theology, “Systematic Theology“, was first published in 1948 and is still a required textbook for some courses at DTS.

Chafer’s theology has been the subject of much study and debate in and out of the theological community since his death, especially on the two larger topics of dispensationalism and Christian Zionism, specifically that the Jews are a people called unto God with a separate historical purpose and plan from Christians.

Dallas Theological Seminary is the key place where the Jesuit concepts were taught to thousands of Pastors, including today’s top TV and radio personalities.

DTS graduates have taken positions at other seminaries, Bible schools, denominations and churches, so that the infection of the Jesuits end time concepts have been spread throughout the church.

As of Fall 2011, DTS has nearly 14,000 alumni serving in various ministerial capacities in 97 countries worldwide, and they’ve been trained according to the Jesuits end times Antichrist deceptions.

Are you seeing how the yeast of the Jesuits futurism deception has spread throughout the church?

Notice how the following Dallas Theological Seminary alumni are promoting the Jesuit Futurism deception.

John F. Walvoord promoted futurism through his publications and books.

John F. Walvoord received a Th.B., Th.M., and Th.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary, and then became the president .

After the death of Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer, Dr. Walvoord became President of Dallas Theological Seminary and built it into a formidable graduate school of theology.

He was the editor of Bibliotheca Sacra, America’s oldest theological quarterly, was recognized as one of the leading evangelical theologians in America and an authority on systematic theology and eschatology.

He authored numerous books on theology and biblical prophecy, including “Daniel: The Key to Prophetic Revelation“, “The Rapture Question“, and “The Nations, Israel and the Church in Prophecy.”

John F. Walvoord teaches prophecy concepts that support the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception.

Charles Caldwell Ryrie promoted futurism in his Ryrie Study Bible.

Charles Caldwell Ryrie served as professor of systematic theology and dean of doctoral studies at Dallas Theological Seminary

He is the editor of The Ryrie Study Bible by Moody Publishers, which contains more than 10,000 of Dr. Ryrie’s explanatory notes. Over 2 million of these Bibles have been sold, each one teaching the Jesuits end times deceptions.

Hal Lindsey brought the Jesuit deception to the mainstream.

He graduated from Dallas with a Master of Theology, majoring in the New Testament and early Greek literature

In the 1970s, Pastor Hal Lindsey, released his blockbuster book “The Late Great Planet Earth. His 177-page, easy-to-read volume brought Futurism to the masses of American Christianity, and beyond.  Over 30 million copies have been sold and it’s available in over 30 languages.

Hal also embraced Dallas Theological Seminary founder Lewis Sperry Chafer’s theory that the Jews are a people called unto God with a separate historical purpose and plan from Christians.

Several of Lindsey’s books predicted the timing of the rapture, only to have the date come and go.  Hal has been proven to be a False Prophet. His new program, ‘The Hal Lindsey Report‘, continues to teach the Jesuits end times concepts, and is carried on the Angel One and DayStar networks.

Chuck Swindoll and Insight For Living.

Chuck attended Dallas Theological Seminary, where he graduated magna cum laude.

In July 1994, Swindoll became the president of the Dallas Theological Seminary and now serves as its chancellor. His Insight For Living radio program is broadcast on more than 2,000 stations around the world in 15 languages. His series on Daniel and Revelation teaches the concepts of the Jesuits end times deceptions.

David Jeremiah and Turning Point Broadcast Ministries.

David Jeremiah received a Master’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.

He succeeded Tim LaHaye as Shadow Mountain’s senior pastor in 1981. His Turning Point Ministries program is broadcast via radio stations and the Internet.  His “What In the World is Going On?” prophecy series was recently broadcast to millions of people.

His wrote the prophecy books “The Coming Economic Armageddon: What Bible Prophecy Warns About the New Global Economy“, “What In the World is Going On?: 10 Prophetic Clues You Cannot Afford to Ignore“.

David Jeremiah teaches prophecy concepts that support the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception.

J. Vernon McGee and Thru the Bible Radio Network program.

J. Vernon McGee has Master of Theology (Th.M.) and Doctor of Theology degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary.

J. Vernon McGee taught prophecy concepts that support the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception.

Ron Rhodes and Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries

Ron Rhode holds ThM and ThD degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary, and teaches there and at several other seminaries.

He is president of ‘Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries‘, which is heard regularly on nationwide radio.

Here’s a quote for his website, “We believe that the translation of the church will be followed by the fulfillment of Israel’s seventieth week (Dan. 9:27; Rev. 6:1–19:21) during which the church, the body of Christ, will be in heaven. The whole period of Israel’s seventieth week will be a time of judgment on the whole earth, at the end of which the times of the Gentiles will be brought to a close. The latter half of this period will be the time of Jacob’s trouble (Jer. 30:7), which our Lord called the great tribulation (Matt. 24:15–21).

The fulfillment of the 70th week of Daniel already occurred when Jesus offered a New Covenant to the house of Israel and the House of Judah. Ron Rhodes teaches prophecy concepts that support the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception.

The Pre-Trib Study Group from Dr. Tim LaHaye and Dr. Thomas Ice

Dr. Ice has a B.A. from Howard Payne University, a Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary, a Ph.D. from Tyndale Theological Seminary

In 1991 Dr. Tim LaHaye became concerned about a perceived swaying from the pretribulational doctrine. The Pre-trib Study Group gathers teachers together who promote the deceptions of the Jesuits.

Dr. Ice and Tim LaHaye teach prophecy concepts that support the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception.

Talbot School of Theology teaches the Jesuits Antichrist deceptions.

The seminary’s first dean was Charles L. Feinberg, who earned his Th.M. and Th.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary.  He was also on the faculty at DTS. Talbut officially holds to the teaching of premillennial dispensationalism, and requires its faculty members to be in accord with this theological and cultural.

By teaching these concepts, the Talbut School of Theology is promoting the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception and misleading future pastors.

John MacArthur  and Grace To You Ministries, Master’s College and Grace Theological Seminary.

John got his theology Masters at Talbot School of Theology.

John’s ‘Master’s Seminary‘ and ‘Grace Theological Seminary‘ both teach a Dispensational premillennial position in eschatology.

Their website says, “We teach the personal, bodily return of our Lord Jesus Christ before the seven-year tribulation.”

The anti-Christ reign in the 7 year tribulation and pre-trib rapture deception are based on the covenant of salvation in the Messianic 70 Week prophecy of Daniel 9:24 thru Daniel 9:27.

Our 70th Week Of Daniel Deception study proves that the covenant is from Jesus Christ, which invalidates the claim that it applies to an end times Antichrist, therefore it also invalidates that there is a 7-year tribulation period.

John MacArthur teaches prophecy concepts that support the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception.

By teaching these concepts, the ‘Master’s Seminary‘ and ‘Grace Theological Seminary‘ are promoting the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception and misleading future pastors.

Here’s other popular pastors who promote the Jesuits end time Antichrist deception.

Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel teaches the Jesuits Antichrist deceptions.

Chuck authored books like “The Rapture“, which teach prophecy concepts that support the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception.

Chuck prophesied that because the state of Israel was created in 1948, the generation (40 years) that followed would be the last.  Of course 1988 came and went, and here we are, so that prophecy was false.

And these concepts are taught in Calvary Chapel churches worldwide and they are taught at the Calvary Chapel Bible College, which misleads future pastors..

Jack Van Impe teaches the Jesuits Antichrist deceptions.

Jack believes the Bible states that the world political leader will “come in peaceably” and create a seven-year peace deal involving Israel. The premise for the seven-year peace has been invalidated in our 70 Weeks of Daniel study.

Jack Van Impe teaches prophecy concepts that support the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception.

John Hagee teaches the Jesuits Antichrist deceptions.

John Hagee promotes all of Jesuits deceptions of the end times, and also Lewis Sperry Chafer’s Christian Zionists views about Jews.

Our Jews Who Are Not Really Jews study proves that 97% of people who call themselves Jews are NOT the descendents of Abraham, and have no right to the land of Israel or the promises of God.

John Hagee teaches prophecy concepts that support the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception.

TBN teaches the Jesuits Antichrist deceptions.

The Trinity Broadcasting Network is now the world’s largest Christian television network. They feature people like Hal Lindsey, Pastor John Hagee, who promote the Jesuit End times Antichrist concepts.

Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins brought the Jesuit deceptions to the masses.

In the 1990s, Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins took the Jesuit Futurism concepts, and applied them in the enormously successful Christian fiction series of books and movies.

The authors of Left Behind and the leaders of these television ministries may be genuine Christians who are doing their best to influence people for God’s Kingdom. Yet, in the full light of Scripture, they are teaching the doctrines of Satan. Left Behind teaches much of the same Jesuit futurism of Francisco Ribera, hiding the real truth about the Antichrist.

Through Left Behind, the floodgates of futurism have been opened, unleashing a massive tidal wave of false prophecy, that has swept over America.

Tyndale House Publishing promotes writers who teach the Jesuits deception.

Kenneth N. Taylor, a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, created of the The Living Bible and is the founder of Tyndale House.

Its most successful publication in recent years has been the Left Behind series of novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, which is one of the best-selling book series in history with more than 60 million copies in print.

Kenneth N. Taylor and Tyndale House Publishing promote authors who teach prophecy concepts that support the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception.

So are these Pastors misled?  Are they ignorant?  Are they wolves in sheep’s clothing?

The studies on this website prove that the majority of today’s pastors are teaching end time prophecy concepts that are false, which makes them False Prophets.

The concept of Futurism was created to counter the Protestant Reformation and to deflect blame away from the Antichrist Roman Catholic Church. The majority of today’s pastors are teaching the Jesuit’s prophecy concepts, which continues to deflect blame away from the Antichrist beast of the Roman Catholic Church.

They may be sincere Christians, but they are teaching the doctrine of the Antichrist, and they will be held accountable to the Lord! Most of them have been deceived at seminaries and Bible schools, where the Jesuits infiltrated the ranks to deceive them.  Others are wolves in sheep’s clothing, who have sold out to the riches of Rome.

If you have influence with a pastor who is teaching these concepts, strongly encourage them to read the 70 Weeks Of Daniel Covenant Deception study and this page, so that they can see the truth.

There are definite strongholds in Pastors lives that aren’t allowing them to see the truth, so they desperately need your prayers.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12

Joseph Tanner said, “It is a matter for deep regret that those who hold and advocate the Futurist system at the present day, Protestants as they are for the most part, are thus really playing into the hands of Rome, and helping to screen the Papacy from detection as the Antichrist.

It has been well said that ‘Futurism tends to obliterate the brand put by the Holy Spirit upon Popery.’ More especially is this to be deplored at a time when the Papal Antichrist seems to be making an expiring effort to regain his former hold on men’s minds.

The antichrist Roman Catholic Church has regained its power after sustaining a ‘deadly head wound‘ in 1798.

My friend, Satan and his disciples have been very effective in undermining Christianity.

As a result, Christians are deceived and unprepared, because they think that God will rapture them out before the 7-year tribulation. So they aren’t putting on the full armor of God to face times of great tribulation.

They aren’t preparing to have an escape plan, to have food and water, so that they can protect their family and minister to others.

They will be panic stricken when it doesn’t happen and their hearts will fail them; instead of being full of faith and helping desperate people find hope in Jesus.

They aren’t prepared to proclaim the name of Jesus when they may be forced to decide between worshiping the False Messiah(Satan) or death.

Read the The Beasts of Daniel and Revelation study to see how the Bible clearly describes the Roman Catholic Church as the the ‘beast of Revelation‘, the ‘Little Horn of Daniel‘, and the Pope, the ‘son of Perdition‘ and the “Babylonian Harlot‘.

One of the premises of the Jesuits deception is that there would be a peace agreement with Israel by the Antichrist, which meant that they had to take control of the land to create an end time Israel.

Our Jews Who Are Not Really Jews study reveals that 97% of people who call themselves Jews are not the descendents of Abraham, so the regathering in Israel is a fraud.

Many pastors point to the reestablishment of the nation Israel as a sure sign, but it is only the ploy of the Antichrist Jesuits.  To learn more, click on Regathering Of The Jews Deception


Lewis Sperry Chafer  –

John F. Walvoord –

Charles Caldwell Ryrie –

Hal Lindsey –

Chuck Swindoll –

David Jeremiah –

J. Vernon McGee –

Dr. Thomas Ice –

Biola University –

Talbut School of Theology –

Charles Lee Feinberg –

Chuck Smith 1948 the last generation

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      • I read some comments below and you yourself speaking of Isaac Newton. His theories in regards to GOD’S true creation are false as scripture by way of the spirit of truth and the Fathers Glorious Angels has revealed to countless millions in only 3 year’s. I am finding myself awestruck at His Glory as was Enoch. Copernicus,Newton,Einstein,Stephen Hawking,Carl Sagan all represenatives and proponents of the heliocentric deception. Hiding GOD the Father of all Glorious true design of our earth, our home has been just another element of Satan’s battle against the LORD. My assignment has clearly been to participate in this epic awakening. There are many quality teachings out there yet since your faith is such a nice discovery for me let me guide you to a true presentation with more than enough scriptural evidence. You tube has it the channels name is WORLD HISTORY OFFICIAL the teacher use to teach at a christian school but was called away no doubt by the LORD to serve Her new calling. Enjoy, look at the 2018 end of year presentation it was just released 10 hour’s ago. I’ll come back for your response to. Godspeed friend Sincerely KWL.

        • Thank you for your comment Kenneth! I’ve done a lot of research about the flat earth, and I’ve found that the earth looks to be geocentric, at the center of the universe, and not spinning or flying through space; but it is not flat.

          The supposed flat earth map is a north-polar azimuthal projection of the globe earth. It distorts the land masses which are far away from the north pole, which is why Australia looks way to wide, and why the continent of Antarctica (which is opposite of the north pole) is rendered as a white circle.

          The home page provides simple proofs which show that the flat earth model simply does not work.

          And this Bible study shows that the verses which flat earthers cite are not valid.

          Pursue truth, not to defend a belief!
          May our Heavenly Father bless you!

          • Look closer David. Scripture is the focus of your endeavours. Scripture correctly represented as intended by the author. I’ve searched intensively into our home and it is indeed a stationary linear plane surrounded by a wall of ice, the earth it’s self is floating upon the deep. The age of the earth is very close to a mere 10,000 year’s of age. Watch the video and pay attention to what GOD’S written word reveals. Accuracy seems to be a focal point in regards to the Jesuit deception well David guess who has you still in their grasp?. Goodnight friend. Again look closer.

          • Do I seem like someone who hasn’t searched out truth about the shape of the earth? I just want the truth. I did my research and the Flat Earth Deception website shows what I found.

            I am not deceived by the Jesuits, thanks! I see clearly what they are hiding, that the globe earth is geocentric, the option that almost nobody is talking about.

            It is you who should look again. Seek truth, not to defend a belief! 🙂

          • No map is accurate in regards to size. Your interpretation of scripture in regards to shape is either void of the clarifying verses or you have yet to realize that water does not curve.Modern technological advancements using lasers, HD high zoom lenses and countless testimony from numerous aviation pilots,geographic surveyors e.t.c. know that logic with the distorting or skewing input (not unlike the false teachings of the scriptures true meaning) is how perpetuate the lies. You admit we are not spinning…So what else are they hiding. A solid DOME (firmament) with water on the other side that nothing manmade has or can breach. The book of Job very interesting clues as the are hidden all throughout scripture. I hope you watched the video. Don’t let maps mislead you trust what the Bible teaches and it is saying flat.

          • Maps don’t mislead me, they mislead flat earthers who continually use a north-polar azimuthal equidistant projection of the globe earth; and proclaim that it’s a flat earth map.

            I cover the firmament in my explanation. I cover the waters above the firmament in my explanation. Scripture clearly says that the firmament is the expanse of the heavens. And the waters above were used to flood the earth during the days of Noah.

            All of the verses that flat earthers cite can be accounted for on a geocentric globe earth.

            And people like Nathan Roberts, who claims that there are 240 Bible verses that say that the earth is flat, are clearly taking them out of context.

            As for the video, it’s filled with typical flat earth false teachings, that have no scientific proof. It points to Scriptural proofs, but then has things like “Who the F*&K believes this Shiiite?” Seriously?

          • Again David seek out the channel World History Official on yt the put a special end of 2018 just for you. It includes a rebutal to those who profess scripture supports a spherical world. The LORD reveals the truth to whom HE chooses.

  3. Brother,
    I have learned years ago not to listen to the “Dr. David Dynamics” of the airways.
    A genuine minister of the Word of God will never charge one cent for what he puts out. Yet these so called “ministers of the word” all want you to purchase their books, and tapes. I am so sorry to say, that the time will come when these false teachers will have to dance to a tune they will not want to hear.
    The word is so simple:
    But the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do not need that anyone teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you will abide in Him. [1Jo 2:27 NKJV] And just think, one can be taught by God Himself and get it right without the cost of going to a seminary! Hitler said that if you tell a lie long enough everyone will believe it!. Praise the Living God. There are a few of us who choose not to eat that garbage!

    • Brother Ron, going to seminary is a detriment to understanding Scriptural and prophetic truth, for the enemy has infiltrated the major seminaries. Thankfully we have the Spirit to teach us. 🙂

  4. What got overlooked in that analysis was Ephraim of Nisbus (4th Century) and even Isaac Newton (1642-1727) both held a pre-tribulation removal of the righteous also, with Ephraim pretty close to a classic dispensational view. I am pretty sure that, living in the 4th Century, he was not heavily influenced by Jesuit thought. And Newton was Anglican Protestant. And from Newton’s extensive writing on Daniel and Revelation, one sees a dispensational point of view that emerged.

    • Well Cliff, many people have expressed their views of prophecy fulfillment, some of them right, some of them wrong. Just because Ephraim cited his views in the 4th century, doesn’t make him right. Not even Isaac Newton had all of the answers. But in these end times, it is the Jesuits have have created many deception to cover over the historical fulfillment of prophecy, with their futuristic deceptions.

      Here’s a Revelation Timeline Decoded website which provides the historical narrative of prophecy fulfillment, including where we are currently at on the fulfillment timeline, and what will happen next as we await Messiah’s return.

  5. Dear brother,

    I see your great zeal and concern for the name of Yahuah and His Son Yahusha is wonderful! You made a good point that our enemy satan wants to undermind the worship of the Father and the Son. It is True as you said, “only the Father and the Son are to be worshiped”. Scripture makes it very clear.
    You will also want to investigate the importance of who to pray to and who not to pray to.
    Our brother Yahusha and Savior has taught us how to pray. He said “When you pray, say our Father which is in heaven”.
    No where in the Bible does it say to pray to the Father’s Son or to the Holy Spirit. And this is to safeguard us from receiving a faults Christ or faults outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Please study this matter out. For you would be of great influence to share this very important truth.
    Revelations 13 speaks of the faults outpouring of the Spirit and Yahusha said there would be faults Yahusha’s. And one very good reason is because people begin praying to the spirit or Yahusha Which would not be the true spirit or the true Yahusha; because it goes against our directions given by Yahusha and His written word. Which would lead His sheep through a different door or a different gate as Yahusha has warned us.
    “My sheep hear my voice they follow me!” How do we follow him? by doing as he has bid the apostles and us to do.

    • Thank you for sharing your insight Kathy! It’s amazing to see more and more people learning the Hebrew names of the Father and Son. Love it!

  6. you don’t need dispensationalism or pre trib rapture to see that the antichrist is an INDIVIDUAL not a system and the early church writers expected an antichrist and I John refers to THE antichrist and says there are also many antichrists.

    • Thank you Yvonne! I’ll check out the video. Yeah, the more I learn about Sir Isaac Newton the less I trust him. I’ll take him off the list of esteemed Bible scholars. Blessings to you! David

  7. Either Christian believers alive at the appointed time of the tribulation will go through the tribulation or they will not. If they go through the tribulation, then Christ himself is lying when he tells His Faithful that He will keep them from the “hour of temptation” that will come upon the whole earth to try those on the earth. (Rev 3:10. And, it should be noted that the wording here is that our Lord will keep His Faithful FROM the hour of temptation- not THROUGH it.) Interestingly enough, when Christ Himself spoke of His return, He said that he would come as a “Thief in the night” and that no man would know the hour or the day of his return. The emphasis in all of Christ’s teachings regarding His return is that it will be a time just as it was in the days of Noah pre-flood: people would be going on with life as usual and that there would even be a sense of “peace and safety” pervasive on the earth when He comes. This kind of rhetoric dovetails perfectly with the idea that Our Lords’ returning by way of the rapture will happen at a time when the world is simply not looking to the heavens for such an event.

    In contrast, if the church goes through the tribulation and the world economies fail, the anti-Christ sets himself up as global financier and forces all citizens of the earth to be implanted with an electronic chip to engage in commerce and, on top of it all, finally sets himself up to be WORSHIPPED as the Messiah for the Jewish Nation and for the rest of the world- the socio political climate on the earth will be such that everyone with even a vague knowledge of the Bible will be scouring the Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel to understand what is happening and one thing will be FOR CERTAIN- and that is the understanding that Christ will be returning soon and his return will be at the doorstep. So the question becomes this: is there is a pre-tribulation rapture that is to come upon the earth unawares where Christ will invisibly snatch away his saints and we will meet Him in the air- or- is there only the visible Second Coming of Christ at the end of a period where hell has been unleashed on earth and where the anti-Christ sets himself up as God and commands the people of earth to worship him- after which time the Bible very plainly states that Christ Himself will descend from the clouds in great glory with ten thousands of His saints and will touch down on the Mount Of Olives at the end of this tribulation period and that EVERYONE on earth who is even vaguely aware of the Bible’s teaching on this matter will be looking heavenward for Christ to come back?

    I mean, after all- If, as a believer in Jesus, I have to live through the tribulation and I have to live to see the murder of millions who refuse the chip and I have to live to see a man proclaim himself as God to the whole world, then it stands to reason that I don’t really have to keep any oil in MY lamp until I see this stuff happening in the earth, seeing as how My Lord delays His coming. However, if there is a return of Christ where He Himself admonishes us all again and again to BE READY FOR because we KNOW NOT THE DAY OR THE HOUR of His return- well then it stands to reason that I had better keep MY oil lamp full because I may very well be CALLED OUT to meet the Bridegroom at any time to be kept from the wrath to come and from that “hour of temptation” which will try the whole earth.

    At least, that’s what Revelation 3:10 tells me…

    • I, agreed with your view of this subject,becuse God save noah ,enoch and lot before the end
      Also Paul in 2Tess says that the lawless one can not manifest himself until Him that is stopping him is taken away

    • You have this all wrong and it seems that you didn’t even read what was presented to you on this website. Your still going with Futurism Deception when it’s a fact and has been proven that All the Bible Prophecies had already been fullfilled. Don’t be decieved by these Jesuit’s!!!

    • Tom, I do not see your email address on the WordPress subscriber list. You can unsubscribe simply by clicking on Unsubscribe link on the bottom of the email that you received for a new post from End Times Deceptions. Blessings to you! David


    By Dave MacPherson

    John Darby, Paul Wilkinson, and Thomas Ice are among those who have flunked the Margaret Macdonald test by covering up and misinterpreting what she (as the pretrib rapture originator) actually stated in 1830!

    My book “The Rapture Plot” discusses Margaret’s two-part main point (lines 58-63 in her 117-line account): seeing “one taken and the other left” before “THE WICKED” (Antichrist) is “revealed.”

    Hal Lindsey’s “The Rapture” correctly says she taught “a partial Rapture” – that only PART of the church will be pretribbed up.

    Walvoord’s “The Rapture Question” also describes partial rapturists as “pretribulationists,” and their charts show the “church” BEFORE AND AFTER their rapture in the same way Margaret was a “church splitter.” (Google “X-Raying Margaret,” “Margaret Macdonald’s Rapture Chart,” and “Pretrib Rapture’s Missing Lines.”)

    Both John Cardale (in Edward Irving’s journal in Dec. 1830) and John Darby (in his 1853 book) described their visits to mid-1830 meetings Margaret conducted in her home. Darby’s “recollection” was such a mirror of the many details in Cardale’s published account 23 years earlier that I’m convinced that Darby was merely copying Cardale’s details, and Darby listed all of the details except one!

    Although Darby mentioned Margaret’s “texts on overcoming” (the “tribulation” or second half of her main point), he deliberately omitted her emphasis on “the coming of the Lord” (rapture) as the church’s “deliverance” before the “judgments coming on the earth” which all visitors, except Darby, admitted was a pretrib event (the “rapture” or first half of her main point)!

    Margaret’s visitors included writers for Irving’s journal “The Morning Watch.” Within weeks it reflected Margaret’s unique and original “church/church dichotomy” (“spiritual” church members raptured and “less spiritual” church members left behind) when it saw the “Philadelphia” church raptured BEFORE “the great tribulation” and the “Laodicea” church left on earth.

    Well, if Darby could be a revisionist with Margaret’s words, so could Wilkerson and Ice today.

    After Joe Schimmel’s Good Fight Ministries produced the “Left Behind or Led Astray?” video (the greatest video exposure ever of pretribism’s dishonesty-riddled history!), Britisher Paul Wilkinson savagely attacked it in an uber-unscholarly way in a video produced by the Berean Call Ministry titled “Left Behind or Led Astray? – Exposed.”

    In order to please his think-alike idol, John Darby, Wilkinson deliberately stopped his quotation of Margaret at line 45 so that he could omit the first (pretrib) part of her main point in order to be able to falsely declare that she advocated “a post-tribulation Rapture”!

    Thomas Ice has been even more nervy than Wilkinson, his British “twin.” When Ice quoted Margaret’s 117-line account in the Dallas Seminary journal he omitted ALL OF HER MAIN POINT but made up for it by quoting just BEFORE and AFTER it! (Ice’s “PhD” was “earned” at the unaccredited Tyndale Seminary in Texas which, according to World Net Daily, was heavily fined by the State of Texas for illegally issuing degrees – too many degrees for the Texas heat!

    Finally, if Ice, Wilkinson and other pretrib escape artists love Jews and Israel as much as they say they do, why don’t they want to be on earth during “Jacob’s trouble” to aid and comfort Jews and others? (Some Google items related to this include “Greatest Hebrew-Christian Scholars NOT Pretrib,” “Roots of Warlike Christian Zionism,” and “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty.”

    /spotted the above article on the fascinating web. any reaction to the above?/

  9. Good comment but John Calvin luther etc were all satanists kabbalists and gnstic roscucrutians .This religionChristianity is satan baal worship.With easter lent xmas church archutecture church weddings funerals infant baptism clergy attire cross fish symbol etc all paganism of ancient babylon and egypt.Christianity sabbath of sun day worship to sun god Jesus orzeus aka nimrod mithra osiris aton odin thor marduk etc all satanic.Sunday venerable day of the sun god instead on sabbth friday sundown to saturday sunday.Lies abiut rapture salvation for all and fake jews caucasian lie who are edomites.White jesus lie revelation 1 12.Jesus has woolly hair and feetlike burnt brass.The greek name Jesus more like Hey zoos real name Yahshua.Caesar Borgia a jesuit fake christ .Constantine 325 AD destryed prooer worship of true godpreserved ancient mystery religio.s if babylon statted by nimrod and semiramis.During greek empire babylonian priests moved to pergamos .King Attalid 3 gave his kingdom of Pergamos to Roman empire.Priesthood moved to Rome..Rome declared Christianity universal council of Nicea.Revelation 2 13 pergamos where satan seat is.revelation mystery babylon the great Church is false wordcirce goddess of enchantress sorceror daughter of christos Helios sungod.True messiah did not go to church but preached everywhere.Ekklessia or assembly true worship.Lawif Moses and fwasts if unleavened bread firstfruits passover et true worshipDiatery and hygiene laws true worship.Illuminati and jesuuts world council of churches co.trol all churches or harlots.12 tribes of israel in all 4 corners under oppression from Edomites Japheth miab and ammon ishmaelites ie Europeans Asians Chinese Japanese.12 tribes blacks in west central siuthern africa usa latinos red indians etc.Holy roman emoire scholars and church founders all luciferian freemasons all you named above.Greek septuigint had ekklessia israelites no lordbaal etc.Fake khazar jews masorettes interjcted false names church jesus lord jehovah etc

    • Interesting comment. Though the name of the website is Christianity Beliefs, I too have been shown that Roman Christianity is a false religion, which has moved people away from Biblical truth. As for Roman Christianity; Easter and Christmas; the names Jesus, God and Lord; I cover all of that on the Falling Away of 2 Thessalonians 2 series

      Martin Luther was used to fulfill Revelation 11, when he measured what the Popes of Rome taught against the Scriptures, he found that the Papal Church was an apostate church, and deemed them as unsaved gentiles. So while he wasn’t perfect, your accusation of him being a satanist is absurd, as he was used by Elohim to spark the Protestant Reformation.

      Implying that Jesus was black because the word woolly was used is grasping. The focus of the description is that His hair is white, as in white like wool. So it’s focused on the color, not the texture.

      As for the brass feet, it’s not saying they are like burnt brass, as in dark; it’s saying that it’s pure brass as refined in the fire, which would shine brightly.

      Messiah’s name is not Yahshua. The word ‘shua‘ represents someone crying, and none of the usages are written about the Messiah. The name would represent that ‘Yah is crying out‘. Yahusha carries the root of ‘sha’ (yasha) which means salvation, thus making Yahusha mean ‘Yah is Salvation!’.

      The Sabbath is not every Friday evening to Saturday evening. Jews say the days starts at sundown, which makes no sense. Genesis tells us that the day starts at dawn and ends at dusk, as it rules over the darkness. The Biblical Sabbath does not conveniently conform to the Roman calendar and magically end up on Saturday. That is a deception from the enemy, which was part of the compromise that Jews made with Rome in the 4th century. The Sabbath is based on the lunar cycle.

      Keep learning and growing in the faith!

      • Hi David,
        I have come to understand from scriptures the truth of Sabbath from sun rise to sunset . Now I will investigate your site and the bible about when the 7th day of worship is .
        Thank you


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