Unbiblical Secret Rapture And 7 Year Tribulation By Doug Batchelor

This End Times Deception study features a video called “Jesuits Created The Secret Rapture & 7 Year Tribulation, & Both Are False Doctrines And Unbiblical”.

The secret rapture, and than 7 years of tribulation is not biblical, and both doctrines were created by the evil jesuits as part of the counter reformation. Sermon by Doug Batchelor.

The Jesuits created the false prophecy explanation of a futuristic 70th week of Daniel in the 16thy century, but it didn’t take hold until the 19th century; and then was taught at Dallas Theological Seminary, where the leaven of the Jesuit’s deception has spread to Pastors and Christians worldwide.

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5 thoughts on “Unbiblical Secret Rapture And 7 Year Tribulation By Doug Batchelor”

  1. David, I started following you years ago. Read every page, link, article, study series you had. Even had a notebook of corrections to be edited to send you…as you had posted the request if a reader noticed typos.

    Then about 3-4 years ago I had a position to tend to. I just recently resumed reading your material, only to find it completely re-organized. I had memorized much of my steps navigating your studies only to find they have been separated due to “your announcement…”which is understandable. I’m still getting re-aquainted.

    Since I’m only restarting your studies, I know not whether you fixed the typos I collected. I guess I’ll find out as I read on. But my main inquiry after several years, is regarding Doug Bachelor’s teaching in reference to his video above. I am very confused as I don’t see what your implying or stating regarding his false teaching. I am very open and ready to grasp your explanation, but I just don’t see it. I know you were great at responding to your followers, but that your work load has increased. So I don’t know if your reading comments anymore. Hope you can respond on this as its bothered me several years now. And I’ve watched his video quite a few times. I’m now taking time to address this.

    Thanks. And your studies are truly fantastic.

    P.S. Was very surprised to see your ‘Prepper List’. That’s a change I didn’t see coming.


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