A List Of People Who Oppose The False Teachings Of Paul Sides

This End Times Deception page gives a list of people who Paul Sides, Rav Sha’ul, says have given false testimony about him.

The irony of course is that it just shows how many people understand Scriptural truth, and that his claims about Messiah’s deity are false and heretical.

I expose Paul Sides as a false teacher that is misleading many people about the deity of Messiah, on this page: Paul Sides Is A False Teacher Who Says Messiah Was 100% Human

Here is what Paul said (excuse his poor spelling):

The following have broken the Scriptual instructions and launched personal public attacts at me and my wife… the list keep growing and growing… they are to be removed from the assembly as they have broken the 9th commandment, and are to be rejected in the Assemblly as evil and devisive. They tear down the brothers and destroy the assembly, pervert the process, and prevent the Truth from being heard by attacking the messneger not addressing the message.

◾William Michelle de LaChaumette

◾Charles Taylor

◾Valerie Mosso

◾Sandy Bruce

◾David Nikao

◾James Wood

◾Steve Yun

◾Johan Koch

◾Barry Smith

◾Esther Marsena

◾Michael Romero

◾Wally Bergen

◾Christian Woods

◾Peter Pankratz

◾April Marie Thompson

◾Jason Boyd

◾Jeff Themm

◾Julius Ekomu

◾Steve Yun

◾Ayodeji Adeyemi

◾John Fisher

◾Lionel Robinson

◾Zachary Shaw

◾Mike Allen

◾Prakash Nanda

◾Joaquin Alberto Villagra Jr

◾Alezur Perezalonso

◾Jaffrey Lambino

◾Rob Aman

◾Junior Rosario Tolentino

◾Lorena Bogle

◾Roel Flores Encinas

◾Marvin Thurian Richards

◾Dawid Ban Yahuwdah

◾Mike Meng

◾Clifton Q. Shelton

◾Cielo Fuego

◾William Lygarden

◾Jose Leandro Guzman Fernandez

◾Justin Schmitt

◾Dave Lopez

◾Devora Jay

◾Kels Holmes

◾Emma Roy

◾Claire Winrow

◾Limo Remy

◾Maria Mariya

◾Tommy Cavin

◾Jefreey Skott

◾Claudia Sinani

◾אשר ישראל ארייהו רודריגז

◾Albano Porelo da Silva

◾Brandy Cunningham

◾Lavi Yahya Lavi Imran

I smiled when I read this comment from Paul Sides:

Paul Sides says David Nikao is THE guy

Yes, I am the guy who works diligently to expose this heretic!

I pray that the list of people who oppose Paul Sides grows exponentially!

Read Paul Sides, Rav Shaul, of SabbathCovenant.com is a False Teacher, Prophet

9 thoughts on “A List Of People Who Oppose The False Teachings Of Paul Sides”

  1. I have not heard about this man so I cannot make a comment. I am a Sabbath day Christian and had to leave my church 5 years ago. The simple fact was we were following a wrong doctrinal teaching. I was an Elder, speaker and loved the brethren. But because of this I was signaled out shunned as if I never belonged but God is great.

    • Yeah, that’s exactly it Joy! The enemy knows that people are coming out of Babylon, and returning to the old paths of Scriptural truth, so the enemy causes people like Paul Sides and Ed Moore to teach some truth to attract them; and then uses those two to deceive them.

  2. Why am I on this list? I have nothing to do with this man other than have blocked him on Facebook because he was a nusiance. I don’t know what he believes but from what I can see he believes that Jesus is a messiah. That’s not possible because this dude Jesus was never anointed. See my book and read it for free ad book.leavingjesus.net

  3. It saddens me how many blindly are following this self proclaimed Rabbi. Many are being led astray. It breaks my heart and I only want people to wake-up & research for themselves to see the errors. We shall know them by their fruits.


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