Tony Ognibene’s Testimony Against Paul Sides And Ed Moore

This End Times Deception page gives Tony Ognibene’s testimony against Paul Sides and Ed Moore.

Here is a summary of what Paul Sides, who writes books under the name Rav Sha’ul, has proclaimed about Messiah:

He was not deity, but 100% human.

He was supernaturally conceived with the seed of His biological father Joseph.

He went to John to be baptized for repentance of sin.

He had to have His sin washed away.

There is NO REQUIREMENT for Messiah to live His entire life with no sin.

He was not born “obedient”, but rather disobedient.

He had to learn obedience like every other human being.

In this witness Tony shares the same view as I, that Paul Sides and Ed Moore are being used to deceive people who understand deeper truths; such as the Hebrew names of the Father and Son, the Holy Feast Days, that we are to strive to obey the Torah out of love for our Father and Messiah, etc.

Here is Tony Ognibene’s testimony against Paul Sides and Ed Moore.

I encountered this guy (Ed Moore) a couple of weeks ago, and initially I liked a couple of his teachings, so I decided to friend him.  I got a chuckle out of his extreme message that was immediately sent to me (by default I presume), which basically read “if you disagree with me, your comments will be deleted and you’ll be blocked” (paraphrasing).

Within several days I had detected some glaring concerns. Not only that, but one morning as I was reading one of his posts, I didn’t agree with what he was teaching, and I started to feel unusually hostile.

I later realized that was b/c of the demonic spirits his writing was influenced by.

By the next day, Kellie had also checked out a few of his posts, and we realized he was denying that Yeshua is YHWH come in the flesh. That’s when it made sense to me.

These 2 characters have been commissioned by Satan to deceive those who seek a deeper knowledge of Scripture (i.e. many seeking truth in Hebrew roots movements and the like.)

These men twist and distort the word through malicious logic, seeking to dominate (others) with a potent cocktail of human and demonic reasoning.

This is in contrast to the many other false teachers out there who largely appeal to those who (generally speaking) have minimal knowledge of the word paired with minimal discernment (i.e. Joel Osteen, Joseph Prince, etc.)

Not that those false teachers aren’t being aided by demons also, they just seem to be catering to a different audience.

In any case, we have also been very concerned for all those who are under their deception, and I commend you Kirk for taking the time to expose them, as they are clearly laborers for the kingdom of haSatan.

In this you have shown your love for the brethren.  Let’s all agree to pray that the stranglehold these men have over so many will be broken.

Shabbat Shalom my friends.

Ephesians 5:11 Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.

To read many verses which prove Paul Sides and Ed Moore wrong, read Paul Sides Is A False Teacher Who Says Messiah Was 100% Human

5 thoughts on “Tony Ognibene’s Testimony Against Paul Sides And Ed Moore”

  1. Intresting, just been introduced to Paul Sides and will take this onboard. Does anyone have a good calender of ELOHIM’s feasts that i can start to follow with my family?? Thanks

  2. I was given this info regarding Paul in which sometime ago,went to a fellowship in which a friend and I was afraid after we had left the meeting.Of those beliefs of Paul and Ed yes I quite agree need prayer to have their eyes open. Since coming to this of the different sects of this in which I did not know of the Hebrew Roots Movement. How does one know of Ministries that is under this deception? And also the Bible’s they are selling? I have a copy of the Scriptures I got from ISR but once had the Bible by Stein? Also I had a copy of the One New Man Bible but it was paraphrased

  3. I am one who was studying with Ed Moore and Paul Sides. I unfriended Paul Sides because of an inappropriate post he placed with his wife in a short tight dress. I have only been studying with them about 2 mos. And have made many friends especially women who are just trying to learn like me. I am thankful a brother has shared this information with me.

    • Thank you for your comment Nancy! Ed Moore and Paul Sides attract people because they teach truth about the names of the Father and Son, the Holy Feast days, etc.

      But they are teaching things that are contrary to Scripture about Messiah being sinful and 100% human. They teach that the concept of Jesus Christ is the antichrist, which is wrong; as it is the Popes of Rome, who proclaim to be Jesus Christ in the flesh.

      It breaks my heart to see people being misled by them. I’m glad that you are able to see the truth. Here is a website that you can share with others, to help them see the truth about what Ed Moore and Paul Sides teach.

      I pray that people can see the truth about them and come out of their influence.

      Blessings to you in Yahuah’s name,


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