The Illuminati’s Final Solution Videos

Keep in mind that the videos point to the Illuminati, but we know that the Jesuits are the earth beast of Revelation 13, who controls the Illuminati.

Video 1

Video 2: Antichrist

Video 3: Destruction Of Israel And The Middle East

Video 4: The Black Swan

Video 5: World Stocks In Trouble

Video 6: The Great Deception – Part 1

Video 7: The Great Deception – Part 2

Read this Bible study that shows that the Popes of Rome are the antichrist beast of Revelation, the Little Horn of Daniel, and the office of the Papacy, the Son of Perdition.

5 thoughts on “The Illuminati’s Final Solution Videos”

  1. My apologies the video i was referring to was the one that came up right after yours. It was called “Illuminati Exposed: The video Alex Jones wont show or talk about”. The deception in it was very freighting, it exposed the Illuminati then proceeds to erase God and His word, and even who Lucifer is. Jordan Maxwell takes people into a deception way beyond what believers are currently learning about the “New(old) world order”. It is the greatest blasphemy that i have heard yet. So please disregard my concerns, the deception that will come is way beyond what the pope and Jesuits are doing. I would appreciate a response back from you if whether you have viewed this video or not. I appreciate your teachings. You can answer me privately if you wish. Thank you

    • Thank you for your comment Katie 🙂 I have not watched that video. The ‘earth beast’ of Revelation 13 clearly describes the Jesuits of Rome, who controls the city-state of Vatican City, who control the Illuminati, who controls the city-state of Washington D.C., who controls the city-state of the City of London and all of the financial institutions, who control just about everything, as they push the world into their New World Order.

      Based on the description, this video sounds like disinformation, to deflect blame away from the Jesuits. I follow the Bible and what it say, not the teachings of men. I know that the Jesuits are deceiving the world with their sorcery, just as Revelation 18:23 says. The Society of Satan in the Vatican is the enemy of Christ and His Church. Keep learning and growing in the truth. Grace and peace and love to you in Christ’s name, David

      • Thank you David, I appreciate your quick response, discernment, & knowledge regarding my comments. I continue to glean from your teachings and will keep you in my prayers as God continues to use you in His revelation of truth. I agree the Jesuits are the real deceivers behind it all, lead and controlled by Lucifer.
        I believe you have a true heart after God, and He is using you mightily in these last days . Staying tightly knit with the King is our only hope as the End continues to unfold, and what a Glorious King He is!!!

  2. When I spoke of the Luciferian doctrine, I was not referring to the information contained on your site, but the information in contained in video number 1 . I Just wanted to clarify. Please also remove my last name from my comments. I pray for your covering as Yahweh continues to reveal truth through you and the information on your site.

  3. Regarding Illuminati’s final solutions video, video 1, which is all I have watched thus far.
    I need to understand clearly your perspective, is this the strong delusion and deception that is coming to the world, because it basically explains away the bible and majority of what True Christians believe, and who God is? It is the rise of the Old world order and the coming fallen angels/alien agenda. This false agenda is coming with the lie that we were created by them? I have found the rest of your site very informative and educational and has connected the dots of many things I have studied for years. It debunks the corruption of the Illuminati, and brings in the Luciferian doctrine.
    So please clarify this for me, as I direct other believers here, but that deception was extremely strong and totally makes me understand how true believers will be deceived if they do not get on fire for God and do their home work. I guess I just need to understand that you do not agree with what was in that video. Thank you


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