Musician Keith Green Identified The Roman Catholic Antichrist And Whore Of Babylon

This End Times Deceptions Bible study features a quote from worship leader Keith Green, about the antichrist Popes of Rome and the Whore of Babylon, the Roman Catholic Church. This quote is from an article from Keith Green, who wrote worship songs and preached to audiences. “It is obvious by even this brief glimpse into … Read more

Wake Up Church!

IT IS TIME the CHURCH , the BODY OF CHRIST …AWAKES FROM ITS SLUMBER….you have been asleep far too long…WAKE!!! ….Even the Romanists themselves shame you in their clear-sighted comprehension of the issues of this question. Cardinal Manning says: “The Catholic Church is either the masterpiece of Satan or the Kingdom of the Son of … Read more

Pope Francis I Soars in Popularity Polls

A recent article on Yahoo News reported that Pope Francis is soaring in the popularity polls. An ABC News/Washington Post poll showed today that 92 percent of American Catholics view Pope Francis favorably, as do 69 percent of all Americans. And Pope Francis I was just named Time magazine’s Man of the Year. If you’ve … Read more