September – December 2015 Event Calendar

This End Times Deceptions Bible study provides a calendar of September, 2015, because there are so many events happened during that month, including Pope Francis addressing Congress and the U.N.

I will give the official explanation of events as given by many sources. Just know that the enemy is sending out disinformation, so we have to discern truth.  And they are telling us beforehand what will happen through symbols and covert messages.

Then I will provide insight with more information. This is simply my perspective, it is not a word from God.

This very well could be the most exciting month in our lifetimes.

Muslims, Jews and Christians could all be expecting their Messiah to return in September, setting the stage for a False Messiah deception.

Here is a video that explains many of the events.

2015 has been declared The International Year of Light by CERN. Lucifer is The Light Bearer, The Morning Star. Is CERN the key to open up spiritual realms for him?

September is FEMA’s annual national preparedness month.  I would highly recommend being prepared before September.

September 11

This is the 14th anniversary of 9/11.

It is the last day of trading on Wall Street before the Schemita ends on Sunday the 13th.

Local, national and international first responder agencies will be having a 2015 Urban Shield Training Exercise that will take place on 9.11.15 in San Francisco.  There will be a simulated atomic bomb going off.  What could go wrong?

On September 11, 2015, the Yellow Area Command will coordinate a full-scale regional preparedness exercise assessing the overall Bay Area Region’s response capabilities related to multi-discipline planning, policies, procedures, organization, equipment and training.

September 12

Jewish Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, a leading authority in Ultra-Orthodox Judaism, proclaimed that the messiah will be returning at the end of the sabbatical year which is the 29th day of Elul, which falls on Saturday September 12.

This will help deceive Jews about the arrival of their (false) Messiah.

Madonna kicks off her Rebel Heart tour in Washington D.C.

Madonna is a satanic witch, who the evil ones use to act out spells/hexes in her performances.  The opening theme of this show is reported to be the desecration of the bride and the arrival of fallen angels. On September 16-17th she will be in New York at Madison Square Garden, then on the 19th in Brooklyn.  Then in Philadelphia on the 24th.

Notice how she is casting her spells in all of the places that the Pope will visit, Washington D.C, New York and Philadelphia.

September 13

The Schemita ends per Jonathan Cahn, who is teaching a false concept that God is judging America every 7 years for not observing His Sabbaths.

The truth is that the Jesuits of Rome control the world’s money supply via their city-state corporation of The City Of London. They control the International Monetary Fund, the International Bank of Settlements, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank and central banks in almost every country in the world.  They control the major commercial banks and financial institutions.   They control the world’s interest rates. And they can crash the system on any day at any hour.

They could cause a worldwide financial collapse this fall, and they will blame the God of the Bible, to cause people to hate Him and His followers. Read Jonathan Cahn Is Deceiving You.

September 14

This is the first day of trading after the Schemita.

In 2001 the DOW dropped a record 684 points.

In 2008 the DOW dropped a record 777 points

Jews and most Torah believers observe the Holy Feast Day of the Feast of Trumpets.

The Feast of Trumpets represents the last Trump when Messiah returns for His bride. I’m not saying that is going to happen this year, but it is the proper context of His return, as He fulfills Elohim’s seven Holy Feast days to redeem His bride.

The 5776 Anno Lucis, “The Year of Lucifer” begins September 14th.

September 15

The military exercise Jade Helm started on July 15th and officially ends September 15th.

This operation is allowing the evil ones to see what militant groups are doing in response to these exercises.  And it is allowing all sorts of military vehicle buildup around the U.S., including specialized Humvee’s, tanks, large trucks and earth moving equipment, under the guise of this exercise.

This allows the evil ones to have military personal and equipment in place in September and October, in the event of civil unrest when the economy fails and the New World government is setup.

The 70th session of the UN General Assembly begins on this date.

A new plan for the world will be introduced known as ‘the 2030 Agenda‘, which will be one of the most significant steps toward global government in the history of the world.  And the Jesuit-controlled media is not letting people know about it.

September 17

The Federal Reserve may increase interest rates, which could lead to quadrillion in derivatives that are based on the interest rate, to default, which would collapse the stock market.

UPDATE: They announced that they will not increase the interest rates.

This is the deadline for Congress to vote on Obama’s deal with Iran. I believe that it will be passed, which will cause Christians to proclaim that America has turned against Israel, and they will expect America to be judged.

No doubt the evil ones will cause a weather-related calamity to make it seem like God is in fact judging America because of this, but that is a false narrative, as Israel of not of God, but of the evil Jesuits.

It is Constitution Day.

September 21 – 26

The World Week For Peace In Palestine Israel is sponsored by the World Council of Churches, which is ultimately controlled by the Jesuits.

September 21

This is the United Nations International Day of Peace

September 22

On the 22nd-23rd, the Mecca pilgrimage (Hajj), Day of Arafat, represents the Standing of the Day of Resurrection, waiting for judgement and the Gates of Heaven to open.

Muslim clerics are predicting the return of their Mahdi September 2015. The Muslims have a prophecy of old, written by the Islamic prophet Ali Bin Iben Abi Talib, which states that just before the coming of the Mahdi, a tall black man will rise up to take command of the West and he will command the most powerful army on earth.

The Roman Catholic helped write the Qur’an, so they have designed it to deceive Muslims into believing in a false Messiah. Read Islam In Bible Prophecy

September 23

This is the Fall equinox, which is when the day and night are equally balanced.  It is revered by occultists.

Jews and Torah Christians observe the Day of Atonement.

The Mayan Cycle was 5126 years. From September 11, 2001 to September 23, 2015, there are 5126 days.

Like 9/11, there are many predictive programming things about disaster on this day.

Some cards of the Illuminati card game explicitly refer to events which will occur on 09/23/15. The date is embedded in many movies such as Evan Almighty, Ghostbusters, Knowing, Tomorrowland, Deep Impact, Left Behind, Gone Girl, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World and The Number 23; TV Shows such as 3rd Rock from the Sun, LOST and NCIS;  Commercials, such as LEGO Dimensions toy – CERN; In music from Illuminati slaves Beyonce and Miley Cyrus.

Here is a video that features many of the predictive programming form 9/23:

On the 23nd-24th, CERN (Switzerland), an inter-dimensional aperture, is scheduled to be firing at full power, to open a doorway, a tunnel, perhaps to open the door for Satanic powers.

Pope Francis will meet with President Obama in Washington D.C.

The Pope was elected on March 13, 2013. It is exactly 923 (9/23) days from this date to September 23, 2015.

The 266th Pope will be meeting with the president of the United States on the 266th day of the year. Some have suggested that “something is being birthed” on that day since 266 days is the average length of the human gestation period. The evil ones love their numbers.

The Eid al Adha, Muslim feast of Sacrifice is September 23rd–26th.

The Islamic festival commemorates what they believe to be the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his son Ishmael for God. Of course the truth is that it was actually Isaac, though whom the seed would come, that Abraham was willing to sacrifice, not Ishmael.

September 24

Pope Francis will address Congress, which is the first time a Pope has ever done this.
He was invited by Roman Catholic Speaker of the House John Boehner.

The supposed separation of Church and State is clearly being violated here. The Jesuits control America via their city-state corporation of Washington D.C., so he is merely giving orders to his workers.

On May 13th, 2014, the Prime Minister of France, Laurent Fabius, member of the Jesuit’s Bilderberg Group, and Jesuit Skull and Bonesman John Kerry, proclaimed that in 500 days there would be climate chaos.  The 500th day is September 24th.

September 25

Pope Francis will be issuing an ENCYCLICAL, which is a law of the Roman Catholic Church, to which all of its subordinates must submit.

He may proclaim demands of actions to be taken to prevent a supposed climate change catastrophe. Seventh Day Adventists and others proclaim it will be a Sunday rest law, to reduce stress on the Earth.

At 8:30am, Pope Francis will give an address to the United Nations General Assembly, to announce the unification of the world’s laws, the environment, religions and distribution of wealth – The New World Order; in the name of the supposed urgency of ‘climate change’.

At 11:30am, Pope Francis will visit the World Trade Center, where there will be a Multi-religious service at 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

At 6pm, Pope Francis will lead a (Satanic Babylonian) Mass at Madison Square Garden

This is exactly where high-priestess Madonna performed her satanic ritual on the 16 and 17th.

U.N. Israel/Palestine resolution vote to create a Palestinian state?

Obama has suggested that it’s time to rethink support of a Palestinian state, in the name of peace.  If he supports this resolution, Christians will view that as betraying Israel, God’s supposed chosen people, and they will expect judgment on America.

Most Christians would also expect the rapture to occur soon, as they have been conditioned to believe that an Israeli peace agreement marks the start of the supposed 70th week of Daniel, the 7-year tribulation period. And the evil ones may very well stage a fake rapture scenario, via holograms and their controlled media.
There is no 7-year tribulation, read The 70th Week Of Daniel

September 26

The Pope flies to Philadelpia.

At 10:30am Pope Francis will lead a Mass at Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, Philadelphia.

This basilica is full of idols and symbols.

At 4:45pm Pope Francis will visit the Independence Mall.

This represented our freedom and independence not from the taxes of King George, as scrubbed history books tell you; but freedom from the persecution of the Jesuits of the Roman Catholic Church, during their Inquisition.

Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope. After America became bankrupt after the Jesuit-inspired Civil War, they took control of the country though the ‘Act of 1871’, so that we are a corporation of the Jesuits.  We are slaves of the Jesuits through Roman canon law.  The irony of his visit cannot be overlooked. I’m sure he will be smiling.

At 7:30pm Pope Francis will visit to the Festival of Families Benjamin Franklin Parkway

September 27

At 8:00pm Pope Francis departs for Rome.

No doubt he will issue strong words of warning and declarations to America, in Washington D.C., and at the U.N.  Once the Pope is safely away, it will be interesting to see if calamity strikes America, which would make him seem like a prophet.

September 28

This is the last blood red moon.

Jews and Torah Christians observe the Feast of Tabernacles

Other information about September events

Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit the U.S. in September

October Outlook

Trident Juncture is a military exercise with involves 36,000 personnel from more than 30 Allied and Partner Nations, will take place throughout Italy, Portugal, Spain, the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and also Canada, Norway, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

At the conclusion of Trident Juncture 2015, the Headquarters Staff from Joint Force Command Brunssum will be officially certified to lead the NATO Response Force, if activated, throughout 2016.

This again will put troops around the world, in the event of an economic collapse, and it prepares them to be a part of the NATO forces.

Reportedly on October 20th, 2015 the International Monetary Fund, which is controlled by the Jesuits of Rome, will announce a new world currency.  They establish global money rules and provide “bail-out” assistance to bankrupt nations. In other words they enslave countries into massive debt, so that they will be desperate for their One World Government solution.

On October 20th, 2015 the IMF is expected to announce a reserve currency alternative to the U.S. dollar, which will send hundreds of billions of dollars moving around the world, literally overnight.

To understand where we are at on the Revelation Fulfillment Timeline, read Revelation Seals, Trumpets & Bowls

Additional Resources about the events of September 2015:





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    • Hi Ahmed, with all of the major events that occurred late last year, not much really happened. Sure, you can get an extension to 2017 🙂

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    • Daniel, given the context of Revelation 10, that the Popes of Rome had banned and burned the Scriptures, and only taught in Latin, so there was a famine for the Word of God. Then Wycliffe, Luther, Tyndale, etc., were given the Scriptures and translated them in English, German, etc. With the advent of the printing press, the printed Bible, the Little Book, was no available for many to read.

      Given that Revelation 11 is about Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation, the seven thunders may have been declarations by the Popes of Rome.

      As for the last two books, they aren’t really prophecy per se, but a vision of being with Messiah; so I didn’t attempt to explain the fulfillment.

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      The Two Witnesses are the Word of God and the Church of Messiah, who testified during the 1,260 year reign of the antichrist Roman Catholic Church from 538-1798 A.D., about pure salvation through faith, not through the sacraments of the Papal Church; and who witnessed against the Popes of Rome as the antichrist beast of Revelation.

      I rebuke you in the power of Yahusha’s mighty name, and pray that you will repent and be saved!

        • Jesus church had been persecuted so much, and so many Bibles had been burned, that in 1514, at the ninth session of the Fifth Lateran Council, the council orator exultingly declared: “Now, no one contradicts, no one opposes.” To the Pope he said: “The whole body of Christendom is now seen to be subjected to its head, that is to thee.”

          The Catholic Church declared the witnesses against them had been silenced, they were as good as dead.

          There was a famine for the Word of God. The Popes did not allow people to possess the Scriptures, and they only taught in Latin. So in effect, the Word of God was as dead, meaning it had been hidden so that the true Church could not be fed by it.

          Here is the whole study of Revelation 11

  5. Hi,
    In your opening paragraph above you state:

    “And they are telling us beforehand what will happen through symbols and covert messages”.

    Why does the enemy want to warn us (symbols/covert messages)… it would seem a enemy would NEVER want one to know how the attack will happen? There is nothing we can to do to stop them so why warn us…. I don’t know probably a stupid question, but it seems obvious.

    I do thank you for all the efforts you are doing and God Bless.

    A Brother in Jesus

    • Thank you for your comment 🙂 The evil ones seem to have a ‘code of ethics‘ if you will, where they are compelled to tell of their plans, in advance. Look at 9/11. There were dozens of coded messages in movies and TV shows about it happening in the future, but we had no clue… until afterwards, when we looked back and it became obvious. If you don’t know the truth about 9/11, read this summary

      Now that people understand this, they look for clues, and there have been plenty about the date of 9/23/15.

      They use talking heads like Alex Jones to give us all sorts of information, but he never really points to the Jesuits of Rome as the cause, but deflects blame by pointing to the mysterious Illuminati or Bilderberg Group.

      I hope that helps. September is going to be an amazing month. Stay in prayer my friend!
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