Things you must do before September 15 2015 by Pastor Lindsey Williams

Let me start off this summary of the Things You Must Do Before September 15 2015 DVD by Pastor Lindsey Williams, by saying that I don’t believe that Lindsey is intentionally deceiving anyone, but that some of the information is deceiving.

He continually refers to the ‘elite’ causing all the problems, when it is the Jesuits of Rome who are behind it all.  They are the elite and they control a huge organization structure of the elite.

Click here to see how the Jesuits of Rome fulfill Bible prophecy as the controlling power in the world during these last days.

The name of the game is control, as the elite seek to take control of the whole world in their New World Order.

#1 Know what you are preparing for!

They are throwing out many false flags, so that you don’t know what to prepare for.

This includes stories about aliens hiding behind the moon, alien invasions, planet X heading towards the earth, etc.

They crease false narratives about what’s going to happen to cause fear, to distract people away from what they are really doing, and to discredit people.

Lindsey showed a video which explained what is to come with the visit of Pope Franics this fall at the White House, Congress and the U.N. meeting.

The video refers to 7-year tribulation period, which is a false prophecy teaching from the Jesuits, to cause people to believe in a future 70th week of Daniel.

As a Pastor, Lyndsey Williams should know the truth about the historical fulfillment of the 70th week of Daniel.

#2 – Things Planned for September through December 2015

A worldwide financial collapse will be caused by a derivatives market that is 1 quadrillion or bigger in size.

The derivatives are based around interest rates, so when the elite are ready to, they can simply cause the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, which will trigger a global financial meltdown.

The elite desire to have their New World Order in place.  They want to do it peaceably.  They do not want civil unrest.  They do not want to destroy the infrastructure of the U.S., China, etc.

But they are prepared if it happens.  Operation Jade Helm is in place in case there is civil unrest in America.  These assets and troops will still be in place even after the Jade Helm exercise officially ends on September 11th, 2015.

There are similar military exercises going on worldwide this year, for the same reason, to have troops already in position.

The elite are definitely expecting a divine event between September and December.

This may be a false narrative, meaning they are using Lindsey to convey a false message.  The Jesuits may seek to stage a fake rapture, to deceive Christians.

His elite friend told him to read Jonathan Cahn’s books.

It is my belief that Jonathan Cahn is serving the agenda of the Jesuits of Rome, to cause people to believe in the Biblical concept of the Schemita, resulting in financial collapses every 7 years.

The last one happened in 2008, and the next one would happen after September 2015.  What this does is let the Jesuits cause the world to believe that the God of the Bible is causing these financial collapses, so that the world will hate God and His followers.

Of course the truth is that the Jesuits are the ones who control the world’s financial markets via the city-state of the City of London, and they are the ones who cause the market crashes, to steal more of our wealth.

The Harbinger and Schemita books are based on a false biblical narrative, and should not be looked at as true prophecy.  Click here for a review of Jonathan Cahn’s book.

Then Lindsey showed a video from Jim Bakker with Rick Wiles. Rick said that he was told by God in 1998 about Osama bin Laden, Islamic terrorism, agra-terrorist – poisoned food (as they advertised their 40 days and 40 nights of food offer), EMP, banking collapse, to watch the derivatives, that judgment starts in America on 9/11, etc.

I simply don’t trust Jim Bakker or Rick Wiles.  If these supposedly ‘spirit-led‘ people aren’t identifying the Jesuits as the enemy of Messiah and His Church, they are deceiving you.  Nuf said.

Then Lindsey showed a video from Ron Paul, who gives some great information, but again he points to the bankers or the elite, not to the Jesuits.

Lindsay says that he was told to have an alternative location, away from the U.S. if possible, just in case rioting occurs. He said he would need to be gone for a few months only.

I believe that we should position ourselves out of harms way, and medium to large cities could become problematic when the economy fails.  Water and food may become scarce, so it is wise to have a good supply of them.

Lindsay says that he was told to remove every smart meter from the house, for electric, water and gas; as they transmit information about you.

More importantly, they transmit wireless signals which dumb people down, so that they can’t think correctly.  The evil ones know how to use wave lengths to affect your mind and even put thoughts in your head.  They did this in Iraq to cause Iraqi’s to simply surrender.

Lindsay says that he was told to get out of all paper.  Stocks, bonds, IRA’s, 401k’s, etc.

Only hold only a small amount of cash to be able to buy things.  Own your home, own gold and silver, own food, own guns for hunting and protection.

Lindsay says that to have plenty of medical supplies, as your local facilities will run out and be overrun by people who are sick, which is not where you want to be.

He recommended the book Dare to Prepare by Holly Drennan Deyo.

I believe that major things will happen between September and December 2015.  I believe that the world will change in dramatic ways.

I believe that we need to be prepared spiritually, first and foremost.

And we should prepare as best as we can to any crisis situation.

Click here for a short list of things to do to prepare.

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  1. This guy is a JOKE, a BAD JOKE. I guess it’s a living but anybody who takes this guy seriously ought to investigate his other claims before they count on it being real.


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