Pope Francis makes cover of Rolling Stone

by David on January 29, 2014

Pope Francis makes the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

I don’t read that magazine, but I thought it was about music, not religious/political figures. 😛

But the Jesuits control all of the top magazines, and this is just another way to position the Pope in front of all demographics, to draw the world to him.

If you’ve read our Antichrist In The Temple Deception and The Antichrist Is Hidden In Plain Sight studies, then you know that the Roman Catholic Church is the Antichrist beast of Revelation, and the Pope, the Son of Perdition.

The magazine calls him “His Holiness,” which is a title for God alone.

And now he can add Rolling Stone cover to his resume, in an article titled “The Times They Are A-Changin.”

They reported about his swift break from tradition and how he has separated himself from past popes.

Past Popes have proclaimed to be God, to be Jesus Christ in the flesh, to be exalted over the kings of the earth, and that salvation is only through the Roman Catholic Church.

Those are still the stance of the church, even though Pope Francis I is not saying those words… yet!

After he was elected by the cardinals (Note: the Jesuits put him in power, not the cardinals), he said “May God forgive you for what you’ve done.”

God won’t forgive those who support the Antichrist beast, the Papal Church, and the beast and the False Prophet will be thrown in the lake of fire.

So now Pope Francis I has been on the cover of Time magazine twice, the second time when they declared him its 2013 Person of the Year last month. And now he is on Rolling Stone magazine.

The Jesuits are positioning the Pope in magazines which they control, to draw the world to the him, as we head towards the grand deception of the end times.

To see the truth, read the End Times Deceptions home page, which explains what the Bible says about the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope

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