Pope Francis Is Officially A Rock Star

A recent article declares that yes, Pope Francis is officially a rock star.

His is the first pope ever on a Rolling Stone cover. He is already Person of the Year for Time. Plus a CNN poll says 88% of Americans approve of Pope Francis.

Yahoo said, “He’s everywhere. Now he’s swooping in to save the day, like the Man of Steel,” to save the world, and save our tomorrow too.

Then it goes on to say that Paul Ryan and GOP conservatives and their extreme-right agenda are no match against the Rock-Star Pope and his radical anti-capitalist revolution for 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide.

Let me ask you a question…

When did the Pope’s opinion dictate what U.S. policy should be?

The truth is that it has for many years, as the Jesuits control the United States.

Paul Ryan is a Roman Catholic and his allegiance is to the Pope first and foremost.  He will act like opposition, but ultimately he supports Rome.

The article states, “This war conservatives will lose. A groundswell is building for Pope Francis’ army of 1.2 billion.

Roman Catholics are part of their army, which serves Rome ahead of country.

They will push immigration reform, because having more Mexicans, who are mostly Roman Catholic, in the U.S., allows them more control over the voting.

Pope Francis states that Capitalism and financial speculation are the root cause of all global social ills.

No, the Jesuits of the Roman Catholic Church are the root cause of all global social ills.

They control U.S. policy, they control the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Bank of International Settlements, all the large banks and investment companies, all the major oils companies, and all the major corporations.

They are the richest institution in the world.

Don’t listen to their lies about capitalism.

They are pushing the world into their New World Order, where true capitalism will be eliminated, and they will offer socialism to supposedly solve the inequality issues.

Wake up people!

The enemy is talking like a lamb, but is really a dragon.

Read Pope quotes that prove that they are the Son of Perdition.

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