America Is The Earth Beast Of Revelation 13

America is the “earth beast” of Revelation, who is being used by the Jesuits to push the world into their Satanic New World Order.

This page will track events that are taking place, which are either openly or covertly carried out by the intelligence agencies and military of the United States.

Presidents Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama, are just puppets who are controlled by the Jesuits.

Before 2001, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, did not have a Rothchild controlled central bank.  They used 9/11 as a false flag event to justify taking military action against countries that had not submitted to Papal authority.

Now that America has caused the leaders to be removed, those countries have central banks, so that their money supply can be controlled.  And now the Jesuits control the oil resources.

America will continue to make war with Syria and Iran, as those countries have not submitted to the Jesuits authority yet.

The Satan-empowered Jesuits control the U.S. intelligence agencies, who train, fund and supply weapons to the Sunni Muslim Al Qaeda/ISIS rebels.

They do this to overthrow governments, to install New World Order friendly puppet leaders, to setup a Rothchild Central Bank, to steal their resources, and to kill Shiite Muslims and Christians.

And they do this to cause Muslims to hate Christians, and Christians to hate Muslims, which will lead to more killings and wars.

This strategy is called the Hegelian Dialectic, where they pit two forces against each other, both of which they control, to create a desired outcome; in this case many deaths of Christians and wars.


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