The Influence Of Jesuit Pope Francis And The Vatican

Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope, is having great influence around the world.

From U.S president Barack Obama to Queen Elizabeth To Vladimir Putin, Pope Francis has met them all.

It should be noted that he isn’t coming to see all of them… they are coming to the Vatican to see him.  This tells you who is in charge.

The Vatican may be the smallest country in the world, but it has real diplomatic influence.

Nigel Baker, UK Ambassador to the Holy See, was quoted as saying;

Possibly the world’s most extensive network today, functioning on all sorts of levels from the political to the religious to the NGO, to the street, to the media.”

Nigel notes that much more than religion is addressed.  The Pope also discusses immigration, war, nuclear disarmament and inter-religious dialogue.

These are top of the agenda issues and the Holy See not only has something to say, but it’s having influence on the debate.”

The Vatican has diplomatic relations with more than 170 countries.

We don’t have at the moment an embassy in Damascus. But, we may be able to talk to Syrians, Syrian Christians or Syrian refugee workers who are working closely inside Syria and have information on what’s happening.”

It seems like Pope Francis is always in the news. Of course the Jesuits control the news outlets.  And some world or religious leader is always meeting with him… no doubt to get their orders.

Even world leaders I think can be susceptible to a little bit of the star dust and see whether that may rub off on them and I think it’s difficult to find a world leader that has the star dust that Pope Francis has.”

Pope Francis is drawing the world unto the Vatican, and he wields his incredible influence.

The Jesuits Generals, the earth beast and False Prophet of Revelation 13, took control of the Vatican in the late 18th century.

Since then they have propped up an image of the powerful Roman Catholic Church, to draw the world under their power.

And now Pope Francis, who is the first Jesuit Pope, is pushing their agenda to the fullest.

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2 thoughts on “The Influence Of Jesuit Pope Francis And The Vatican”

  1. Pope Frances is the only Pope that the media have fully supported and loved, calling him the peoples Pope.

    The peoples Pope ? what does that truly mean, by rights the Pope should be Gods Pope, not the peoples Pope.

    If he is the peoples Pope that means who ? all the atheist and Sodomites etc, so surely not the People of God.

    The media were always making out Pope JP2 T to be a clown, so why the big change now, Pope JP2 was always rejecting that Israel was in fact Israel and the media claiming him to be a idiot for not understanding that it was a State and to recognise it as such.
    Now if that State clamed another name all would of been fine, but it was in the Name, calling it Israel that was the problem, because the RCC has always claimed to be Israel and if it did not do so, then it would be admitting that it was a false Church, because the fact is that Christianity is Israel (the Servants of God) and we know that the King of Israel is Jesus Christ.

    The media pushed this nonsense of Israel being the new State full on for years and no mention of the reason why Pope JP2 rejected such was ever put forward, as it was just a one sided attack, not to mention that anyone who knew what true devout Jews believed, knew that the true Jews do not claim it to be Israel at all, that crap is only pushed by the so called Zionist who are only so called Jews, who went and used the word Israel, not because the true Jews were claiming such but only the Zionist propaganda tool as a ruse. not to mention it works a treat for the uneducated in God, even if the true Jews point it out as total BS they are rejected outright by the media.
    Not many people know that the true Jews reject the naming it as such, but they do claim that one day it will be truly Israel, that’s their hope.
    But as any truly born again of the Holy Spirit Christians know that we are Israel and If a Christian rejects that, then they are under Satan’s power of delusion, because they are in fact rejecting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, who are they looking for ? another jesus ? who can they know Christ Jesus if they are still looking for him.


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