The Historical Fulfillment Of The 5th And 6th Trumpets of Revelation

The Revelation Fulfillment Timeline Summary shows how the seals, trumpets and bowls of Revelation are being fulfilled.

To help you see that they are historical instead of future, this page focuses on the 5th and 6th Trumpets, as they are the most detailed and are the easiest to validate.

I pray that this opens your eyes to see that Jesus’ Revelation has been in the process of being fulfilled from when it was written and will continue until He returns.

The first four Trumpets signified our Lord’s continued war against the vast Roman Empire, as He sent the Goths, the Vandals, the Huns and the Heruli, against them, ending in the last Roman Emperor being removed in 476 A.D.

Satan had empowered the Roman Empire and their pagan worship honored him.
He used it to kill many Christians as he sought to eliminate the Early Church.

The seals and trumpets of Revelation represent our Lord exacting vengeance against the Roman Empire and removing Satan from his power over it.

The descriptions of the 5th and 6th Trumpets are more detailed, as they were fulfilled during much longer time periods, and they are the time of the first Two Woes.

The 5th Trumpet – The Rise of Mohammad and Islam. Part 1 of 3

The 5th Trumpet – The Rise of Mohammad and Islam. Part 2 of 3

The 5th Trumpet – The Rise of Mohammad and Islam. Part 3 of 3

To summarize:

The 5th Trumpet represents the Lord using the Arabian (Mohammedan) army against the Western Roman Empire from 612-762 A.D., which is 150 years (5 months = 150 days). They wore turbans (crowns of gold); they had beards (faces of men); they had long hair like women; they wore chain-mail (breast-plates of iron); and they were fierce (teeth of lions). The falling star was Mohammed their king, the destroyer called Abaddon; the smoke out of Satan’s bottomless pit is the false prophecy of the Koran.

The 6th Trumpet – Islamic Turks Attack, Part 1 of 3.

The 6th Trumpet – Islamic Turks Attack, Part 2 of 3.

The 6th Trumpet – Islamic Turks Attack, Part 3 of 3.

To summarize:

The 6th Trumpet represents the Lord releasing the Turks to cross over the Euphrates River to conquer 1/3rd of the Roman Empire for 391 years (prepared for the hour and day and month and year, 1 + 30 + 360 = 391) from 1062-1453 A.D., which ended when they used large cannons (out of their mouths came fire, smoke, and brimstone) to knock down the thick protective walls of Constantinople.

To read a Revelation Timeline that lists a quick overview of the fulfillment of the seals, trumpets and bowls, click on Revelation Timeline.

To watch short videos that give more information about the historical fulfillment of the Revelation seals, trumpets and bowls, click on Book of Revelation Prophecy Fulfillment Videos

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Laura Lane May 18, 2015 at 11:27 am

Hi David! So in your opinion where are we in the book of Revelation as of 2015.

I am new to your site. I have read some of those Preterist sites on the internet and even though your insight has some of the same similarities do you claim like they that Jesus has already returned in 70 ad?


David May 18, 2015 at 11:54 am

Thank you for your comment Laura 🙂 Like most bible theologians before the 20th century, I am a Historicist, meaning I believe that most of the prophecies in Revelation have been fulfilled since the book was written in 95 A.D. So no, I do not believe that Jesus returned in 70 A.D.

I do believe that Jesus came in great power and glory when He empowered the Roman army to desolate Jerusalem, the temple and the Jews, causing 1.1 million Jews to die. The irony of course was that the Jews wanted their Messiah to overthrow the Romans, so they rejected Jesus and had Him killed. Then in 70 A.D., Jesus empowered the Roman army to desolate the Jews. You can read the fulfillment of that in the Daniel 12 study, which gives the proper explanation of the fulfillment of the Abomination of Desolation, the 1,290 and 1,335 days, and the time of Jacob’s Trouble.

As for the fulfillment of Revelation, I show that we are in the 6th bowl, as the Ottoman Empire, which was released during the 6th Trumpet, has been dried up. The Turks now only control Turkey, whereas they used to control a large portion of land in the Middle East. This paved the way for the kings of the east, the countries of Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. to rise to power.

You can read a summary of the fulfillment of the Revelation seals, trumpets and bowls; where we are now on the timeline; and what will happen next @

There is not much left to happen except for WW III and the formation of the New World Order, when a one-world government and religion will be formed, and the followers of the Biblical Messiah will become the enemies of the world. But our Messiah said to be prepared for His return during this time.

Keep learning and growing in the faith! Contact me anytime with questions about these studies.


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