Paul Sides Now Lying About Me Because Of My False Prophet Page

This End Times Deception post is about how Paul Sides is now lying about me on Facebook, because of my Paul Sides Is A False Prophet page.

He told his followers that I went to and posted 1-star reviews about all of his books.

Paul Sides lies to counter False Prophet accusations

You can search for books by Rav Shaul and you will see that most of them have 5-star ratings, which proves that there are no 1-star ratings from me or anyone; and there are only a few negatives reviews, none of which are from me.

Paul Sides Lies About Book Reviews after being exposed as a false prophecy teacher

I’m not sure how he thought he would get away with this lie, as all his followers have to do is read the reviews of his books on Amazon to see that it’s not true.

Some people pointed this out on Facebook, but no response from Paul.

Sadly, most of his followers just blindly trust him and having taken his word on this matter, instead of checking to see for themselves.

Please pray for Paul Sides and his followers, as there is much deception going on in that group.

Here is a link to my Paul Sides Is A False Prophet page

5 thoughts on “Paul Sides Now Lying About Me Because Of My False Prophet Page”

  1. I was following Ed Moore and Paul Sides – but never felt quite right about them . The clenched was the picture he posted of his wife in a short tight black dress. I told Ed Moore that was not appropriate for a teacher of Torah. Ed ‘ s response was not much – just that he wouldn’t judge. Someone sent me your information and I am so grateful for your investigating him. I am appalled at all the people he is betraying and many have become my friends. I see him as another Jim Jones with the Kool Aid……

  2. People I talk to all the time, just take others word for granted and do not do their research before accepting the statements. It is just as without intelligence to accept issues without study as it is to reject them without study.


    • Agreed Dianne! It’s been amazing to watch his followers just take his word for these things. I don’t expect people to just blindly take my word for the explanations I make on this website. I want them to study and show themselves approved, so that they see the truth for themselves. Shalom, David

    • Thank you for your comment Dena 🙂 I take no pleasure in having to expose false prophecy teachers, but I am called to do so. Paul Sides, and Ed Moore who promotes Paul’s teachings on Facebook, are clearly teaching false prophecy explanations; and I can’t stand by and let people be deceived by them. Grace and peace to you! David


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