Palestine Video From 1918 Proves There Was A Vibrant Culture

This End Times Deceptions Bible study refutes the claim that the land of Israel was desolate before the Jewish state of Israel was created.

This video shows Palestine in 1918, which proves that there was a vibrant culture in existence, where Arabs, Palestinians and Jews existed, in peace.


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1 thought on “Palestine Video From 1918 Proves There Was A Vibrant Culture”

  1. I agree with this video because it’s a historical fact that Jews and Muslims coexistence in Palestine in peace until 1939 when Heinrich Himmler sent Adolf Eichmann to Palestine to explore the possibility of deporting German Jews there.A second duty of his was to inform the Palestinians that the Zionist Jews in Germany and Poland intended to take over Palestine and reestablish the nation of Israel. Eichmann was there under a pseudonym, but the British secret service arrested him and deported back to Germany, but the seeds of fear were already planted in the minds of the Palestinian people.


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