Early Church Prophecy Quotes

The All Roads Lead To Rome bible study shows you how the Roman beast has fulfilled prophecy as the last beast that will exist until Jesus returns, as it has transformed from the Roman Empire, to the Roman Catholic Church, to the Jesuits of Rome.

This study lists some of the quotes from people who gave prophecy explanations about the rise of the Antichrist beast and the False Prophet.

Another study lists quotes from people who witnessed against the Popes and the Jesuits of Rome, who they faced.  Witnesses Against The Papal Antichrist

In the 4th century, Cyril of Jerusalem predicted the Antichrist would rise up from the Roman Empire.

Cyril, a 4th century distinguished theologian of the early Church, said of Antichrist;

“This man will usurp the government of the Roman Empire, and will falsely call himself the Christ.” “He will sit in the temple of God: not that which is in Jerusalem, but in the Churches everywhere.”

The Popes of Rome have fulfilled his assertion.

In the 4th century, Jerome proclaimed that the Antichrist would sit in the Church, proclaiming to be Christ.

Jerome, a theologian and historian in the 4th century,  in interpreting Paul’s Man of Sin, declares that he “is to sit in the temple, that is in the Church.”  He adds, “It is only by assuming Christ’s name that the simpler ones of believers can be seduced to go to Antichrist; for thus they will go to Antichrist, while thinking to find Christ.

The Popes of Rome have fulfilled his assertion.

In the 5th century, Andreas, Bishop of Caesarea, described the earth beast of Revelation 13.

Andreas, Bishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia, an expositor in the Greek Church during the latter part of the 5th century explains after Irenaeus, the two-horned beast as Antichrist’s false prophet;

exhibiting a show of piety, and with pretense of being a lamb when in fact a wolf.”

In the 6th century, Primasius’s description of the two-horned beast of Revelation 13, matches the Jesuits perfectly.

He seems to view the second two-horned beast of Revelation 13, “Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon,“as ecclesiastical rulers,

hypocritically feigning likeness to the Lamb, in order the better to war against him: and by the mask of a Christians profession, under which mask the devil puts himself before men, acting out the Mediator.” (Elliott, Horae, IV, p. 342)

In the 8th century, the venerable Bede also described the earth beast of Revelation 13 as Antichrist’s pseudo-Christian false prophets.

He shows the horns of a lamb, that he may secretly introduce the person of the dragon. For by false assumption of sanctity, which the Lord truly had in Himself, he pretends that a matchless life and wisdom are his. Of this beast the Lord says, ‘Beware of false prophets’ which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves.” (Bede on the Apocalypse, Ch. XIII, p. 11)

This describes the Jesuits to a T.

In the 8th century, Ambrose Anspert described the earth beast as the ministers of Antichrist.

Ambrose, a Latin expositor in the 8th century, wrote an Apocalyptic commentary, and said about the earth beast of Revelation 13 12;

Signifying the preachers and ministers of Antichrist; feigning the lamb, in order to carry out their hostility against the Lamb; just as Antichrist too, the first beast’s head wounded to death, would he says, exhibit himself pro Christo, in Christ’s place.” (Elliott, Horae, IV, p. 351)

The antichrist sea beast of Revelation 13 , the Pope’s of Rome, proclaim to be the Vicar of Christ; and the earth beast, the Jesuits of Rome, pretend to be priests while subverting the Lamb and persecuting His followers.

Gregory the Great in the sixth century declared that whoever called themselves the Universal Bishop was the precursor of Antichrist.

In this he was doubtless perfectly correct. Shortly after Gregory died, Pope Boniface III took the title of “Universal Bishop” in the year 607, he became the precursor of antichrist, as full revealed under Boniface VIII.

Read this Bible study that shows that the Popes of Rome are the antichrist beast of Revelation, the Little Horn of Daniel, and the office of the Papacy, the Son of Perdition.

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