Could Daniels 70th week have already been fulfilled?

This End Times Deception study features a video explaining the fulfillment of the 70th week of Daniel.

I agree with this Pastor about most of his teaching in this video, but he and most Seventh Day Adventists get some key concepts wrong.

Though his explanation of the fulfillment of the 70th week of Daniel is correct, his proclamation that 1 day in prophecy always points to 1 year is not correct.

The Millerites, who were the predecessors to the SDA Church, proclaimed that Messiah would return in 1844 A.D.

Obviously that didn’t happen, but instead of recognizing their error, they simply proclaimed that Messiah started His ‘Investigative Judgment’ in 1884, which means that He has been at that for over 172 years.

The 2,300 days of Daniel 8 does not represent 2,300 years, and the fulfillment did not start at the same time as the 70 weeks of Daniel.

The 2,300 Days Of Daniel 8 was fulfilled as 2,300 days, when:

Antiochus Epiphanes, the vile person, surrounded Jerusalem with his armies (the abomination of desolation) and killed 10’s of thousands of Jews. They defiled the sanctuary and caused the daily sacrifice to be taken away for 2,300 days (Daniel 8:14). His persecution of the Jews began in 171 B.C. and the temple was cleansed on December 25, 165 B.C., which is 2,300 days.

One day in prophecy does not always point to one year.

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6 thoughts on “Could Daniels 70th week have already been fulfilled?”

  1. This guy is 100% right! The last 7 years were uninterrupted and for 3 and 1/2 years Israel was the recipient of the Truth…but the Adventist did not always teach this, thank God maybe they will come out of their worship of Israel…but I will not hold my breath…they are not telling the truth to their assemblies!

      • David, God give prophecy for a reason, not only does it winnow the wheat from the chaff but it takes time effort to find the truth and understand. Hypocrites will only steal another mans work and parrot popular, ear tickling beliefs such as…we are all going to fly away and avoid tribulation, bologny. They do not rightly divide the Word. There are multitudes of scriptures that refute this, so WHY do they doggedly hold on to this teaching? That is a the question. Jesus clearly said that the angels are the harvestmen and would remove the wicked from the midst of the just when he returns. The ones that are gone are the wicked not the just. Therefor, they have turned scripture on its head and developed all kinds of false doctrines to support their claim; when their teaching does not come to pass multitudes, such as in China, where they taught that doctrine before the communist purge in Chin were left bereft, cast down and it destroyed their faith.

        Mat 13:48 Which, when it was full, they drew to shore, and sat down, and gathered the good into vessels, but cast the bad away.
        Mat 13:49 So shall it be at the end of the world: the angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just,
        Mat 13:50 And shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.
        Mat 13:51 Jesus saith unto them, Have ye understood all these things? They say unto him, Yea, Lord.

        They will even parse this scripture to make it apply to the end of the millennium. You cannot argue or reason with pharisees. Context means nothing to them because they glorify their teachings and not Christ. One must remain humble and contrite when approaching truth for understanding.

        • The enemy programs Pastors minds through teachings at seminary such as Dallas Theological Seminary. Here’s a study showing how they deceptions are taught at DTS

          From there the enemy deceives people through repetition; from their pastors, from books, from Left Behind movies, etc., so that they can’t see the truth about the 70th week of Daniel.

          And sadly, most Christians blindly trust their Pastor instead of searching these things out in the Scriptures.

          • here! Christ is the subject of Daniel 9 and its fulfillment. It is not related to a future anti-christ. If you check your math, you will see that you only have 3 1/2 years not 7. Jesus fulfilled the first part by confirming the covenant with the chosen remnant of Israel. He did in the middle of the 70th week. He continued to confirm the covenant through His apostles, until the stoning of Stephen when the time of the prophesy ran its chronological, natural course in 34 AD.

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