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  1. What David fails to realise Revelation is about future events not in John’s time & yes All prophesy is about the Hebrew nation [not just Jews] -the 144000 are ALL Hebrews -wakey wakey!. The man of sin “they [israel] will be given into his hand a TIME[3.5yrs] TIMES [3.5yrs] & a half a TIME[+ 1.75yrs] = 14 years. Netanyahu who I have exposed to you fulfilling ALL prophecy[ including Marking on the r/hand ALL of India & China & more -rfId – with his TEVA BIOTEC SYSTEM -you can not trade there without it] . WAS 1996 WAS NOT 1999 then WAS AGAIN2009 untilApril 2019 -unable to form Govt -caretaker king- is 13 months short of 14 yrs. May 2020 form coalition with Benny Ganz -plus 13 months should be removed June/July 2021 unless he finds another means off Delaying further. Rev 10;6 says there will be DELAY NO MORE ! Two last prophets appear soon after Rev11. Is there somewhere in the Bible two men are named, called witnesses & will declare things to come? They ARE the LAST TWO !

  2. As a Messianic Jew I recognise the city on 7 mountains[not hills ] that has the blood of all three :- prophets ,saints & Jesus witnesses[Rev16;6, 176;, 18;24] is obviously JERUSALEM the great city- Rev11;8 ,17;18&24 – where God’s greatest prophet Messiah Son [blood is soaked in] & His 2 last prophets are killed – can you not read?I would also suggest to you that the man of sin /antiChrist /son of perdition who would magnify himself equal to Jesus Christ[Matt27;37] must be the most popular king of the Jews [elected-king without kingdom]1/3 rd of the stars of heaven [on earth where God lived amongst man] voted for him, the 8th head[11th king;7th head had fatal wound -Rabin] as three before him repeat office called little horn/son = Bibi. Israel is the BEAST that the elect [christians] revere& follow after. I’m sorry but prophetically you are without understanding ……..Maranatha Shalom….Israel- [the 2 last are named by Isaiah 44;1-8 the only place in the old & new Testaments two are called MY witnesses other than Revelation . God does nothing by accident .Baruch Hashem……P.S the Pope is not antiChrist but one of a long line of false prophets who have changed GOD’s Law & will be judged accordingly as will ALL who mislead many.

    • The irony of you saying that prophetically I am without understanding, is rich! It’s amazing how Jews make everything out to be about the Jews.

      If the city was Jerusalem, then John would have just said that. The great city of John’s day was not Jerusalem, but Rome; which he could not say, as that would have incited the ire of the Romans which would bring on more persecution.

      The Popes of Rome have already magnified themselves equal to Messiah, proclaiming to be the ‘Vicar of Christ,’ the substitute Christ. The Popes proclaim to lead Messiah’s church, thus they sit in the temple. They have already proclaimed to be God and to forgive sins, which is blasphemy. They removed the second commandment about idol worship. They changed the calendar, to hide the Scriptural calendar.

      The Popes of Rome fulfill the role of the little horn of Daniel 7, who rose to power out of the fallen Roman Empire; the Son of Perdition of 2 Thessalonians 2, as they proclaim to lead Messiah’s church (sit in the temple) but they are sinful betrayers; and the antichrist beast of Revelation, who had authority over the Roman beast kingdom for 1,260 years, from 538-1798 AD; who leads the harlot church of Rome, which wears purple and scarlet, and has shed the blood of the saints.

      The office of the papacy is the 8th head that rose to power out of the seven previous forms of government of the Roman beast kingdom. Five had passed; the sixth was the Roman Emperors of John’s day; the seventh was formed after the last Western Roman Emperor was removed from power in 476 AD (the deadly head wound), and it existed a short time until 538 AD, when the Pope was given civil and ecclesiastic authority over the Roman beast kingdom (thus healing the deadly head wound).

      You’re welcome to provide a verse by verse explanation of Revelation 13 and 17, to back up your beliefs.


      • You mistake what I say is All about the Jews ALL prophecy is about Israel of which the Jews are 1/12th.I did send you a verse by verse explanation that I hope you received?What is calling itself Israel now is the false return of Judah the cursed tribe [Matt27;25]. The true return will take place when Jesus returns with the new Jerusalem-In about 1000yrs.In the interim you will see the destruction by fire[nuclear] of The Great [city]Harlot Jerusalem by the man of sin who I believe will be removed June/ July 2021 shortly followed by the last 2 prophets for the second half of the last week. I note things you talk about had already passed before John wrote REVELATION so they are incorrect because he writes of future events. The five past were those dead before Netanyahu ,one to come Perez did as caretaker king [unelected] after Rabin’s murder[I wonder why it took almost 1/2hour to get to hospital 5 minutes away?] & then became President many years , the one with a short time is Shamir who died 2012.Out of the divided kingdom came the stone cut [out of the part potters clay & part Rome-Judah exactly-example is Saul/Paul]. He did not emerge from Divided Roman Church did He? Did not exist ! No Pope is the 11th king only BIBI ! No Pope speaks like lion [english & hebrew] & feet in the bear -from USSR is like a leopard from leopard country-Palestine in S.E. ancient Greece. No pope has marked on the r/hand as Bibi has done. Your reasoning fails blinded by your hate of the Roman Catholic Church. The most evil of ALL religious institutions is the SANHEDRIN which killed GOD’s MESSIAH SON all else pales by comparison the Pope is the false prophet destined to go to the Lake of fire with the son of perdition !…..Baruch Hashem in Yeshu ha Moshiach.

  3. I’m sad to think that the 7th trumpet (the last trump) has already been. Jesus’ return was metaphorical, so resurrection is metaphorical. Yes the gospel is good news, but not how we thought. It deals with nations, and the spirit of the saints, like shadows working through people of God. I see there are many instances (all?) of prophecy fulfillment happening this way.

    • Though what do you think to Paul’s writings? Especially 1 Corinthians 15 sticks out very clearly.
      Would God allow an imposter in His little book?

  4. I avoid EVERYONE who makes statements like this…

    “The End Times Deceptions studies are a result of the Holy Spirit revealing many truths to me during the last two years.”

    “…as during the last few years the Spirit has led me to understand”
    “The Spirit put on my heart”

    “I believe that the Father shows me many insights because I hunger to know truth”

    A typical SDA lie is…
    “If you’ve read the home page, then you know that most of the deceptions have been created by the Jesuits, to deflect blame away from the Roman Catholic Church and to deceive Christians about the end times.”

    I doubt you’ll publish my comments. It’s people like you who cause people like me to say “the devils love you!”

    In other words big guy – you are as deceived as those you think are deceved!

    • That all sounds like someone who is deflecting.

      Prove it out. It’s your opportunity to show everyone that I’m wrong. Show us a verse by verse explanation of Revelation 13, to back up your claim.

  5. I don’t know about Paul Begley but do know that Rome, the Popes, or Catholicism have nothing to do with the beast or the last days. I challenge anyone to quote ONE verse of prophecy specifically labeling Rome as the beast…Just ONE!

    Ever nation or people mentioned in end-time prophecy is Arab, Persian, and Islamic today, not Rome and NOT the EU.

    I just realized your problem – you’re a Seventh Day Adventist! Sorry I bothered. You folks are the most deceived major sect of Christianity in the world today. You folks condemn people who go to Church on Sunday and teach the abomination that a national Sunday Law is the Mark of the beast!


    • Jim, please provide a verse by verse explanation of Revelation 13; to show how it points to Arabs, Persians and Islam. Thank you!

      I am not SDA, and have never been in an SDA church. They teach some truth about the historical fulfillment of prophecy, but they miss the mark on some major prophecies.

  6. if you follow Johnathan and the bible and I mean ot too you would know there is nothing phony about Johnathan shame on you he is only preaching Yahweh’s truth and commandments, I know as an American I had know idea our churches over here have know idea who yeshua really is God Bless Johnathan cahn and Israel

  7. Hello Brother David. I read the article about the star of david.

    I happen to be a victim of the same. My uncle’s wife once introduced me to a certain man who later gave me a tattoo and called it the star of david, as a protection.

    He claimed to be a father figure. Later on, I began to experience strange dreams. I discovered that he is Catholic and an Astrologer!

    Eventually, I cut ties.

    It’s over 15 or 20 year and all I can describe of this long journey is strange happenings and a streak of bad luck. I build great businesses and just lose them overnight. I have nothing to call my own.

    The tattoo is on my left arm. How can you help me?

    We have prayed and prayed and prayed until I have lost faith in prayer.

    My life is a roller coaster of misfortunes and I can’t help but wonder how a life that was so deeply soaked in worshipping an amazing God can just wake up to loathe such a path as a mere waste of time.

    From this article, I can tell that this tattoo is evil and I dont want it at all. I never solicited for it and have no binding covenant over it as far as I am concerned…it was forced on a life of an innocent lad!

    I used to believe that when we pray in faith, the power behind this evil tattoo should ebb away. Alas, my life is still twisted!

    My life keeps hitting walls in every direction. I have written great books that don’t sell. I have written great business models that get accepted only to be dumped at reward stage. All of my friends wonder what the matter is…

    It’s so painful and confusing!

    Should I amputate my arm? I don’t know how to remove the tattoo.

    Please help if you can!

    • Hello Chintu, I’m sorry to hear about the challenges of your life. Satan uses the amazing designs of our Creator and corrupts them, as he did with the six-sided star. Our Creator used the six-sided design in many things, such as the Lily which has six petals.

      No need to cut off your arm. Instead, some places offer laser services for tattoo removal. Or you could have it modified to look like a lily.

      Or you could just leave it as a reminder of your past. Some use anointing oil of olive oil and frankincense oil, to place around and on things which they want to remove any Satanic curse, with prayer.

      The tattoo may not be the reason for the many challenges. Perhaps there is something deeper, like sin strongholds.

      I hope that helps,

  8. David, please see 1 Timothy 4:9-11. The scriptures say we are to teach the salvation of all but most of the church doesn’t.

    Have a blessed day!

  9. You may want to google and read the free ebook God’s Plan For All, David.

    Read 1 Timothy 4:9-11. It tells us to teach the salvation of all but that is not what the false teachers down through the centuries taught us.

    There are several sites and free works online explaining this doctrinal error. Let me know if you would like more sites or works to see on this.

    You can also google “The Salvation of All, When Should It Be Taught” by Joseph E Kirk and read it. It is not too long.

    Have a blessed day!

    • Susan, I have a friend who believes in Universal Reconciliation, and I’ve read the Scriptures which are cited. But there are many verses will tell a different story, that those who do not have a covenant relationship with the Father, will be raised from the dead, judged, and thrown into the fire to die the second death. I do not believe that the lost burn in hell forever, for our Father is not that cruel. David


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