The Two Paths Of New Testament Manuscripts

Since the Garden of Eden, when Satan said to Eve, “Did God really say?”,
Satan has been corrupting the words of God to deceive us. 

Every time God has given us His written Word, Satan has countered by creating a similar corrupt text to deceive people.  Knowing that he can’t eliminate God’s Word, Satan created a deceptive path that has led to our modern Bible versions.

On this page you will learn about the two paths of New Testament manuscripts that have formed our Bibles:

  • God promised to “preserve His Word forever” and that path was forged by believers who trusted in the inerrant word of God, and sought to preserve His pure words.
  • The other path was created by heretics who didn’t believe in the inerrant word of God or the deity of Jesus; so they amended, changed and deleted words and verses, that didn’t agree with their philosophy.

To see which words Satan has removed from your Bible version,
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God’s New Testament manuscripts were written in Greek, so that they could spread throughout the Roman Empire.

Jesus and the disciples spoke in Hebrew, but the N.T. was written in Greek, which was the common trade language at the time, so that the gospel would spread to the nations.

True Path – Believers in Antioc, Syria collected the Holy Scriptures, which formed the New Testament.  Antioc is where followers of Christ were first called Christians.  They made many copies of the scriptures and shared them with other churches, and many believed in Jesus through their witness.

Corrupt Path Satan countered by having philosophers in Alexandria, Egypt change the Syrian texts to fit their beliefs.  Unbelieving philosophers in Alexandria Egypt, such as a man named Origen, who did not accept the Bible as the Word of God or Jesus as the Son of God; amended, added to and deleted many portions of the true text and then palmed off their work as the Word of God.

As a result, their Greek manuscripts either changed words, deleted words, or deleted entire verses, where a text validated the deity of Jesus.

The two most prominent of the corrupt Alexandrian codices are called the Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus:
Codex Siniaticus (Aleph or a) was put in the trash heap by the monks of St Catherine’s MonasteryOn nearly every page of the manuscript there are corrections and revisions, done by 10 different people.  It is indeed worthless trash.

Codex Vaticanus (B) is kept by the Roman Catholic Church, which the Reformers properly identified as Antichrist.
In the gospels alone it leaves out 237 words, 452 clauses and 748 whole sentences.

The early Christians REJECTED these manuscripts, so they were cast aside for a thousand years, until they were later dug up and called “ancient manuscripts.”


God had the Bible translated into Latin, so that it could spread throughout the Roman Empire.
True Path – God had the Vaudois (who lived in the Alps) translate the Bible into Latin. The Old Latin Bible became known as the Vulgate (common) Bible, and it spread all the way to England before 200 AD.

Corrupt Path – Satan responded by having the Roman Catholic Church commission Jerome to write their own version, the Latin Vulgate.  Jerome followed Origen’s teachings, so the same corruptions occurred in this Bible.  It was completed in 405 AD.

The Latin Vulgate Bible didn’t catch on during that time, because Christians knew it was a fake.

During the Dark Ages 500-1500AD, Satan used the Roman Catholic Church to kill millions of Christians for using the true Bible, and they burned the bibles.
The Roman Catholic Church taught from their corrupt Latin Vulgate Bible and forbid people to read the word of God.

They persecuted whole groups of people like the Waldenses, the Huguenots, the Vaudois in the Alps, and many more.


As copies of manuscripts have been collected over the years, they have formed two groups.
True Path
– The ‘Majority Text’ makes up 95% of 5,300+ existing manuscripts that are in agreement and form the basis for the Textus Receptus which is also called the ‘Received Text’ or ‘Byzantine Text’.

The Textus Receptus is the text which the King James translators used.

Corrupt Path – The ‘Minority Text’ consists of only 5% of existing manuscripts. The main texts, Sinaiticus and Vaticanus, contradict each other over 3,000 times in the gospels alone, and they disagree with the ‘Majority Text’ in 13,000 places.

Amazingly, modern Bible versions like the NIV and ESV are based on these ‘Minority Text’ manuscripts.

Sinaiticus and Vaticanus were written from 300-400 A.D., so because they’re ‘ancient’, modern Bible translators mistakenly think that they must be better.

But the Textus Receptus agrees with the earliest versions of the Bible: Peshitta (AD150) Old Latin Vulgate (AD157), the Italic Bible (AD157) etc.  These Bibles were produced some 200 years before the Sinaiticus and Vaticanus.


God had His Words translated into the English language, so that it could spread around the world.
Because of its purity, the TR was used by all the Protestant Reformers of Europe to make their translations.

  • John Wycliffe’s Translation (1380-82) was the first manuscript (hand-written) Bible in the English language. 21 years after he died, the RCC dug him up, tried him for heresy, found guilty, they burned his ashes.
  • Martin Luther translated it into German, giving Germany the Word of God.
  • In 1534 John Calvin helped it get translated into French.
  • William Tyndale’s New Testament (1526) was the first printed English Bible.
    The Roman Catholic Church hated him and his TR-based Bible so much, that they burned him at the stake.

God used the printing press and the English Bible to save millions of people.

The printing press allowed people to read the Word of God for the first time, and the Protestant Reformers discovered the pure gospel of Jesus Christ.

When the Reformers read the scriptures, they realized that the Roman Catholic Church is Antichrist, the little horn of Daniel, and the beast of Revelation.

Martin Luther declared “We here are of the conviction that the papacy is the seat of the true and real Antichrist.”  And millions came out of the RCC and were saved by the true gospel of Jesus.

The Ninety-Five Theses was written by Martin Luther in 1517 and is widely regarded as the initial catalyst for the Protestant Reformation.

The age that brought the Geneva Bible and the 1611 King James Bible was a time of incredible world missions, salvation, growth in churches, called the ‘Great Awakening’, where millions of people were saved.


The Roman Catholic Church created a “counter-reformation” plan.

At the Council of Trent in 1559, they put the new Bibles on the “Forbidden Book” list, punishable by death.

And it empowered the Jesuits, the Roman Catholic Church army, to go destroy all that oppose them.  Their mission is to bring the Protestant Church back to the Mother church, and to destroy those who oppose.

Millions of ‘heretics’, mostly Christians, were tortured and killed during the Inquisition.

Part of their counter-reformation plan was to rewrite the Greek Bible and then English Bibles.

Satan countered by having unbelieving heretics, Westcott and Hort(WH), create a Greek New Testament in 1811, based on the corrupt Sinaiticus and Vaticanus, which removed many words that validate Jesus’ deity.

They called the Textus Receptus ‘vile’ and refused to believe that God preserved His holy words. So they set out to create their own Greek text, based on their beliefs and philosophy.

Their Greek New Testament has 5,337 deletions as compared to the Textus Receptus Greek.

Satan then had Westcott and Hort help create the 1815 English Revised Version Bible.  The NIV, ESV and other modern Bibles are built on this corrupt foundation, which is why they’re missing many words that validate Jesus’ deity.

Then they created the Nestle-Aland (NA)  and the United Bible Societies(UBS) Greek New Testaments, which are based on the Westcott-Hort Greek Text.
The Nestle-Aland(NA) Greek N.T. is the basis for nearly every modern Bible translation, including the NIV and ESV.

It has 8,000 differences from the Textus Receptus, which explains why the modern Bible versions are missing so many words and verses. (i.e. The NIV has 64,576 fewer words than the King James.)


Satan has infiltrated most seminaries and Bible schools, so that they teach based on the corrupt Greek text.

Because the corrupt Greek Bibles and modern Bible versions, like the NIV and ESV, are both missing words and verses, most Pastors don’t notice the deception.  This has created generations of pastors who in turn teach from the corrupt texts, which misleads the masses of Christians.  As you can see, Satan has been very effective.

For you see, instead of Satan attacking the church from the outside, which would be obvious to everyone, he has infiltrated most Seminaries, Bible colleges and church denominations, to get them to use his corrupt Greek texts and Bible versions, as to deceive not only the world, but the church of Jesus Christ.

Not only that, but they teach them to doubt that God has preserved His word, that every manuscript and translation is corrupt, that modern Bibles are based on supposedly ‘older, better manuscripts’

The Jesuits teachings spread from the Vatican to secular Universities.  Then students took their teachings to Princeton, Yale and Liberal seminaries.  Faith was replaced with doubt through Liberal ‘Higher Criticism’. Then the next generation of professors moved into mainline colleges and seminaries.  And then into Conservative Bible Colleges and Seminaries. Then their teachings were spread throughout fundamentalist schools and Bible churches.

Their teachings spread the deception throughout the body of Christ, which is Satan’s goal.  Do you now see how we got to where we are?

We should not trust Pastors just because they went to seminary.  The Apostle Paul encouraged Christians to “search the scriptures daily, (and prove) whether these things were so.” Acts 17:11


So which path will you follow?  
True Path
– The ‘Majority Text’ path (King James Bible) that is validated by 95% of 5,300+ existing manuscripts, which were written and kept by believers who trusted in God’s inerrant Word, and believed that Jesus is God?

Corrupt Path – The ‘Minority Text’ path (NIV, ESV and most modern Bible versions) that are based on only 5% of existing manuscripts, which were written by unbelievers who don’t believe that God’s Word is inerrant, or in the deity of Jesus?

Christians who knowingly continue to study these counterfeit Bibles are condoning the errors that they contain.

And Pastors who teach from these corrupt Bibles will be held to an ever higher standard before the Lord.
By doing so they not only place themselves in grave moral danger, but also encourage spiritual deception!

Your pastor, teacher, website Greek, Greek Bible, may use the wrong Greek text, so they are giving wrong answers.  Just one example is  Acts 8:37.  A pastor can look at his Greek Bible and it’s not there, so he concludes that’s why this verse is not in the NIV and other modern Bible versions.

The problem is that pastors are unknowingly using a Greek Bible that Satan has corrupted, which has completely removed many of the key proof texts.

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To see which words Satan has removed from your Bible version,
click on Modern Bible Deception Verse Study.
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  1. David, it’s nice to mention all the thousands of verses missing or differing between these two paths, but is there any source where one can compare them side by side, especially the most glaring differences? Or is the only way to just open 2 translations side by side in e-sword or swordsearcher? A translation I like very much is the (dutch) Petrus Canisius translation from 1939 (, it’s a roman catholic translation that I have found to be better in a lot of places than the (dutch) Statenvertaling ( from 1637. The Statenvertaling seems to be the Dutch King James translation (textus receptus). When I stumble upon a big difference I’ll contact you so we can discuss.

  2. Earlier you recommended The Scriptures version, but only recommended KJV in your more recent comment. Do you not recommend TS anymore?

    • Heather, I recommend the KJV for proving out prophecy fulfillment, as the Strong’s Hebrew/Greek Dictionary and the commentaries of the great theologians of the 17th-20th centuries are based on it. I still recommend The Scriptures too. It’s helpful to read different translations which are based on the same foundation of manuscripts, as there are variances in the wording.

      • Thanks, David. I really appreciate your informative history of Bible translation. My concern with the KJV is hearing that King James was a free mason and all that comes with that.

        • Yeah, Heather, I understand the concerns, but many great theologians (Adam Clarke, Albert Barnes, John Gill, Matthew Poole, etc.) based their Bible commentaries on the KV and the Strong’s Hebrew and Greek Dictionary is based on it, so they esteem it as valid.

    • I have a KJ3 and really like it. I had not heard of the MEV until now, but like that it’s based on the same manuscripts as the KJV but with more modern English. Do you have either of them? If so, what do you think?

    • Why do I care? The KJV for almost 400 years, changed the known world, saw the greatest Christian evangelism in the history of the world, and brought us out of the dark age. The fruit, it has produced, and the beauty and elegance within its pages, and the power from the pulpit that it produced, and the doctrine it teaches, can a new version, even if they use the Textus Receptus, come close to the KJV even as our time runs out? What more proof do you need? Get the Gospel to your family we are out of time. Have you been paying to attention to whats going on in this world? We don’t need professors or textual crirics ,we need Christians to do their basic duties, live like Christ, and have an answer for every man of the hope thats within us. And if people arn’t inquiring to you about your faith your not doing anything. The bible teaches preservation of itself, and if we still don’t have it in English by now, we never will !

  3. Hello David

    I hope this message finds you well!
    My question is: so what translation of the Old Testament and New Testament Bible should I get, which is true and written by Yahweh (God) and Yeshua (Jesus)?!

    Thank you!

    • That’s a great question Gabriela! I’ve learned so much since posting about the two paths of new testament manuscripts. The King James is not the best word-for-word translation. Right now I recommend The Scriptures, the ISR, as it’s translations many things better; and it’s based on the right foundation. Here’s a link to their website.

  4. I stopped reading right here: “As copies of manuscripts have been collected over the years, they have formed two groups.”

    That’s not true. The Majority Text is *after* the Textus Receptus. The KJV was not based on the Majority Text or the Textus Receptus. In fact, the KJV was published *before* the Textus Receptus even came out. The KJV was based on the few manuscripts they had available back then, the same way the new modern translations base their translations on the manuscripts available for use today.

    Your “study” is not rigorous and it just shows your ignorance of the subject.

    • It’s ironic that you say, “Your “study” is not rigorous and it just shows your ignorance of the subject”. Though the name “textus receptus” was created a few decades after the KJV, the Greek manuscripts that became known as the “textus receptus” were available in the 16th century, and Bibles prior to the KJV were based on them.

  5. Hi David. Great study. Thank you. Do you have a chart for teaching purposes that show the evolution of bibles from the Received and Sinaiticus and Vaticanus? Much appreciated.

  6. Quick question, is their a list of the Bible that used the text from the codex sinaiticus and the vatican as their translation text?

    It would be nice to know which Bibles are fake!

    • Most modern Bibles, except the NKJ, are based on the wrong Greek manuscripts. I read from The Scriptures (ISR98), and the Aramaic-English New Testament (AENT)

      • Hello David, You expressed above that “Most modern Bibles, except the NKJ, are based on the wrong Greek manuscripts.”; unfortunately, you have stated the wrong Bible, it is the Authorised King James Bible, and not the NEW King James Bible that is the only one that has not been written from the wrong Greek manuscripts. The Authorised King James Bible is the right one – infallible and perfect. You take care, and may God direct your path. in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

        • Hello Donna, this whole article is based on the King James, proclaiming that it’s based on the right foundation. Only in a comment did I say “Most modern Bibles, except the NKJ, are based on the wrong Greek manuscripts. I read from The Scriptures (ISR98), and the Aramaic-English New Testament (AENT)”

          The KJ is not a modern Bible, so that’s why I didn’t include it in my comment. The NKJ is based on the Textus Receptus Greek just as the KJ is, but the Old Testament is based on additional manuscripts.

          The King James is not infallible and perfect. It removed the Father’s personal covenant name, YHUH, the tetragrammaton; and replaced it with the titles of God and Lord. But our Father expressed the important of His NAME many times, and God and Lord are not a name.

          That’s why I read from The Scriptures and the Aramaic-English New Testament, because they include His name.

          Keep learning and growing in The Way!

          • I don’t think that there is a perfect Bible. The KJV is based on the best manuscripts but the translators didn’t do a perfect job at translating it. I use the KJV as the Strong’s Dictionary is based on it, as are the commentaries from the great theologians of the 16th-19th centuries.

    • Go to the front of the Bible and see if they list the Greek text they are basing it on. If it says, Westcott & Hort or Nesle Aland Greek Text, they are based on the Minority, “critical”, or Sinaiticus and Vaticanus texts.


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