The Washington Monument Represents Sun Worship

The Washington Monument will reopen today after being closed for nearly three years, since an earthquake caused widespread damage.

So what does this have to do with End Times Deceptions?

320px-WashMonument_WhiteHouseBecause the Washington monument represents two different things, one to the public, one to the enlightened.

For the public, it represents “freedoms, patriotism, George Washington and leadership.

For the enlightened, the obelisk is a pagan symbol of the worship of the Babylonian god Nimrod, worship of the Sun, and ultimately of Satan worship.

Most every false god dates back to the Babylon Empire, where the worship of Nimrod the Sun god, his wife Semiramus the moon goddess, and their immaculately conceived son Tammuz, were created by Satan.

The legend of Nimrod is that he was killed and cut into 13 parts. His wife Semiramus found 12 of the parts, but could not find the last one, his male member.

So she fashioned one to put on his body, and by the magic of her sorcerer, she claims to have become pregnant with his son Tammuz.

The same story was told in Egypt about Osiris being killed, Isis finding his body, and their union produced the immaculate conception of Horus.

To honor Osiris the Egyptians created obelisks that represent his missing member.

One of those obelisks is now in the middle of the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Square.

Hopefully you see the humor in having an obelisk erected in St. Peter’s Square.  😛

Seriously, it should tell you something about the Roman Catholic Church and their worship of pagan gods.

The Washington Monument isn’t an actual Egyptian obelisk, but it represents the same thing.

dc-obelisk-EllipseSince the obelisk represents the male member, and the pagan religions focus on the perpetual sexual union of Nimrod and Semiramus, the Washington Monument is aligned so that at 11am on December 25th, the sun causes the top of the shadow of the Obelisk to enter the bottom of the Ellipse, which is located just South of the White House.

The Ellipse represents the womb of Semiramus, so this recreates their sexual union, which causes the immaculate conception of their son Tammuz.

Many people will relate to December 25th as being the date of the birth of Jesus. However, it’s likely that the early Church adopted this date because it was already so significant. It is the day at which people first saw the Sun move north again after reaching its winter extreme on the winter solstice and it was therefore seen as the birth date of a whole host of dying and reborn deities.

It represents the birth of Horus, Osiris, Attis of Phrygia, Krishna, Zoroaster, Mithra, Heracles, Dionysus, Adonis, Hermes, Bacchus, Prometheus, and Sol Invicta (the Roman God, who was the living embodiment of the Sun) and of course, Tammuz

The obelisk represents Nimrod worship, Sun worship and Baal worship, which all ultimately is Satan worship.

So the next time you see the Washington Monument or the obelisk in St. Peter’s Square, you now know that you’re looking at a symbol of Sun worship.

The Jesuits of the Roman Catholic Church control America and Washington D.C., which explains why there are obelisks in New York Central Park and Washington D.C., the financial and governmental cities of America.

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2 thoughts on “The Washington Monument Represents Sun Worship”

  1. Isn’t it so ironic that professing Christian’s point to this and many other monuments in the mall as proof of America’s Christian roots. “Laus daus” is inscribed on the roof of the obelisk. It means “praise be to god”. The deception is it’s praises go out to a Egyptian sun god. By the way, the God of the Bible is always spelled with a capital G, and pagan gods are always lower case g, in the KJ Bible, just saying.

  2. Succinct article! Straight to the point-phallic worship continues today, how archaic and sad that this is the state of our world today which continues that same Babylonian devil worship from ancient Nimrod the rebel and his unchaste wife and her illegitimate son 🙁


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