The Seventy Weeks and the Great Tribulation

This End Times Deceptions Bible study series features lessons from Philip Mauro about the Last Two Visions of Daniel, and of the Olivet Discourse of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“Writings and addresses on prophecy always excite interest, because they appeal to the element of curiosity which is prominent in human nature. But such writings and addresses are of benefit only so far as they rightly interpret the Scripture.

In the case of unfulfilled prophecy this is oftentimes a matter of difficulty; while on the other hand writers on prophetic themes are under constant temptation to indulge in surmises and speculations, and even in flights of imagination.

Much has been put forth as interpretation of prophecy which is utterly unproved, but which could not be disproved except, as in cases where dates have been set for the coming of Christ, by the event itself.”

Philip Mauro wrote these words just after the turn of the century. At this time, the popular Scofield Reference Bible had just appeared on the Christian book market with its claim to restore “Dispensational truth” to the Church.

With great skill and readability, Mauro’s work aptly repudiates the “parenthesis theory” that has been perpetuated even in our own day by modern Dispensational writers on prophecy, and lays the foundation of what the biblical teaching concerning the destiny of the nation of Israel.


CHAPTER I – Principles That Should Govern in the Interpretation of Prophecy

The Bible is its own dictionary, so proofs of its fulfillment should be taken from it.  Then history validates the fulfillment of the prophecy.

CHAPTER II -The Commandment To Restore and To Build

The starting point of the 70 weeks of Daniel prophecy.

CHAPTER III – Details of The Seventy Weeks

The fulfillment of the six predictions made in Daniel 9:24, about what would occur in the 70 weeks of Daniel.

CHAPTER IV – “Unto The Messiah The Prince”

The terminal point of the 69 weeks, and the start of Jesus ministry in the 70th week of Daniel.

CHAPTER V – Messiah “Cut Off”

The timeline of Messiah the Prince being ‘cut off’ and of the Prince to come.

CHAPTER VI – The Seventieth Week

The identification of the ‘He’ of Daniel 9:27 and His covenant.

CHAPTER VII – Are The Seventy Weeks Consecutive?

The supposed ‘time gap’ between the 69th and the 70th week of Daniel.

CHAPTER VIII – Daniel’s Last Vision

Outline of the Visions of Daniel 7, 8, and 9; and the fulfillment of Daniel 11.

CHAPTER IX – “The King”

The identification of the ‘King’

CHAPTER X – The Time Of Trouble

The fulfillment of Daniel 12, and ‘a time of trouble such as never was’, and the 1,290 and 1,335 days.

CHAPTER XI – The Wise Shall Understand

Daniel 12, who are the “the Wicked” and “the Wise”?


CHAPTER XII – The Lord’s Olivet Prophecy

Christ’s references to the approaching destruction of Jerusalem.

CHAPTER XIII – Outline of the Olivet Prophecy

The three main purposes of the Olivet Discourse

CHAPTER XIV – Mark’s Account of The Olivet Prophecy

Mark and Luke’s account of the Olivet Discourse prophecy compared.

CHAPTER XV – Josephus’ Description of the Siege of Jerusalem

Insight from Jewish historian Josephus, which show the fulfillment of the Olivet Discourse.

CHAPTER XVI – Concluding Comments

Signs in the sun, moon and stars; and the times of the Gentiles.



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