Perry Stone Teaches False Fulfillment Of Past Blood Red Moons

This video features Perry Stone talking about the 2014-2015 Blood Moons and the coming of Jesus.

Perry points to the blood red moons that occurred in 1949-50 as supposedly pointing to the creation of the modern state of Israel.

Here’s the problem with that logic.  Blood red moons on the Holy Feast days of God be can a sign that point FORWARD to something, but the state of Israel was created in 1948, which is before the blood red moons occurred.

Perry points to the Israel Six Day War that occurred in 1967, but once again the blood red moons occurred AFTER the war, in 1968-69.

Those aren’t signs if they occurred after the event!

So don’t be deceived about all of the hype from Zionists Perry Stone and John Hagee, for they are causing fear amongst Christians with their predictions.

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2 thoughts on “Perry Stone Teaches False Fulfillment Of Past Blood Red Moons”

  1. From what I see , Stone clearly said the blood moon occurred after Israel became a state . I don’t get your point ? I don’t see where he falsely said anything ?

    • He says that blood moons are signs of things to come. But since the blood moon occurred AFTER Israel was created, it wasn’t pointing to a future sign, so it’s a false association.


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