The Fall of Iraq – What You Aren’t Being Told

ISIS rebels are taking control in Iraq, which was inevitable after American forces left the country desolated. 

But there’s much more to the story, as this is all part of the Jesuits scheme to take control of Syria and the every country, so that they can create their New World Order.

This is a great video, but it’s missing the big picture.

The Satan-empowered Jesuits control the U.S. intelligence agencies, which train, fund and supply weapons to the Al Qaeda/ISIS rebels.

They do this to overthrow governments, to steal their resources, to install New World Order friendly puppet leaders, and to kill Shiite Muslims and Christians.

The Jesuits are the earth beast of Revelation 13, which uses the U.S. military might to push the world into the New World Order.

Presidents Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama, are just puppets who are controlled by the Jesuits.

Before 2001, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, did not have a Rothchild controlled central bank.

Now that America has caused the leaders to be removed, those countries have central banks, so that their money supply can be controlled.  And now the Jesuits control the oil resources.

America will continue to make war with Syria and Iran, as those countries have not submitted to the Jesuits authority yet.

To understand prophecy about the beast of Daniel and Revelation, read The Beasts of Daniel and Revelation

4 thoughts on “The Fall of Iraq – What You Aren’t Being Told”

  1. The Invasion Of Iraq was definitely done to re-install the Jesuits. They were kicked out by the Bathist Party in 1929. Bremmer trained at Georgetown, disbanded the Bathist’s as a priority. The Jesuits are now back in Iraq, they also want Syria. Most if not all major players in the US Army were Jesuit trained, many At Georgetown. The Jesuit’s definitely have a NWO agenda. Research our military leaders they are mostly Jesuit trained. Shocking.

    • Thank you for your comment Chris 🙂 Yeah, the Society of Satan controls the worlds leaders by recruiting and training them at places like Georgetown U. And they are using the American military and CIA to take control of every country, so that they can control the money and resources of the world for their New World Order. I’m surprised that they haven’t been more effective in getting rid of President Assad in Syria. I love how much he fights them and thwarts their plans. Keep learning and growing! Blessing to you, David

  2. The reason the US invaded Iraq is because Hussein refuses to stay on the petro dollar. Same thing happened with Quadaffi, why kill him after all of these years? He changed his currency as well and wanted to be paid in euros. And I would be Sudan!

    • Thank you for your comment Ammy 🙂 Yeah, Hussein and Gaddafi both nationalized their oil resources to fund the government, and they started traded using in other currencies instead of the Dollar. Gaddafi used their oil money to provide free education, money to people who farmed, to people who got married, to people who had children, etc. And they framed him and took him out because he didn’t bow to the authority of the Society of Satan. Keep learning and growing! Blessing to you, David


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