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Kristan December 19, 2018 at 1:45 pm

Hi David.

Regarding the roman catholic system, can you do a study on or direct me to a study on the secret societies that sprung up as a result of the various pagan associations within the church? I.e., the Jesuits, Templars, Rosacrucians, illuminati, freemasons etc?

And regarding the Jesuits, what of their order of solomon, which has pontifical backing? It is obviously gnostic, and heretical, but I am connecting all of the dots, which you have very well laid out, and the only thing I seem to have trouble putting together is how the secret societies disseminated from early christianity and on.


David December 20, 2018 at 7:06 pm

Hi Kristan, I have a study about how the Jesuits helped found the USA

But I don’t have one yet on how they work through many front organizations, to hide their control. Basically, after many countries kicked them out in the 18th century, including primarily Catholic ones like France; and after the Pope suppressed them, removing their authority; they had Adam Weishaupt form the Bavarian Illuminati Jesuit Order, which then infiltrated Freemasonry, which has expanded out into many groups of power.

I try to stay focused on how the Jesuits fulfill prophecy, such as the Superior General being the leader of the end-times Roman earth beast; and let other expose all of the ways that the Jesuits control the world; because goodness knows it’s a vast organization of power, with many groups.

I did make this chart, which summarizes their control.

I hope that helps! Keep learning and growing in The Way!


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