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I’ve stopped adding studies to this website, as it became too cumbersome, with many studies about different prophecies. I created separate websites that focus on a particular topic, to make navigation easier, and they have much more information.

The 70th Week of Daniel website explains the fulfillment of the 70th week of Daniel, which most people assign to the end times as a 7-year tribulation period.

The truth is that the 70th week of Daniel was fulfilled on time, after the 69th week, from 27-34 A.D.; when Messiah and His disciples confirmed with the Jews for seven years, that He was the promised Messiah who atoned for their sins as the Passover Lamb. After the seven years the Gospel was also preached to the Gentile nations.

Don’t be misled any longer, get the truth with this Bible study series about the fulfillment of the 70th Week of Daniel. It’s the most important week in all of human history, for in it Messiah died for our sins.  Learn the truth in this study series.

The 70th Week Of Daniel Historical Fulfillment Bible Study Series

The Revelation Timeline Decoded website explains the beasts of Daniel, the beasts of Revelation, the Two Witnesses, the Seals, Trumpets and the bowls, where we are at on the fulfillment time, and what will next as we await Messiah’s return.

Revelation Timeline Decoded

The Olivet Discourse Deception website explains how all that Messiah described in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21, was fulfilled in the first century; as the temple, city and Jews were desolated; because the Jewish leaders rejected Messiah and delivered Him up to be killed.

The fulfillment of the Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24

The Come Out of Her website shows that the falling away of 2 Thessalonians 2 happened when the Bishops of Rome and Emperor Constantine created the false religion of ‘Roman Christianity’ in the fourth century, which teaches a false gospel and false intercessor in Mary.

Islam in Bible Prophecy website explains the historical relationship between the Roman Catholic Church, Islam and Muslims.

Islam And Muslims In Bible Prophecy

Roman Catholic Beliefs website explains how what the Popes teach is contrary to the Word of God.

Roman Catholic Beliefs - What does the word of God say to Catholics?

The Fuel Project “Know Your Enemy” video series explores the coming New World Order from a Biblical perspective.


The Review Of The Revelation Fuel Project Guide exposes the many deceptions that were taught in this video series, and provides the true explanation.


The Flat Earth Deception website shows that the Bible and science do not describe a flat earth with a dome over it

The Flat Earth Deception

It seems crazy that I was called to create a website to expose the flat earth deception, but in these end-times Satan is creating many deceptions to discredit believers. Flat-earthers proclaim that the Bible is describing a flat earth with a dome over it. For that reason, I wrote this study to debunk this theory.

The Biblical Geocentrism website shows how the Bible describes a geocentric universe with the earth at the center.

In my research I found that the Bible describes a sun that is going in a circuit, that has been stopped from moving, and has been moved backwards; all of which is contrary to the heliocentric model. And the Bible never says that the Earth is spinning or moving. Scripture seems to describe a geocentric globe earth.

Read Biblical Proofs Of The Globe Earth




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81 thoughts on “Christianity Beliefs Bible Study Series”

  1. Hello,
    my complements for your articles.

    With respect to Greek critical texts, many scholars say the Vulgate came from Sinaiticus and Vaticanus, which is backwards. After 10 years of study, I have the forensic proof that the Sinaiticus and Vaticanus (Hort and Westcott and modern translations sources), are actually derived from the Latin (with hundreds of Catholic doctrinal changes) plus dozens of arian and gnostic doctrinal changes. Yes, these two Greek texts were back-translated, at least in part, from the Latin of the Roman church of the 4th and 5th century.



    • Thank you for your comment Walt 🙂 That is an interesting point that the supposedly ‘older‘ manuscripts were derived from the Latin Vulgate. Nothing surprises me anymore, as I see the amount of effort that Satan and the Roman beast have put into creating deceptions. Blessings to you! David

  2. Malachi 4:2 troubles me. I can’t find any good explanation for “Sun of righteousness” capital S and sun not son. The last book and the last chapter of the OT.

    Your thoughts?

    • Carol, I love to reference the writings of these esteemed theologians who wrote whole Bible commentaries:

      Albert Barnes’ Notes on the Bible
      But (And) unto you, who fear My Name, shall the Sun of Righteousness arise – It is said of God Ps 84:11, “The Lord God is a sun and a shield, and Isa 60:19-20, The Lord shall be to thee an everlasting light, and thy God thy glory; thy sun shall no more go down, for the Lord shall be thine everlasting light;” and Zacharias, speaking of the office of John the Baptist in the words of Malachi, “thou shalt go before the face of the Lord to prepare His way, speaks of Lu 1:76, Lu 1:78-79. the tender mercy of our God, whereby the Dayspring from on high hath visited us, to give light to them that sit in darkness.” “He who is often called Lord and God, and Angel and Captain of the Lord’s host, and Christ and priest and Word and Wisdom of God and Image, is now called the Sun of Righteousness. He, the Father promises, will arise, not to all, but to those only who fear His Name, giving them the light of the Sun of Righteousness, as the reward of their fear toward Him. This is God the Word Who saith, ‘I am the Light of the world,’ Who was ‘the Light of every one who cometh into the world.”‘ Primarily, Malachi speaks of our Lord’s second Coming, when Heb 9:28. “to them that look for Him shall He appear, a second time unto salvation.”

      Adam Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible
      You that fear my name – The persons mentioned in the sixteenth verse of the preceding chapter, ye that look for redemption through the Messiah.
      The Sun of righteousness – The Lord Jesus, the promised Messiah; the Hope of Israel.

      Geneva Bible Footnotes
      But unto you that fear my name shall the (b)Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go cforth, and grow up as calves of the stall.
      b. Meaning, Christ, who with his wings or beams of his grace would enlighten and comfort his Church; Eph 5:14. And he is called the “Sun of righteousness”, because in himself he has all perfection, and also the justice of the Father dwells in him: by which he regenerates us to righteousness, cleanses us from the filth of this world, and reforms us to the image of God.

      Matthew Poole’s Commentary on the Holy Bible
      You that fear my name; so are they described to us who were written in the book of remembrance, Mal 3:16; who loved the law of their God, and kept it; who believed his promises, and rejoiced in expectation of the good promised; who believed his threats and trembled at them, that they might rest in the day of trouble, as Hab 3:16; who walked humbly with their God.
      The Sun; Christ, who is the day.spring from on high, Lu 1:78: or, as most elegantly described Isa 60:1-3, who is very fitly compared to the sun; Fountain of light and vital heat to his church, he enlightens and enlivens every one Joh 1:4,9.

      You can get information on where to access their commentaries on my About page

      I hope that help!

    • If I may interject here. My understanding of Hebrew to English is that the order of their language and ours differs much, as well as no words are capitalized in the original texts. Therefore Carol, the idea of a capitalized word in our texts is erroneous in and of itself. Also, we must as students of God’s words, remember context, Context, CONTEXT. The numbering system is NOT in original texts and many people fall into misunderstanding by being misled by thinking that each numbered verse is a truth by itself. In Malachi 4:1 he warns us of God’s judgment on the wicked and continuing in 4:2 he tells us of the blessings of the good. He tells us we shall have the sun shine on us and later says and we will frolic as well fed calves. Just my two cents worth and valued perhaps much less. To God be the glory!

  3. Hello. My wife and I really have appreciated all of your studies. We continue to read them over and over. I have emailed before with no response inquiring about any conferences you may be holding. We would appreciate the opportunity to attend. Please let me know if you are holding conferences and how I might get a schedule and location. Thank you. William Traylor

  4. The 70 weeks of Daniel come from the 2300 days so if the 70 weeks are converted to years you have to convert the whole 2300 days to years. You can’t just change part of it.

    • Steve, the association of the 2300 days to the 70 weeks is not correct. That is taught by SDA Pastors, but it is based on a wrong assumption that both prophecies started at the same time.

      One day in prophecy does not always equal one year. Here is a Bible study that shows a summary of the fulfillment of the different prophecies in Daniel and Revelation

      Here is the summary of the fulfillment of the 2,300 days of Daniel:

      It was fulfilled when Antiochus Epiphanes, the vile person, surrounded Jerusalem with his armies (the abomination of desolation) and killed 10’s of thousands of Jews. They defiled the sanctuary and caused the daily sacrifice to be taken away for 2,300 days (Daniel 8:14). His persecution of the Jews began in 171 B.C. and the temple was cleansed on December 25, 165 B.C., which is 2,300 days.

      And here is a study about the 2,300 days.

      Since proclaiming that the 2,300 days was 2,300 years, resulting in people proclaiming that Messiah would return in 1844 A.D., one would think that they would question their interpretation of the prophecy when that did not happen.

      But instead of doing that, they proclaimed that Messiah started His Investigative Judgment, which is not Scriptural. That means that as of today He would have been in Investigative Judgment now for 172 years. I pray that SDA Pastors wake up to the truth about the fulfillment of the 2,300 days.

  5. Dear Brother,

    The Lord be with you and make God’s face to shine upon you and give you peace.

    I am Waseem Yousaf from Pakistan. I have studied your web site, and have found it to be one of many wonderful sites offered on the internet which gets to the Truth of the Word of God. As is the case with others whom I have contacted, you have created material which is full of knowledge concerning development of religious faith. Living in Pakistan, we Christians face many obstacles in getting access to God’s Word. Most people in Pakistan speak Urdu, and are not capable of understanding the English language. Because of limited access in our native tongue, my people have a true hunger for fresh Christian Perspectives.

    Proficient in both English and my native languages, I would like to offer my services as translator to you. Presenting your material in both Urdu and Punjabi would be a true blessing to the Pakistani and Indian people. For a nominal fee, I will enable you to bring the message of Salvation to a most deserving people.

    Blessing you in advance for your consideration,


    In Him,
    Waseem Yousaf

    • I’m blessed to know that the studies have helped you Waseem. I don’t make profits on this website, so I’m not looking to pay someone to translate it. If that is your calling, you have my permission to translate the information.

  6. Hi, have you noticed Genesis 4 : 24 and Matthew 18 : 21-22..I understand that the latter two verses relate to the 490 years as mentioned in Daniel 9…Any thoughts if the Genesis verse is in somehow related to it ?

    • Dave, I don’t think that Genesis 4:24 and Matthew 18:21-22 are related in their fulfillment, but simply that the concept of forgiving someone ‘seventy times seven’ times is from the Father. Matthew 18:21-22 reemphasizes that the Jews were given 490 years (as outlined in Daniel 9) to accept their Messiah and find forgiveness.

      • so interesting that just recently the 70×7 kept coming to me during my studies on end times deceptions and end times prophecies.. most of which i learned from this amazing website.. God always warns the people of their transgressions and i think these end times would be no different.. and since we are in the last church era, last of the bowl judgements before the mellenial kingdom, we are approching the 6,000 year since the world was formed, and we are in the last days of when the father tells the groom to go get his bride which was between 1-2 years in the Galilean wedding and the fact that Christ died in 31ad if we apply a year for the engagement as 1000 years that would mean Christs return at the very latest would be feast of trumpets 2031 so then i applied the 490 years of forgiveness for the nations to repent and find it comes to 1541 exactly when the soj started their jesuit mission of the RCC to bring Gods children (the protestants of that era that left the church) back to the whore of babylon, rcc !!! so when the pope was removed by the jesuits after the 1260 years, it is written “the judgement did sit” in dan 7:26 meaning til wrath of God = the 7 plagues of the 7 angels were fulfilled.. rev 15:1 then after the 7th angel poured out his vial into the air a great voice said “IT IS DONE” rev 16:17 so the 490 years is up, Christ returns on feast of trumpets but no one knows the hour or day because the father needs to show us the 1st moon on tishri 1 which all other moons are set by.. so when it is done Christ decends from heaven and smashing the feet of the statue of the 4 beast kingdoms, then a great earthquake so mighty and great, then the judgement of the whore, vatican city destroyed, then pope and jesuit general thrown into the lake of fire, babylon has fallen.. then satan locked up for 1000 years..
        a funny thing happened while i was writing this is i never had this story all put together like this until just now as i was typing away… im not saying this is all 100 % acurate, i am just a lowly servant and an amateur but it did feel a bit like i was carried by the spirit to complete the story ive been trying to figure it out forever. Anyway i love all the work you do, id love to hear your comments and corrections on this storyline and thank you for this website, this website is amazing, God bless you. please keep up the great work.

        • Mark, I appreciate that you’ve studied the historicist narrative of prophecy fulfillment. Indeed, we are close the end as we’re in the sixth vial. And who knows, maybe 2031 is the year of Messiah’s return? We live in an epic generation to see all that’s taking place in the world as the enemy is raging for their time is short. Keep learning and growing in The Way of Messiah!

  7. hi david. saw ur post on ed moore and paul on a similar path to you by seeing thru the church systems and came into the law name groups thinking they had all the answers.was pretty shocked by some of the doctrine paul and ed are pushing laced with truth.will keep in touch thru yr website.keep up the good work by exposing the lies.whereever they may be.blessings inY’shua.gordon tennant.their doctrine on the 70th week and the abomination is so radical.and hard to believe it is really true

    • Hi Gordon. Yeah, I got to know Ed Moore and Paul Sides on Facebook because they were teaching the Hebrew names, the Holy Feast Days, etc. The Spirit is guiding many people back to the ancient paths of truth about those things, and people are looking for teachers about those topics.

      Unfortunately Ed and Paul are teaching some heretical things about Messiah being 100% human and sinful; and their prophecy explanations about Jesus Christ being the antichrist are wrong, and serve to deflect blame away from the Popes and Jesuits of Rome.

      Here is my website on the 70th week of Daniel

      Here is my website that exposes the false teachings and hypocrisy of Paul Sides

      And here is a new website that is almost done, that discusses the Olivet Discourse and the real fulfillment of the Abomination of Desolation.

      Keep learning and growing in The Way!

      • Hi David,

        I need to say this, but Yahusha is 100% human. I have done a complete study on this very subject. My laptop got full and I put my notes on a USB, I need to find it and send it to you. Paul Sides is not wrong on it. Certain things we are taught are so deeply ingrained into our souls. As far as Yahusha being sinful, I saw the verse he used this week. Scripture does make reference. IMO, I disagree with him on that issue. There is no incarnation, that’s pagan for sure. Just like the Trinity, which started with Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz.
        I know Yahuah and Yahusha are 2 separate people. Here are 2 witnesses I have on a post-it LOL: (Mat 17:5, Mt 3:16, LK 3:22, JN 1:32 TS2009 -MYSWORD)
        (Mat 17:1)  And after six days Yahusha took Kepha, and Ya’acob, and Yochanan his brother, and brought them up on a high mountain by themselves,
        (Mat 17:2)  and He was transformed before them, and His face shone like the sun, and His garments became as white as the light.
        (Mat 17:3)  And see, Mosheh and Eliyahu appeared to them, talking with Him.
        (Mat 17:4)  And Kepha answering, said to Yahusha, “Master, it is good for us to be here. If You wish, let us make here three booths: one for You, one for Mosheh, and one for Eliyahu.”a Footnote: a See footnote Mar_9:4.
        (Mat 17:5)  While he was still speaking, see, a bright cloud overshadowed them. And see, a voice came out of the cloud, saying, “This is My Son, the Beloved, in whom I did delight. Hear Him!”
        (Mat 17:6)  And when the taught ones heard, they fell on their faces and were much afraid.
        (Mat 17:7)  But ????? came near and touched them and said, “Rise, and do not be afraid.”
        (Mat 17:8)  And having lifted up their eyes, they saw no one but Yahusha only.
        (Mat 17:9)  And as they were coming down from the mountain, ????? commanded them, saying, “Do not mention the vision to anyone until the Son of Adam is raised from the dead.”

        Mat 3:13  Then יהושע came from Galil to Yoḥanan at the Yardĕn to be immersed by him.
        Mat 3:14  But Yoḥanan was hindering Him, saying, “I need to be immersed by You, and You come to me?”
        Mat 3:15  But יהושע answering, said to him, “Permit it now, for thus it is fitting for us to fill all righteousness.” Then he permitted Him.
        Mat 3:16  And having been immersed, יהושע went up immediately from the water, and see, the heavens were opened, and He saw the Spirit of Elohim descending like a dove and coming upon Him,
        Mat 3:17  and see, a voice out of the heavens, saying, “This is My Son, the Beloved, in whom I delight.”

        You can GOOGLE Yahusha is not Yahuah, something to that effect. One thing that helped me to learn any truth about this middle eastern marriage contract, the Ketubah, is to look for pattern. Yah put them in there for His children to see and hear for these truths. I have much studying and learning ahead of me, but I do know this is a scriptural fact, they are 2 separate persons. Also Yahusha was not there during creation week, He did not help the father, Yahuah did it all alone. (this is from my post it software program…I happened to have this too, hope this helps. :

        Brought all things into being:
        Neh 9:6 – yah made alone
        Col 1:16-17 – Yahuah
        Heb 1:1-2
        John 1:1-3, 10 – made by it not son

        Gen 1
        ELOHEIM created. No WE or US. Just Yahuah.
        Gen 2:3

        Wisdom H2451) was with Yahuah in the beginning

        (The above is a copy/paste of my notations).

        Yahusha was predestined, just like John the Baptist.
        Also all authority was and has been given to the Messiah. We are given the same as well.
        I hope this helps, I realize its a lot to take in. Either we accept it, reject or ponder it.

        • Lisa, Rav Shaul rightly protests against people who believe in the trinity, who proclaim that Yahusha is Yahuah. The challenge is that he goes to the other extreme and proclaims that Yahusha was 100% human and sinful.

          Scripture proclaims that Yahusha is not Yahuah, but he is deity. Scripture proves that Yahusha is subservient to Yahuah, that Yahusha is deity who existed before creation, and that Yahusha was sinless.

          Here is a study with many verses which prove the point.

          So once again, Rav Shaul is teaching some correct concepts, but he is teaching people that he, and they, can become a god like Yahusha supposedly did.

          He is teaching that the Passover Lamb had blemishes. He is teaching concepts that are contrary to Scripture, thereby misleading people who have come out of Christianity.

          The Ruach is trying to show you the truth about Rav Shaul’s teachings. I pray that you read the studies to see what Scripture is proclaiming.

          The enemy has deceived most Christians about these things. And now he is working hard to deceive people who have come out of Christianity, by using people like Rav Shaul to teach them wrong concepts.

          I pray that the Ruach guides your studies and thoughts.

          • I appreciate your work Dave, and also that you endeavour to respond to curious commenters (a lot of ppl don’t bother, talking AT us rather than too us), but I have to disagree somewhat with this interpretation.

            One of the names Isaiah ascribes to the Messiah is “Everlasting Father”.
            While it’s true that Jesus, Yeshua (yes, Yeshua, not Yahusha; your etymology on this is flawed and I’d be happy to debate you on it) while in the flesh was subservient to the Father, they are and always have been, one united being, and prior to his becoming flesh, Yeshua had the same glory as the Father. Hence his prayer about restoring him to glory (“the glory which I had with thee before the world was.”). He is and always has been the Almighty. He humbled himself to become sin for us and in doing so BECAME subservient.

            The way you’ve explained it here is precisely the issue orthodox Jews have with accepting him as Messiah.

          • Thank you for your comment Rinon. Over the years, as I’ve learned, I’ve transitioned to using Yeshua; as I indicate on this study:

            You’re commenting on a website that I don’t post on anymore and I haven’t had time to update every study.

            In this study on the Come Out Of Her website, I show many verses which proclaim the relationship of the Father and Son, which show that Messiah is separate from His Father and subservient to Him.

            Print it out, read it all, and then let me know your thoughts.

            Orthodox Jews don’t believe in a Messiah who is equal with the Father. The false doctrine of the trinity is a stumbling block to Jews. They believe that the Father is the Most High.

    • If you want to know how the Messiah’s name was most likely pronounced, it’s been preserved, if somewhat concealed, in the modern name Joshua.

      J used to be Y. It’s really that simple. Yeshua is the closest and most accurate etymological pronunciation.

      The transformation can be traced through history fairly easily and doesn’t even require an understanding of ancient Hebrew or Aramaic.

      Iesus is from the Greek and is the subsequent Latin form. The Greco-Roman “IE” equate to Y = Yesu.
      Greek proper names of foreign origin included an “es” or “s” nominative termination. Examples of this include Ioudas/Judas (Y’huda), Matthaios (Matthitjah), and Moses (Mosheh)

      Jesus as a name is fine and has saved many lives over the millennia. Yeshua is probably as close to if not exactly the name the apostles knew him as, with Yesu being something of a poetic nickname or pet name.

  8. In the October issue of the Maranatha Devotional Guide, reference is made to the website for an article “The Abomination of Desolation Deception”. I am not finding it on that website. Could you help me find it?
    Thank you for your website. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Shirley Hickman

  9. Dear Brother,
    Thank you so much for the truth and insight reflected in this website! I have learned so much. Recently I have read many compelling articles suggesting that the teachings of Paul directly contradicts the teachings of Yahusha and other apostles in many ways. Some suggest that Paul was a “wolf” in sheep’s clothing that tried to infiltrate the church early on. Could you please offer further insight on this subject matter?

    • Hello Ann 🙂 I believe that when people misconstrue what Messiah taught and what Paul taught, then it can seem that they are contradictory. Paul wrote to Jews in some cases, so he positions his teachings to help them see the truth. Paul wrote to Gentile believers in some cases, so he positions his teachings to help them see the truth. He adjusted his message to his audience, to meet them at their level of understanding. But I have not found that what he teaches in contrary to what Messiah taught.

  10. David,
    Although I have studied for years, I was only introduced to you through a friend yesterday. I finished, agreed with, and enjoyed the Revelation Timeline Decoded video. What are your other doctrinal beliefs, statement of faith? Are you a member of a local congregation where you live? I know you went to the school of hard knocks and I believe, as the Word says, the Holy Spirit is our greatest teacher. But, what is your testimony, how did you come to salvation in Christ, and what is your belief on how someone is saved? Sorry if this is addressed already on your site, but, why Yehusha…I have heard Yeshua? Thank you for your time and commitment to God’s Word!
    In Christ, millerg

  11. Hello,

    I posted this question earlier, but it seems to have been removed.

    Can you clarify what your position is on calvinism? Do you believe in pre-destination?

    • My position is that whether we are predestined or not, my job description is the same, as we are called to be a witness to the world.

      My position is that the Father’s ways are higher than our ways.

      My position is that most Christians don’t understand prophecy fulfillment or the context of Messiah’s return, so they will be caught off-guard, when He returns as a thief in the night; so I spend my time trying to help people see the truth.

  12. John Calvin may have been right on some things but he was wrong on predestination. Jesus was sent by the Father to save all of us and Calvin missed that. Therefore, Calvin may have been a teacher of sorts but he was not a prophet. We need to remember that. A prophet of God does not make a mistake. If we are here to be witnesses we must remember the best witness is one who shows others the Love of God.

  13. I have started reading through your teaching material and I have really enjoyed it thus far and I am really glad I found your site. I am seeking truth. But I have lots of questions. First some of the things I am reading about the ISR98 are concerning and I would like to get your honest unbiased opinion. Some content that I am reading is saying that the ISR is corrupt translation full of doctrinal biases in the HR movement (just learning about that) and they have taken liberties with the text to push their agenda. I went and downloaded that translation onto my phone after reading your materials but now I have concerns when I see how they have changed certain words like for example renewed covenant instead of new covenant. 2. I loved your names study. I have been feeling very convicted of late about using the generic term God when addressing either the Heavenly Father or Messiah. However, I just found a name study that is very technical and it seems to contradict your name study. This person asserts that those who claim the name Jesus is a derivative of zeus has no historical proof whatsoever to back up this claim. Who is right? Also the Hebrew he shows seems to differ than what you show?? Who is right? I would be happy to share with you the URL so you can read and provide me with your honest opinion of his or her work. Lastly, although I am curious about a lot more, I wanted to get your response regarding the observance of the Sabbath. If you are saying there is no basis for a Saturday Sabbath then what day are you observing? Also I have a good friend who is a very devout follower of Judaism and he observes Sabbath from sun down Friday to sun down Saturday. Anyway I am looking forward to hearing back from you and learning more.

    • Thank you for your comment Ben, I’ll try to answer your questions briefly, and then refer you to my studies for more info.

      Bible scholars will always debate about what version is best, especially King James only people. Given that most modern Bible versions chose to replace the Father’s personal name with God and Lord, they really have no leg to stand on.

      I don’t believe that the ISR is connected to the Hebrew Roots Movement per se, or that they have an agenda. A Christian who is following the teachings of Rome would say that, since they observe pagan Easter and Christmas, instead of Elohim’s seven Holy Feast Days; since they used Greek Jesus instead of Yahusha.

      From my reading the ISR, I see where it got the translation right, where the King James Bible failed.

      It should say ‘renewed covenant’ as the covenant that Messiah came to ratify with His blood as the Passover Lamb, is the everlasting covenant that was made to Abraham. So it is in fact an old covenant, that was made new, when Messiah ratified it with His blood. So the ISR got that right.

      As for the HR movement, some people are very legalistic; but the fact is that the Tanakh, the Old Testament, is a Hebrew book. The Spirit is moving to return people to the ancient path of truth, and that involves understanding the Feast Days, the Hebrew names, etc. That’s a truth movement!

      As for the names, people will debate endlessly about that too. I’ve read many studies, and feel comfortable with Yahuah and Yahusha.

      I follow the lunisolar sabbath calendar, which bases the Sabbath on the lunar cycle. Interestingly, today is the full moon, and it’s the second sabbath. That is the beauty of the lunisolar Sabbath calendar. The High Feast Days of Unleavened Bread and Tabernacles are highlighted by a full moon.

      I’m still studying the topic, but here is a summary of what I have found

      It includes some explanations videos that prove that a day starts in the morning, not at sundown. That is a Jewish fable. The only day that we are to start an observance the night before is the Feast of Atonement, which declares to start in the evening of the 9th day, not the 10th day. So even it is not saying that a day starts in the evening. And Messiah’s crucifixion and burial proves the point that a full daily cycle ends in the morning.

      I hope that gives you the information you’re looking for. Keep learning and growing in The Way! David

  14. Thank you for your reply David. I really appreciate it. I know you will look at this before it gets posted so I was wondering if we could possibly exchange emails, because I would like to have an ongoing dialogue with you if that is possible. You can redact this part out if you would like when/if you post this “comment”.

    I am really so happy I found your website. I started on a journey two years ago (unbeknownst to me at the time) when I attended a prophecy seminar put on by the SDA evangelistic arm. At the time I never heard Daniel or Revelation taught the way they did or anything regarding the roman catholic church & pope being the beast/antichrist. It shocked me really. Even more I never really thought about the Sabbath before that point in time either. We have since become very good friends with the leadership of this SDA church that hosted the evangelistic outreach and really good friends with the evangelist that travels around putting these meetings on. I love these people dearly and we do attend the SDA church fairly often to fellowship with them, but I refuse to join their church for a number of reasons. 1. I just don’t believe in denominations. 2. I just can’t swear to ellen white as a prophetess or her teachings that they require you to do in order to join the church. It seems blasphemous to me.

    Anyway, I never learned any of this stuff when I went to Seminary 20 years ago. Not only that I never learned at Seminary how to really study the Bible either. So now I am on this journey to really seek to understand prophecy and the Truth of Scripture, sound the alarm of the truth of the Messiah’s soon return, learn how to more effectively study the Scriptures and then teach people how to really study it themselves.

    I have a couple of questions regarding the name Yahuah. Please forgive my ignorance and at this point I don’t have a great working knowledge of Hebrew. It’s been 20 years since I had Hebrew in Seminary and I haven’t used in 18 or more years so it’s like I don’t even really know it anymore. So my question is regarding the tetragrammaton Yod Hei Vav Hei. I’ve ready your name study a couple of times and where I am not understanding is relating to the consonant Vav. Why is Vav being showed as Waw? Certainly that makes a big difference in the name from Yehovah or Yahuah.

    I have a few questions regarding the name of the Messiah. 1. If we speak in English why do you think it is so important/why does it make sense to use a/the Hebrew name in place of the english transliteration Jesus? 2. If the language of the New Testament is Greek where is the Hebrew name for Iesous (ee-ay-sooce) coming from? The Hebrew translation of the New Testament Greek? 3. If comes from a translation of the greek into Hebrew does that create a similar problem of translating or transliterating the name Iesous (ee-ay-sooce) into English? I am anxious to hear back from you and thank you for your patience and I apologize in advance if I am asking a question you have already answered somewhere else.


  15. Thank you David for all your hard work. These studies that you’ve shared with us have helped me to erase bad Theology, that Has been taught over the many years I’ve been here on earth. The Nicene creed the Trinity and so forth your studies I have brought me out of these incorrect theology I wanted to thank you so very much for the above works. I would very much like to share some of this on my own YouTube channel under my name if it would be all right with you especially about the Catholic Church and they’re great deceptions and how Satan has used them to further his deception. And I have a very small following, One of my subscribers asked me to read from the Bible so that’s I do that and I make some comments occasionally on my point of views,my Opinion, whether it be political or social or whatever Yahuwah ( Jesus)puts on my heart. Thank you again…your sister in Yahuwah…Margie

  16. Brother David, greetings in the Name of our Lord.

    My name is Robert Caringola. I authored “Seventy Weeks the Historical Alternative” & “The Present Reign of Jesus Christ.” I just got off the phone with a brother named Don Carra. He informed me about your web site.

    Blessing for your endeavor and courage. Keep going, you’re on the right track!

    Redeeming the time,

    • Thank you Brother Robert for your message! I have read both “Seventy Weeks the Historical Alternative” & “The Present Reign of Jesus Christ”, and learned so much from them. We are kindred spirits, as I love your concise explanations!

      Yes, we must redeem these times while it is still light, for darkness looms on the horizon!

      Blessings to you my new friend!

  17. David,

    With so many websites, I have found myself overwhelmed. Do you recommend reading through these studies in any particular order?

    • Steve, the enemy’s deception is built on the concept of a futuristic 70th week of Daniel, the supposed 7-year tribulation period. So learning how it was fulfilled on time, helps you see that any prophecy explanation that is based on a supposed future 70th week of Daniel, are false. So maybe start with that series.

      Here’s a link to a Bible Prophecy Made Easy study, which helps you see the big picture about the fulfillment of the prophecies in Daniel, 2 Thessalonians 2 and Revelation. You can use the green Print/PDF button on the bottom of the page, to save it, and I recommend printing it out, as there’s a lot to take in.

  18. (Cause I was not sure on which page to fill in my message, I will repeat
    it here once more):

    Hello David,

    A few weeks ago I discovered your website. My background and -personal history
    is very similar to what Chris has told you above.
    For quite some time, I was digging thru bible prophesies, and already found
    some plausible explanations, however, also conflicting ones. It is very
    difficult to distinguish truth from lie/myth, so one has to be very persistent
    in one’s searching for the truth. I also know of people who gave up, because they feel they will never understand the meaning of the prophecies.
    But your website was of big added value to me! It partly confirmed what I already had found out, but also partly added new and very valid information. I was truly happy with that!
    Now, of course I still do stumble upon a question sometimes, which requires
    further explanation (in that respect I am a bit a perfectionist). As far as I understand, you are still dedicated to this task.
    So, can I direct my questions to this website, and if so, what manner do you prefer?

    Blessing for your great work,

    • Hello Johannis 🙂 I’m blessed to know that the studies have helped you see the truth about prophecy fulfillment, as the internet is filled with a lot of false explanations. I don’t know it all, but I’ve learned a lot from reading the writings of the great theologians, who lived in the 16th-20th centuries, before the futuristic deceptions crept into the church.

      Here’s a link to a Bible Prophecy Made Easy summary study, which gives you the big pictures of prophecy fulfillment; so that you can discern the truth and the deceptions.

      You might want to use the green Print/PDF button on the bottom of the page, to print it out, as it covers the prophecies in Daniel, Matthew 24, 2 Thessalonians 2, and Revelation.

      Contact me anytime with questions about the studies.

      Keep learning and growing in the way,

      • David,

        Thnx so much for your swift response.

        I was thinking: is it convenient to post every question with commentary here?
        Or is it maybe better to send them to your email address and that you can then respond and decide for your own which you like to publish on your website?

        My advanced gratefulness for your effort.

        • Johannis, as you read through the studies, feel free to comment on the page that you have a question about. Then others can read your question and my reply.

  19. Hello David,

    I discovered your websites about seven months ago and continued looking through everything on them. This is where I believe Yahuah revealed Himself to me. He has continued to reveal the truth over time to me as well.

    At first, I had a hard time accepting all of this since I was still a Christian going to church and practicing many pagan customs thinking they were bringing me closer to our heavenly father. After much meditation and not even going to church, I stepped out of Christianity and I believe Yahuah is leading me to the truth continually.

    One thing that I am unsure of is the black Hebrew Israelite thing going on all across the internet. I am not sure if they are the true Hebrew Israelites or just Canaanites that are still annoyed about American slavery. This sprung up about a month or two after I found Yahuah. These people still believe in Yahuah and Yahusha though.

    I do believe that the timeline of Revelation is historic and not futurist as you have shown us on, so that was one red flag I had about all of this.

    So what are your views on these people and what they believe? Are they trying to do the will of Yahuah and his son Yahusha, or are they doing it only for themselves?

    Thank you for continuing to do the will of Yahuah.

    Yahuah bless you,


    • Hello Weston. I’m blessed to know that the studies have helped you find the truth.

      Sadly, the enemy has deceived the end times church about many things.

      As for Black people proclaiming that they are the real Hebrews, I don’t believe that the Hebrews were white, but the supposed proofs that they use to say that they were black, are taken out of context.

      They point to Job saying that his skin is black upon him. Do black people go around saying that they skin is black upon them? No!

      Job was pointing out that he was so diseased, that his skin looked black; so he was pointing out an abnormal condition,.

      They cite the passage in Revelation that says that Messiah’s hair is white as wool. They say that describes the hair of black people, but the verse wasn’t pointing to the texture of the hair, but the color.

      I think that everyone wants to be a part of a special group, and that they are claiming this for themselves.

      The challenge is that some of them come across as racist, against white people, as if they are superior to them.

      I’m just thrilled that they have come out of Christianity, and are using the Hebrew names, following the Holy Feast Days, etc. 🙂

      Contact me anytime with questions and/or insight about the studies.

      May Yahuah bless you!

      • David,

        Thank you for clarifying how the black people feel about wanting to be a part of a special group just like some other followers. It is sad to see how much the church has been deceived ever since Yahusha came to this earth.

        I have also wondered about the removed books of Scripture such as the Book of Enoch, Jasher, Jubillees, Apocrypha, etc. Are these books reliable? Was there a reason that Yahuah allowed them to be removed? Are there things in them that could bring us closer to Him?

        Thank you for your swift reply, and may Yahuah bless you.


        • Weston, I think that the book of Enoch was written around the 2nd century B.C., by various authors; so it doesn’t seem to have been written by the esteemed Enoch of Scripture.

          Someone just sent me The Cepher Bible which has Jasher, Jubilees, etc., so I’m reading those books.

          Apparently they weren’t included in the 66 book Bible because they aren’t written like the other Scriptures, such as the case of Enoch; or they include some statements that are counter to the other books.

          It’s not going to hurt you to read those books, and then you can see what they are saying.

          I was reading in 1 Esdras, which is the continued narrative from Ezra, which reads just like Ezra, and has some interesting information about rebuilding the temple and city.

          Keep learning and growing in The Way!

          Yahuah bless you,

    • I know Dave already responded to this and I don’t disagree with his response necessarily but I just wanted to throw my 10 cents in.

      The skin colour of Israel is irrelevant. When the descendants of Jacob made their Exodus from Egypt, a “mixed multitude” went with them who became part of the commonwealth.

      As well, anyone from anywhere could join Israel and after 3-4 generations of following the law were considered Israelites, despite their genetics.

      On top of this, Moabites, Canaanites, Assyrians, Ethiopians and others are clearly mentioned as having genetic influence in Israel.

      Those who claim genetic purity for Israel haven’t followed the scriptures or history. Israel was scattered for the final time in 70 A.D. so no genetic baseline can be established.

      Beside this, and more importantly, Israel existed prior to Jacob, Isaac and Abraham. Noah, Seth and Adam were all a part of Israel, the spiritual kingdom.

      Jesus told us his Kingdom is not of this world, is made of living stones, cut without hands, and is within, i.e. spiritual.

  20. My brother in Christ.

    I read your page with deep interest as in these times, more than ever before, we must be prepared.

    I was looking at your Bible study on the KJV versus the NIV, and I have studied many of the latest translations in comparison, although not to the depth you have I am certain. Which leads to my question.

    What do you say about the Mounce Reverse-Interlinear New Testament, or other such versions using the Hebrew and Greek from the earliest writings we know of to directly interpret the words of God?

    One reason for my question and this is not a challenge, but a real desire to know and understand more accurately the very words of God is this. You state that the NIV has removed many verses from the KJV, for example, your mention of Matthew 5:44 where we find this in the Mounce:

    Matthew 5:44 Mounce Reverse-Interlinear New Testament (MOUNCE)

    44 But (de) I (egō) say (legō) to you (hymeis), love (agapaō) · (ho) your (hymeis) enemies (echthros) and (kai) pray (proseuchomai) for (hyper) those (ho) who persecute (diōkō) you (hymeis),
    (below is the reference to the Mounce)
    Mounce Reverse-Interlinear New Testament (MOUNCE)

    The Mounce Reverse-Interlinear™ New Testament (MOUNCE) Copyright © 2011 by Robert H. Mounce and William D. Mounce. Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

    My comment begins here once again. This seems to indicate that the original texts did not include the words left out of this passage in the NIV, yet included (added by translators?) in the KJV.

    So, what say you?

    This is not a reflection on you for we are to stand alongside our brothers in the Christ Jesus, but must we be careful to worship God and not a translation? I have heard some preachers speak about this and I always run into real angry rhetoric from many of them when I refer to the Mounce or any other Interlinear Bible. It seems that they have come to a place of “worship” of of the KJV as opposed to God’s words spoken and recorded in the greek (and Hebrew-OT)) comparisons. I was condemned, and tossed out of a Church one time where I was a musician and singer, for this very reason.

    God be with you, and thank you for any reply you choose to send.

    My email address (which I do not use much) is ######, and my phone number (for text or call) is #######. I reside in #####. I am also available on facebook at FRET NOT MINISTRY. My secretary attends this site, but I post, and check on it once a week or so.

    Bill Welch

    • Thank you for your email Bill. This is one of the first studies that I wrote about five years ago. And I’ve learned more truths since then.

      I now read The Scriptures (ISR) and the Aramaic-English New Testament, which reveal some interesting truths. An example is Acts 8:37, which is absent from the NIV, but included in the KJV. But it is not included in the Aramaic Peshitta manuscripts.

      Matthew 5:44 is the AENT reads “But I say to you to love your enemies and bless those that curse you and do that which is pleasing to those who hate you. And pray for those that take you by force and persecute you.”

      I’ll circle back and go through this study, to see how the Aramaic-English New Testament renders it, to see how it compares to the KJV and the NIV; and then update this study.

      As for the MOUNCE, I had not heard of it until you mentioned it, so I’ll check it out.

      The King James in not inerrant, it is flawed. But no translation is perfect.

      Keep learning and growing in The Way!

  21. Hello,

    I have recently stumbled upon your site and have been captivated by your lessons. I plan to learn more through your various studies, however, I was wondering about the traditions and feasts that you were saying should be celebrated instead of the Pagan holidays such as Christmas and Easter and wanted to learn more about them such as their dates, practices and procedures, and purpose. I can’t seem to find them immediately, so I was hoping that you could direct me to where I can find them on this site, or if you could offer me the answers right away on this post I would be very appreciative. Also, if you could offer your thoughts on these traditions and their significance in the development of our spirituality and connection with Yahuah, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your hard work.



  22. Dear David,

    Just wanted to check: did you get our gift of $20 which we sent to you through the “Go Fund Me” link on the Christianity Beliefs homepage? Do let us know.

    We are really blessed by the ministry which you are doing.

    With prayers,

    Eunice and Arvind

    • Dear Eunice and Arvind,

      Yes I did, thank you! I sent a thank you message via GoFundMe and also from my ChristianityBeliefs email address, but I think that it came back with an error, saying that it didn’t go through to your email.

      I’m blessed to know that the studies have helped you!
      Keep learning and growing in The Way!

  23. Hello David,
    I really appreciate your work and I feel blessed to take part of it. That’s why I want to spread the message to my countrymen so that they may get their eyes opened for the grand deception.

    I have started with some translation work (to Swedish) of different pages e.g. the
    And some texts from the

    Regarding revelation-timeline-decoded it exist as both a standalone site and as part of the site. What is the difference between the two?

    For translation I guess I should go for the standalone site.

    I noticed that the is missing the box to enter a message.

    May our Father in Heaven bless you in your continued work.

  24. Unrelated. Can anyone help me with Zechariah 14. Everyone uses this as an end time prophecy. Has this happened already? That includes his feet on the Mt. Of Olives verse. Something is not right here. Thanks

    • Adam Clarke commentary from on Zechariah 14:4 – Some refer this to the destruction of the city by the Romans. It was on the mount of Olives that Titus posted his army to batter Jerusalem. Here the tenth legion that came to him from Jericho was placed.

  25. Hi David. I appreciate your shared studies of the Truth!! I recently finished reading your three book series of the 70th week Daniel, The Olivet Discourse and Revelation Decoded. I thoroughly enjoyed them and was freed from past teachings myself. I’m very thankful to Yah for your ministry! I needed to know these truths! I do relate to your story from Christianity to really following our Heavenly Father and breaking away from everything in this world including the ways of the “Christian” church. I’ve had to leave behind everyone and everything I’ve ever known and loved because that’s part of the price of following my Lord and Savior!! It is lonely at times (humanly) because I have no support at all. I feel like Christian in Pilgrims Progress book , which I’m currently reading. It is truly relatable so far. I would rather communicate privately all these things but I know of no other way to reach you. Thank you for listening.

  26. I thought I saw info on your website about sabbath calendars and observing the feast days. Also about the witness of the zodiac. I cannot find it now. Is this info still available?

  27. I started watch that series by Steve Wohlberg. I was searching the next video in the series and came across a recent video of his on the Ukraine and Russia conflict. It seems he holds a different view on the Olivet discourse than you. Especially when it comes to Matthew 24:30.

  28. hi david
    big fan, i am curious after a period of time if your still thinking that the earth is a globe? i have much respect for you and your work and so i ask only because the flat earth evidence i have been presented with lately seams much stronger than the globe evidence.. no doubt about the earth being stationary but the flat earth tests are extremely strong towards earth not being a globe. especially in the link i am leaving below.. im not all in but very curious.. they tested across the water with lazer, radar and other instruments so its hard not to believe the water is flat, no curve of the globe .
    • Convex Earth – Flat Earth 100% Scientific Proof Documentary | Paranormal | Before It’s News (

    • Hi Mark. Yes, I still believe that the earth is a globe at the center of the universe. When I watch those type of videos, I see problems with their explanations. To me, it’s as simple as watching the full size sun rise up from below the eastern horizon, stay the same size as it travels across the sky, and then sets at full size below the western horizon.

      If the earth was flat, it would appear as a small dot above the eastern horizon, grow dynamically in size until it’s overhead, and then shrink in size as sets as a small dot above the western horizon. But that’s not what we see.

      The same is true of the moon, which rises at full size from below the eastern horizon, stays the same size across the sky and then sets at full size below the western horizon.

  29. Be intent on reading this of Jesus …
    Isaiah 61:1-2
    The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, because the LORD has
    annointed me to bring good news to the afflicted; He has sent
    me to bind up (heal) the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to
    captives and freedom to prisoners; to proclaim the favorable
    year of the LORD and the DAY of vengeance of our God; to
    comfort all who mourn, to grant those who mourn in Zion,
    giving them a garland (beauty) instead of ashes, the oil of
    gladness instead of mourning, the mantle of praise instead
    of a spirit of fainting.

    Jesus is the true peace opposite of the anti Christ who is
    against Jesus of Isaiah 61 to us. Whether we are a Jew or
    a Jew inwardly… we can only trust Jesus.

  30. I like your site/content.

    Kevin Jaeger,
    Perth. Western Australia

    I was troubled about the resolution of Rev 17 & Rev 18 for 36 years, I presented numerous Revelation Seminars in that time. I was never happy presenting it from a book. ie A book that was not the bible. The truth will harmonize every bible verse. This axiom applies to every preacher.

  31. To a Article I Reported/ I Worded:

    People who interested the vaccine
    for covid forgot to have us dream
    what is left undiscovered. Instead
    of people to be about thinking to
    know everything. Of a dreamer to
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    two basketballs thru a hoop. Of
    this to take us into the future!

  32. IFCJ Post 10/29/2023

    Lord Jesus God of Israel,
    How did this get the way the war is?
    Instead of war… have a cease fire
    of it breaking out: be a basketball
    game. First loud-speaker or thru
    what makes this loud the line in
    “Pistol Pete” before the game.
    Then include the I challenge
    you to a basketball game.

  33. IFCJ Post 10/29/2023

    People who interested the vaccine
    for covid forgot to have us dream
    what is left undiscovered. Instead
    of people to be about thinking to
    know everything. Of a dreamer to
    be one it’s to believe you can put
    two basketballs thru a hoop. Of
    this to take us into the future!

    Lord Jesus God of Israel,
    How did this get the way the war is?
    Instead of war… have a cease fire
    of it breaking out: be a basketball
    game. First loud-speaker or thru
    what makes this loud the line in
    “Pistol Pete” before the game.
    Then include the I challenge
    you to a basketball game.


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