Share the 2 Thessalonians 2 Falling Away Studies

This Falling Away of 2 Thessalonians 2 share page will empower you with some strategies, because once you see the truth, you want to share it with others.

The challenge is that most Christians have been programmed for years by prophecy teachings from their Pastors; from popular pastors like John MacArthur, David Jeremiah and Chuck Swindoll, who are on the radio and TV; from Hal Lindsey, TBN and other “Christian” cable shows; from the Left Behind series of books and movies, etc.

So for you to tell them that all of those people are wrong about prophecy fulfillment,
is to set yourself up for failure.

Speaking of, if you tell the person you’re talking to that they are wrong, they will only get defensive, as it’s human nature for people to defend their beliefs.

So that’s the wrong :-P approach, as it will repel them, and frustrate you.

So let’s talk about who is your target audience.

You can cast a large net and talk to everyone, but that won’t be very productive.

If you try to teach someone who is not open to learning truth, you’re casting pearls before swine, and trust me, some of them will turn and tear you in pieces. Matt. 7:6

Trust me when I say that most Pastors are not open to hearing a different explanation of prophecy fulfillment, because they’ve been to cemetery… I mean seminary. :-P

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t share it with them, but your primarily focus should be on talking to people who are actually searching for truth and are open to learning.

When you talk to people, you don’t want to come across as an expert who knows more than them, as this causes people to be defensive.

Just like Jesus was rejected by people who knew Him from His childhood, people who know you will reject your teachings, thinking “what can he possibly know, he’s not a Pastor.”

So don’t position yourself as the expert, rather as someone who is searching for truth.

Engage people by asking them questions to see if they are open to learning, then invite them to read a study that gives the Biblical fulfillment.

Ask them if they would like read a study that proves that

Ask them if they would like read a study that proves that

Ask them if they would like to read a study that shows the

Ask them if they would like to read

Ask them if they would like to read

You can give them the link to the study and hopefully they will take the time to read it.

But if possible, go through the study with them, which then gives you the opportunity to discuss it.

The right people will say yes and go through the study, while others won’t.

Your role is to simply invite them to take a look, and then let the Holy Spirit work.

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If you have other ideas for sharing these studies, please let me know.

Thank you for your support!

Grace and peace and love to you,
David Nikao Wilcoxson