Paul Sides Writes About Yahusha Coming In The Flesh

This Falling Away Of 2 Thessalonians 2 study focuses on a post from Paul Sides, who writes as Rav Sha’ul, and teaches on; about Messiah coming in the flesh. Paul Sides wrote this post on Facebook on 05/22/16.  I left his misspellings as they say something about him.  I will add comments in red. … Read more

World’s Last Chance Mark Of The Beast Video

This Falling Away of 2 Thessalonians 2 features a video from World’s Last Chance called Mark of the Beast: What it is & how to avoid it! Here is the description of the video from World’s Last Chance: Bible Prophecy Revealed: Mark of the Beast Buying & Selling restrictions for Yah’s people SS#, RFID chips, … Read more

Mark Fairley Of The Fuel Project Addresses The Greek Name Of Jesus

Mark Fairley at the Fuel Project has produced many videos, such as the Know Your Enemy series which was very good, and the Revelation series, which was very bad. This video addresses the Hebrew Roots movement and others, who proclaim that Jesus was not the Messiah’s name. Mark admits that Jesus was not His real … Read more