Christianity is The #1 Enemy of the Illuminati

by David on April 1, 2014

In this video Mark Dice proclaims that Christianity is the #1 Enemy of the Illuminati, and talks about the new movie Noah.

Mark is right, but he’s not telling you the whole story.  The Illuminati are a front organization for the Jesuits, who are the military arm of the Roman Catholic Church.

Mark Dice is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show, and Alex is the same way. He is always pointed to the mysterious Illuminati, instead of pointing to who controls them, the Jesuits.

They both give you some truth, but not the real truth.

The Pope took away the Jesuits power in the late 1700’s, so they created the Illuminati in 1776 to continue their takeover of the world, while remaining behind the scenes.

That Pope died from poisoning… go figure!

Read the End Times Deception website and you will see who is controlling the world and who is pushing it into their New World Order.

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