About End Times Deceptions

The End Times Deceptions studies are a result of the Holy Spirit revealing many truths to me during the last two years.

Much of the information on this website has been taught for 1,800 years by the great theologians, and it’s only been during the last few centuries that Messiah’s Church has lost the truth about prophecy fulfillment.

In 2 Timothy 4:3-4 Paul warned us, “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.

Up until a few years ago, I was a Christian who simply believed what my Pastors had taught me about the end times.

What they taught lined up with what my John MacArthur Study Bible says, which lined up with what I hear popular Pastors like David Jeremiah and Chuck Swindoll teach.

They’ve been to seminary, so surely they knew the proper explanations to prophecy.

There was no reason to doubt them…

Until the Holy Spirit started me on a journey that revealed how the Bible explains prophecy fulfillment, which is contrary to many of the teachings from Pastors today.

The Spirit put on my heart to look to theologians who had not been corrupted by all of the deceptions, which have really taken hold during the last century.

The best tool that the Spirit put in my path is SwordSearcher Bible software, as it gives me easy access to Bible commentaries from the top Bible scholars of the 1700 and 1800’s, such as:

  • Albert Barnes’ Notes on the New and Old Testaments.
  • John Calvin’s Commentaries.
  • Adam Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible.
  • Commentary from the 1599 edition of the Geneva Bible.
  • John Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible.
  • Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible.
  • Matthew Henry’s Whole Bible Commentary.
  • Matthew Poole’s Commentary on the Holy Bible.
  • John Wesley’s Bible Notes.

I am blessed to stand on the shoulder of these great theologians, who have taught me so much about the Word of Elohim.

You can find some of their commentaries at www.studylight.org/com/ but SwordSearcher let’s you quickly read through all of the commentaries about a particular passage. And it gives you the Strong’s word listing, a Bible dictionary and much more.

Other people who Elohim has placed in my life during the past few years are:

Henry Grattan Guinness, who wrote Romanism and the Reformation: From the Standpoint of Prophecy which gives the explanation for the prophecies in Daniel, in 2 Thessalonians 2, in John epistles and Revelation. It’s an excellent study that exposes The Holy Roman Empire and it’s role in end-times Bible prophecy. Click here to read it online.

Ralph Woodrow’s book Great Prophecies Of The Bible covers the second coming of Christ, Matthew 24, the 70 weeks of Daniel and the antichrist.  Highly recommended reading!

Pastor Samuel Pestes, who wrote “The Stonecutter’s Bride“, “Ancient Nation’s Rise To Strike Again“, and “Abraham’s Message To The 21st Century“; Pastor Sam has had a great impact on my beliefs about the 70 Weeks of Daniel prophecy, and Jesus New Covenant as the fulfillment of the Everlasting Covenant that God made to Abraham.

Pastor Steve Wohlberg. Steve is a Seventh Day Adventist and though I don’t agree with some SDA beliefs, his teachings on End Times Delusions about the rapture, tribulation, antichrist and Israel, are Biblically sound.  Click here to watch his videos. Click here to read about his End Times Delusions book.

Robert Carignola’s book “The Present Reign Of Jesus Christ” explained much of the fulfillment of Revelation.

Phillip Mauro’s study “The Seventy Weeks and the Great Tribulation” taught me so much about the fulfillment of the 70 Weeks of Daniel prophecy, the prophecy in Daniel 11 and 12, and Jesus’ Olivet Discourse.

Charles A. Jenning’s book “The Book Of Revelation: From An Israelite And Historicist Interpretation

Victor McGowan’s book “The Revelation and the History of Christendom: Prophecy Fulfilled to the End of Our Time

I’ve spent many hundreds of hours reading through many books and commentaries, listening to many audios, and watching many videos.

Some Bible commentaries, such as from John Gill, are extremely detailed and long.

Most people are too busy to read these books and watch the videos, so the Spirit uses me to make the explanations more concise and easy to read.

The goal of this website is to teach how the Bible defines prophecy terms, and to show the fulfillment of many of the prophecies.

The best way to detect a fake Dollar Bill is to know the real thing so well, that the fake ones are easy to spot.

The same is true with prophecy. When you diligently study the Bible, so that you know how it defines terms and how it reveals its fulfillment; when a Pastor is teaching contrary to these things, you know that they are teaching false prophecy.

So who am I and what gives me the authority to teach these things?

I am not Seventh Day Adventist, though I have learned from some SDA teachers who diligently study prophecy.

I grew up in a Christian family and attended Baptist Churches during the early part of my life.  And then was attracted to the verse-by-verse studies at Calvary Chapel Churches.

But today I am not part of any denomination, as during the last few years the Spirit has led me to understand that most of what my Pastors had taught me is not Scriptural.

That includes their futuristic prophecy explanations; but it also includes the observance of pagan Christian holiday such as Easter and Christmas, which the enemy created to replace the Father’s seven Holy Feast Days, which Messiah is fulfilling to redeem His set-apart people.

That includes learning that the King James and other Bible version replaced the personal covenant name of the Father, Yahuah; with God and Lord.

That includes learning that the name Jesus is the Greek variant of the name of the Messiah of Roman Christianity, but His true name is Yahusha, which means ‘Yahuah saves’.

You can read about that part of my learning journey on the The Falling Away of 2 Thessalonians 2 study series.

I don’t call myself a Christian anymore, just a follower of the Father, Yahuah and His Son, Yahusha.

Note: This End Times Bible Prophecy website uses King James verses with God and Jesus, because the point of this website is to teach prophecy fulfillment.  If I use the names Yahuah and Yahusha, that just gives people a reason to click away, and then they don’t learn anything.

Links are provided to The Falling Away of 2 Thessalonians 2 so the Spirit can guide them to that truth when they are ready to receive it.

There are a lot of deceptions exposed on this website, and I’ve found that you can’t overwhelm people all at once.  I trust the Spirit to guide them.  And thankfully, many are waking up to these truths!

I have not been to seminary or a Bible school.

I am simply a child of the Most High , who has the Holy Bible as my guide and His Spirit as my teacher.

I have committed my life to learning and teaching His truth about prophecy, and I work full-time in this ministry.

I believe that the Father shows me many insights because I hunger to know truth, so that He is glorified and the enemy is defeated.

Proverbs 2:1-5 says, “My son, if you receive my words, And treasure my commands within you, So that you incline your ear to wisdom, And apply your heart to understanding; Yes, if you cry out for discernment, And lift up your voice for understanding, If you seek her as silver, And search for her as for hidden treasures; Then you will understand the fear of the Lord, And find the knowledge of God.”

If you’ve read the home page, then you know that most of the deceptions have been created by the Jesuits, to deflect blame away from the Roman Catholic Church and to deceive Christians about the end times.

When you read the study titled End Times Antichrist Deception you will learn that most seminaries are teaching prophecy fulfillment concepts that hide the Antichrist.

And the leaven of these false teachings spreads around to Pastors and Christians, so that the majority are deceived.

One of my other website, www.RomanCatholicBeliefs.org, gives a concise summary of how the Roman Catholic Church is the subject of most Bible prophecy fulfillment.

Popes have proclaimed to be God, to forgive sins, and that salvation is only through the Catholic Church.  They have killed over 100 million Christians during the Dark Ages and the Inquisition.  And the Jesuits seek to push the world into a New World Order where everyone will worship their False Messiah.

Jesuits priests are spread around the world, and have deceived 1.2 Billion Catholics into believing in a false salvation by works through the Catholic Church.

And because Messiah’s Church doesn’t understand that the Roman Catholic Church is Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots, they are not evangelizing Catholics to call them out of the Church and into true salvation through Messiah alone.

My friend, I encourage you to be a Berean and search these things out, don’t take my word for it, don’t seek to defend a position, just seek the truth.

Because until the Church understands the grand deception that has blinded her, she is unable to fight to overcome the enemy in the power of the Word.

My heart breaks for Christians as they have been so deceived, and have no clue about how the future is going to play out, so they are like the foolish virgins who are unprepared for Messiah’s return.

My tears are shed for Pastors, who are unknowingly teaching the prophecy concepts of the Antichrist, for they will be held accountable for misleading their flocks.

I pray in the power of Yahusha Messiah’s name that He will give you eye salve to see the truth.

In His love,

David Nikao

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H. Teel April 9, 2017 at 7:34 pm

Why do you find it uncomfortable to call yourself a Christian? Scripture says “.. they were first called Christians at Antioch”.


David April 9, 2017 at 10:00 pm

The King James and other Greek-English Bible use the name Christians, but the ISR98 literal translation calls them Messianists. The Gentiles in Antioch coined the word “Kristyane”, a Greek term for “Messianics”. So I prefer to be known as a follower of Messiah, as many bad things have been done in the name of Christianity.


Ricardo Carvalho January 18, 2017 at 12:01 pm

Hi David,
I took the liberty to translate your Revelation timeline into Portuguese.
I mention the original in English linking this page.
Can I share this translated version?

Thank you,


David January 18, 2017 at 12:13 pm

Hi Ricardo 🙂 Where is the translated version?


Ricardo Carvalho January 18, 2017 at 12:39 pm

How do I do to attach a file here?



David January 18, 2017 at 2:08 pm
Ricardo Carvalho January 10, 2017 at 8:02 am

Hi David,
Happy New Year!
A lot of traffic on the “Sep. 23rd, 2017 sign in the sky” that people are linking to Rev. 12 passage.
Do you have something on that?



David January 10, 2017 at 9:57 am

Hi Ricardo! I mention it on the Upcoming Events page on the Revelation Timeline Decoded study series. It’s an interesting match of the description in Revelation 12, though I believe that Revelation 12 was describing the Satan-empowered Roman Empire being used to try to wipe out the early church.

But the sign could be significant. Sadly, most teachers about this sign are applying false futuristic prophecy explanations to it.

Here’s the link.


Andrea Blanchard June 12, 2017 at 4:05 pm

David, I’m sorry to tell you but you are following false prophets. The website you should check out is jesus-is-savior.com. 7th day adventists are of the devil. Their prophetess Ms. White was a Satanist. The revelation you are getting is not from the Holy Spirit but false doctrines. Dud you know that the US is about to experience a total solar eclipse on Aug 21, 2017 and then 33 days later the revelation 12 sign being fulfilled in the heavens, and 7 days after that (40 days since the Great American eclipse) is Yom Kippur -day of Atonement on September 29, 2017. Did you know that America is like Nineveh in this. Let me share with you. Pastor Mark Blitz, author of “Blood Moons” has given some historical background of what had transpired and the what led the powerful Assyrians (Ninevite king in Nineveh) to repent. Listen carefully, “in 765 B.C. a plague broke out in Nineveh where even the king was not able to go out, as was custom. This was followed by another plague! An archeological find of cuneiform tablets was found in the 19th century describing events in Nineveh. A famous eclipse mentioned in the tablets was known as the Bur-Sagale eclipse, which was verified by NASA as occurring on June 15, 763 B.C. (two years AFTER those 2 plagues and civil war breakout). The path of totality (total solar eclipse) was right over Nineveh. God had declared the sun and moon were for signs, and now the Ninevites saw the wrath of God coming even BEFORE Jonah arrived a couple of months later. When Jonah arrived, they were ripe for repentance.
All Jonah had to do was to have faith in God. In Deut. 31:8, and the LORD, He it is that does go before you; He will be with you; He will not fail you, nor forsake you; fear not, neither be dismayed. It’s not by our might, or our power, but by the Spirit of God. He convicts, not us. He works in the hearts of people to transform them, not us. He has already gone ahead. God wants us to faith walk on the water with Him. What we need to be doing is focus on being faithful participants in the LORD’s harvest as the unprofitable workers that we are. Some prepare the soil (pray for people’s hearts to receive the gospel) also praying before approaching people with the gospel (i.e gospel tract), some workers may be Sowers of the Word (opening sharing the Gospel, teaching God’s Word) some may be waterers by mentoring and leading bible study, but remember God does ALL the growing of His harvest. Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the LORD of the harvest to send out laborers into harvest. Get busy!


David June 12, 2017 at 11:17 pm

Andrea, my About Page declares that I am not SDA, never have been. The great theologians of the 16th-20th centuries, also listed on my About page, taught the historical fulfillment of prophecy fulfillment.

I expose the wrong SDA teaching about the 2,300 days of Daniel 8, which they proclaimed ended in 1844 A.D. http://christianitybeliefs.org/end-times-deceptions/daniel-8-2300-days-geneva-study-bible-refutes-sda-2300-years-1844-bible/

That’s interesting about the Nineveh solar eclipse. I explain the solar eclipse and 09-23-17 Revelation sign on my Current and future events that fulfill Bible prophecy page. http://revelationtimelinedecoded.com/current-and-future-events-that-fulfill-bible-prophecy/

Is Mark Biltz teaching you that most of Revelation has already been fulfilled during the last 1,900 years; and we are in the 6th bowl, waiting on WW III, the One World Government of the 7th bowl, and Messiah’s return. Probably not! http://revelationtimelinedecoded.com/revelation-fulfillment-timeline-summary/

Is Mark Biltz teaching you that the office of the Jesuit General of Rome is the false prophet, leader of the Roman earth beast of Rev. 13, who controls the world in the end times? Probably not! http://revelationtimelinedecoded.com/the-earth-beast-of-revelation-13-jesuit-generals-of-rome/


Ricardo Carvalho December 14, 2016 at 2:01 pm

Hi David,
Do you have a list of the symbols interpretation linking the bible verses (first use rule?)?
I mean, Hail => war, Earthquake => Political upheaval, etc.
This would help us a lot in defending this interpretation.



David December 14, 2016 at 8:07 pm

Hi Ricardo, here is a page that lists different terms http://revelationtimelinedecoded.com/revelation-symbols-defined/

Typically, I provide explanations about the symbols in the specific studies, such as about hail or an earthquake.

History proves prophecy. We can look back and see the political upheaval of the Roman Empire and see how the term earthquake applied to it, and how it applies to future earthquakes such as in the 7th bowl of Revelation.

I hope that helps,


Ricardo Carvalho December 15, 2016 at 9:28 am

Thank you!
Also, I was looking for that picture of the Mohammedan fighter, the one in the horse which is 5th trumpet locust….
Do you have a bigger picture ?



David December 15, 2016 at 9:35 am

Ricardo, here is a link to the image file of the fighter. http://revelationtimelinedecoded.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/5th-trumpet-rider.jpg


Ricardo Carvalho December 16, 2016 at 6:52 am

Thank you very much again!!!
If I may ask just one more favor…. 🙂
Where I can find the picture of the fight carrying the cannon with his horse, the one linked to the scorpion like appearance?

Thank you!

Cindy Avery December 6, 2016 at 10:58 am

Thank you so much for this information. My eyes are being opened more each day. Can you advise a bible to read? Can I read with some certainty the King James?? I am so confused. Just learned today the changes made to my NIV. I’m WAY behind here. Thank you so much!! How can I best study and learn from the word?


David December 14, 2016 at 8:10 pm

Hi Cindy, the King James is a good literal translation, though it gets some translations wrong. The NIV is not a literal translation and it is missing many words, which changes the meaning of the verse. The New King James stays fairly true to the Textus Receptus Greek, and it may be a bit easier to read than the KJ.

Personally, I use The Scriptures, the ISR, as it is a literal translation that includes the Hebrew names that are in the manuscripts. You can read about the names and the ISR @ http://christianitybeliefs.org/the-falling-away/the-names-of-the-father-and-the-son/


David October 9, 2016 at 7:12 pm

I have been a bible prophecy student for quite awile now and must agree that the futurist assertion is so prevalent that it’s the majority of what I have studied. A lot of what I’ve read here so far makes me want to reconsider and reevaluate. I’m still “on the fence” so to speak but it’s hard to remove dogmatic indoctrination. As a former catholic it took several years to stop wearing the crucifix and making the sign of the cross… But eventually I renounced Catholicism and it’s practices. I love that proverb 2 that you quoted and have it printed and in my truck… That felt like a confirmation in my spirit for I have not seen anyone else cling to that specific verse in a long time besides myself. Well, I’m about to start digging into your teachings and see where it takes me. It’s almost painful to hear a different meaning for verses that I know so well like 2 thes 2 which I always believed still lies ahead in the future. I will be conflicted with what I think I already know and what you present. All I want is to arrive at the truth! God bless


David October 9, 2016 at 10:04 pm

Thank you for sharing your story David! I know that the programming of the enemy is difficult to overcome, as it skew our perspective. Praise our Father that He drew you out of the Catholic Church! That’s a huge step!

Sadly the enemy has programmed Christians to believe the futuristic fulfillment of prophecy, but the fact is that most of Revelation has been fulfilled. 2 Thessalonians, Daniel 12, the 70th week of Daniel, the Olivet Discourse… have all been historically fulfilled, and are not yet future.

I created the Revelation Timeline Decoded website to show the fulfillment, to show where we are now on the fulfillment timeline, and to show what will happen next as we await our Messiah’s glorious return. Here is a link to a prophecy fulfillment summary study http://revelationtimelinedecoded.com/bible-prophecy-made-easy/

May the Spirit guide you in your studies! Contact me anytime with questions or insight about them. David


Jerry September 6, 2016 at 12:31 am

As the Spirit led me to your web site, I am very encouraged that I am not alone in this world when it comes to being led by the Spirit of Yahuah only. The Spirit bears witness that you are one who Yahuah has not only called but chosen. However there is one thing that bothers me about what you said about the Sabbath. You said you did not believe it was necessary to keep the Sabbath for salvation. I, like you have completely left the church system and am now completely independent of any religious organizations. I have been that way for many years and have only allowed myself to be led by His Spirit for nearly 65 years. My Creator tells me “If you love me keep MY Commandments”; and “If you say you love Me and keep not My Commandments, you are a liar and the truth is not in you”. My feelings are people do not see how serious our Creator is about this subject. Scripture says” Sin is the transgression against His laws”. Many are called but few are chosen, Thank my Creator He has chosen me and you and many others who love Him enough to “Come out of her My people and be separate”. Yahuah’s blessings on you and yours…


David September 6, 2016 at 9:18 am

Thank you for sharing your insight Jerry! I understand what you’re saying. We are to obey His commandments, including the Sabbath. But we cannot declare that if someone does not observe the Sabbath, that they will not be saved, for that is not ours to judge. The thief on the cross next to Messiah expressed faith in the Son, and was saved. He did not observe the Sabbath or have any works. We should strive to obey all of the commandments out of love, not from legalistic observance of the law. The Spirit is guiding people back to the ancient paths, where they understand how important it is to observe the Feast Days and Sabbaths. But not everyone has been allowed to know the Hebrew names and the truth about the Feast Days and Sabbaths, so we have to consider ourselves very blessed 🙂


Jerry September 9, 2016 at 10:21 pm

I completely understand what you are saying David. By the way that is my wife’s picture, however we should be able to judge right from wrong. All my life I have had people tell me that I am not a judge, as to say, I cannot tell right from wrong. As you know the day is coming soon when we will even judge Angels. Judging does not mean condemning or executing punishment, only Yahshua can do that. I have also been called a legalist many times in my life. We know that The Commandments of God does not save you, but they will keep you saved. The Book of Revelation is very clear when it comes to explaining who the Beast power has been, is, and will be. Maranatha….


george milo buck August 23, 2016 at 8:23 am

just learned of steven ben-nun, thank you brother to expose false teachers. in his video at the garden tomb ,i was there in”77 , what the idiot expounded is 2 other places for the tomb, both inside the city walls defiling the city, idiots dontcha know anything that is against the law, theevile church of the holy sepulchre is inside the city, what morons. yeah he did get right about vicar of christ= the anti-christ. God taught me that on my own long ago. Just like our wonderful God so plain and simple for all us to see… it is the name of a man whose titl is = the anti-christ


Ralph March 22, 2016 at 6:52 am

Thank you for your work. In my research I too have come across SDA and it always gives me pause. I suspect because the were “on” to the Jesuit deception they were also infiltrated explaining some of to problems they have.


David March 22, 2016 at 8:12 am

Thank you Ralph! It’s interesting that SDA’s teach that the earth beast of Revelation 13 is the United States of America, which serves to deflect blame away from the Jesuits of Rome. http://christianitybeliefs.org/revelation-timeline-decoded/the-earth-beast-of-revelation-13-jesuit-generals-of-rome/


Matt May 8, 2016 at 12:55 am

Your ignorance or poor interpretation (on SDA teachings on Rev. 13) astounds me based on the amount of interest you appear to have on such topics. Your above reasoning hardly serves to (& I quote you)… “…deflect blame away from the Jesuits of Rome” (i.e. Papacy). Maybe you should read just one SDA viewpoint on Rev. 13 & show me where such apparent intentions (“deflect blame away from the Jesuits of Rome”) could be drawn from… http://amazingdiscoveries.org/S-deception-beast_sea_earth_Revelation-13-commentary


David May 8, 2016 at 9:05 am

The flaw with your statement is that you think the Jesuits of Rome are the same thing as the Papacy. I assure you that they are not.

I agree with SDA teachings that the sea beast of Revelation 13 is the Popes of Rome, I disagree that America is the earth beast. Daniel told us that the last beast is Roman.

At the prompting of the King of France, the Pope removed the Jesuits power and authority in the late 18th century. The Jesuits sought revenge and they poisoned the Pope to death, and plotted the same fate for the King of France.

If the SDA Pastors understood the first five bowl judgments, they would understand that it was the Jesuits who were used to carry them out against the Popes of Rome.

The Jesuits incited the French Revolution where the King and Queen of France were killed, along with many Catholic priest.

The Jesuits caused the Napoleonic Wars were much blood was shed in countries that had banned them.

The Jesuits cause Napoleon’s army to take the Pope captive, ending his reign of power. And the Jesuit General, the Black Pope, has controlled the Vatican and the White Pope since then.


The earth beast of Revelation 13 has two horns, the White Pope and the Black Pope. The Black Popes works behind the scenes to take control of the world, the White Pope is the front man who is drawing the world under their power.

SDA Pastors fail to understood that it is the Satan-empowered Jesuit General who controls the world via three city-states; Vatican city, the City of London, and the District of Columbia. The Jesuits control America. The Jesuits are the controlling power of the world, though they do it covertly through America, through Zionist Jews, etc.

So by pointing to America as the Earth Beast of Revelation, SDA Pastors are deflecting blame away from the Jesuits of Rome.



Matt May 9, 2016 at 9:21 am

Thank you David for your views on the history of this.
However, I don’t think that the SDA view on this topic has intentions drawing blame away from the Jesuits i.e. (quote you)… “*serves* to *deflect blame* away from the Jesuits of Rome”. Certainly not in a wilful sense, which your quote tends to allude to (maybe it’s just an issue of interpretation/semantics on such phrasing). From what I’ve heard, the SDA teachings (views) are surely admonishing of the Jesuits (know & warn of their corruption, blasphemy & violence).

What are your views on the nature of this “Earth Beast”?

I’m personally open to your view on this (albeit, I need to do deeper objective study on this topic… as well as the islam issue).

Vanessa January 11, 2016 at 8:37 pm

I walked away from organized religion quite awhile back. I no longer call myself a christian because most so called Christians have been led astray by their churches. I study the bible alot and have a close relationship with my heavenly father and I am always asking the holy spirit to teach me and open my eyes. The I kept being shown revelations in regards to the synagogue of Satan and then I just kept asking God to show me and then all the truth about the false Jews in Israel came to light. I wish others would wake up and just ask our heavenly father to lead us into truth and for the filling of the Holy Spirit which is truth. Keep up the great work that you do. I would like for you to email me so I could share something with you that I do not want to put on a public board.


David January 11, 2016 at 10:07 pm

Thank you for your comment Vanessa 🙂 Yeah, I was pulled out of churches a few years ago, and people think I’m a heretic for not going. The irony! Yeah, the deception about the false Jews in Israel is huge! So many deceived people, it’s sad. I will send you an email


Dianne January 9, 2016 at 9:52 pm

Greetings to you, David and to the most, thoroughly, accurate Christian website I have ever visited in my 20 yrs. online!!!
I too, due to so much corruption and deception in the modern day church, do not belong to any of them. However, I was raised in the Lutheran Church for 8 yrs. and was fortunate to have a well grounded education in scriptures, even though it, too, was tainted with deception, having evolved out of Roman Catholicism. I never did believe in the doctrine of transubstantiation!
I just perused into your site while researching the Zionist’s agenda in Israel and did I get an education? WOW!….I got my answers from your Rabbi Weiss’ video! Powerful stuff! It answered all my questions and then some. I have also been studying the Jesuit agenda and that, too, is mind boggling! I have known how evil they are for many years, but have recently declared spiritual war on them, after Dr.Veith’s teachings. He has taught me more in 3 years than the 8 yrs. spent in the Lutheran Church.
I do not accept all SDA teachings, but they come pretty close to teaching scriptures the way God intended. But this “Investigative Judgement” doctrine exceedingly, disturbs me. Can you give me a short synopsis of it, that is easily understood?
You have a powerhouse of information here and I am sending it to everyone on my email list as soon as I sign off. I intended to only browse the Zionists and that was 4 hours ago!!! I have put your site on my desktop and will be back in the morning. 🙂

Shalom Shabbat……in…Yeshua Ha’Mashiach


David January 9, 2016 at 10:29 pm

Thank you Dianne 🙂 The studies on this website represent what I’ve been shown during the last three years of my awakening. Turns out that almost everything that my Pastors had taught me is wrong. It’s been a crazy ride! I’m blessed to know that the studies have helped you.

The Investigative Judgment was SDA’s answer when Messiah didn’t return in 1844 A.D. They should have reevaluated their assessment of the 2,300 days in Daniel 8.

It was not 2,300 years. 1 day in prophecy does not always represent 1 year. In this case it was 2,300 days.

Here’s a summary of the fulfillment:
Antiochus Epiphanes, the vile person, surrounded Jerusalem with his armies (the abomination of desolation) and killed 10’s of thousands of Jews. They defiled the sanctuary and caused the daily sacrifice to be taken away for 2,300 days (Daniel 8:14). His persecution of the Jews began in 171 B.C. and the temple was cleansed on December 25, 165 B.C., which is 2,300 days.

Here is the study http://christianitybeliefs.org/end-times-deceptions/daniel-8-2300-days-geneva-study-bible-refutes-sda-2300-years-1844-bible/

Contact me anytime with questions and/or insight about the studies. Grace and peace to you, David


Dianne January 18, 2016 at 2:58 pm

Hi David,
This did not answer my request. 🙁 I didn’t mention it, but was aware of how the doctrine came into being…..was just wanting to know if you can explain to me exactly what takes place in the “investigative judgement” and why? What is going on in heaven with Jesus , according to SDA, looking to see who is worthy to come in? The way I understand it , makes it look as if Christ did not finish His work on the cross? I have studied many religions and have never heard of this particular doctrine. Doesn’t sound acceptable to me. What say you?


David January 18, 2016 at 7:24 pm

Hi Dianne, I am not SDA, so I really don’t have a full comprehension of the supposed “investigative judgement”. All I know is that they created that explanation after Messiah did not return in 1844 A.D., as an explanation for why they were wrong. I guess you need to talk to an SDA Pastor or look on YouTube for a video that explains it. Sorry I can’t help. David


dennis g December 20, 2015 at 9:04 am

I have been blessed by your website and teachings thus far. I agree with what you have said regarding Steve Wolberg’s book. It was such a liberation for me. But I am troubled that you have never responded to any of my comments or questions. I also wonder about the name of Jesus and God that you use. It sounds a bit like Armstrongs old church in England which was cultish. Please clarify this for me. Who or what org are you associated with?
Dennis G


David December 20, 2015 at 9:33 pm

Dennis, I’ve responded to several of your comments. Maybe you’re not looking back at the page that you posted them on or you need to refresh your browser. Here are the pages that you commented on before. Just scroll down to see your comment and my reply:


Yeah, when I was first studying prophecy a few years ago Steve Wohlberg helped opened up my eyes as to the historical fulfillment. Sadly SDA’s get some key prophecies wrong, one of them being the 2,300 days of Daniel 8, which led to their false prophecy of Messiah returning in 1844 A.D. It was not pointing to 2,300 years, but 2,300 days. http://christianitybeliefs.org/end-times-deceptions/daniel-8-2300-days-geneva-study-bible-refutes-sda-2300-years-1844-bible/

Regarding the names, are you referring to Yahuah and Yahusha, that are on the bottom of the website? and also on the Falling Away of 2 Thessalonians 2 study? Those are their Hebrew names that were written in the Scriptures. The King James (and all modern Bibles) decided to not use the Father’s covenant name, and replaced it with God and Lord. Given the importance of their names, I like the Hebrew names. But you never see me condemning people for using Jesus and God.

Just like my About Page says, I been a part of Baptist and Calvary Chapel churches, and now I am not a part of any formal church.



Janice November 14, 2015 at 4:54 pm

I am with you and learned many truths over the past several years. Yes Wohlberg and Veith are good Boble/prophecy teachers. Love your site.


David May 10, 2016 at 10:22 am

Thanks Matt. I did not say that SDA Pastors are willfully deflecting blame away from the Jesuits. But since they proclaim that America is the earth beast of Revelation 13, then that effectively deflects blame away from the Jesuits as the controlling power in the world.

Can you clarify about what you mean by the ‘nature’ of the Earth Beast?

Here is my study on the Earth Beast of Revelation 13 http://christianitybeliefs.org/revelation-timeline-decoded/the-earth-beast-of-revelation-13-jesuit-generals-of-rome/


David December 16, 2016 at 10:10 am

I’m not really sure what image you’re referring to, but here is the image that I use to represent the Turks carrying the cannon. http://revelationtimelinedecoded.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/6th-trumpet-cannon.jpg


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